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Come To Life


Zoey was going crazy without Marc. He had been busy with press, charity events, and a four day road trip, so she hadn't been able to see him. It had been about a week since they had laid in her bed after he met her parents.

Marc, come hooommmmeee, Zoey texted him from class around noon that day.

Missing me? She could practically see the smirk on his face. He was going to make her work for his sympathy about his departure.

I think I'm dying without you, and those hands.

You just want me for my body

Zoey smiled and read the text over again a few times. She would be lying saying she didn't miss the sex. Of course she missed the sex, but she missed him. She missed the way he smelled, the way his skin felt, his laugh, his smile, they way she felt when his eyes were all over her. She missed everything.

Would that be wrong? She texted back, ready for what he would reply with.

Not completely. I miss you and your body, too.

What do you miss about it?

Hmm. That's tough.

There must be something! She pressed. She was so deprived of him, she'd take anything answer he was willing to give.

Oh, there's lots of things. It's just pinpointing which one I miss the most. I miss your breasts, for sure. I miss your soft little hands, those legs for sure. Your mouth, your eyes, your hair.

Top three? She asked, fidgeting in her seat. If she knew where he was she'd shoot up out of her spot and run to him.

Breasts, legs, and the sound you make when we start having sex.

Zoey kept in a small squeal at his words, she could just imagine him all over her.

I make a sound? She replied, playing dumb when she knew exactly what he was talking about. She wanted him to feel as sexually frustrated as she was.

You make this sound like a squeal and a gasp when I push inside you. The way your back arches and you say my name, it's a miracle I can last as long as I do.

"Oh my God," She whispered, squeezing her thighs together.

"What?" Her friend, Abby, asked from beside her.

"I've somehow started having phone sex or phone foreplay with my boyfriend," She replied. "I'm going crazy without him."

"When does he come home?" Abby asked, leaning forward a little in hopes of getting a glimpse of said "sexts".

"He gets into JFK later tonight so I won't see him until tomorrow morning," Zoey sighed. "So, not soon enough."

"Poor baby," Abby teased, laughing.

"I haven't had sex in a week and a half!" Zoey stated, playfully kicking her friend.

"I haven't had sex in two months," Abby replied, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, I go from having steady sex once or twice a day to nothing at all," Zoey sighed, placing her head on her desk. "Dying."

"Well, your boyfriend is really hot,"

"And I don't just miss the sex," Zoey sighed. "I miss everything about him. I miss the way he smells, the way his skin feels. I miss his laugh and how his voice sounds."

"I haven't had a boyfriend since high school, so I can't really identify," Abby laughed. "But it sounds like you really do love him."

"I'm crazy about him," Zoey sighed happily, looking at her phone, but remembered that she hadn't replied to Marc yet.

You're killing me, Staal

I am dying with you

Zoey knew he probably meant it more in a way of "I miss being buried between your legs", but she liked to think he was losing his cool without her smile just as much as her more private parts.

What's your schedule tomorrow?

I think I have school at 3, not sure though. Haven't thought that far ahead.

Stay at my place tonight. I want to come home to you


See you then. I love you

I love YOU

Zoey smiled and put her phone back in her bag, and settling in for the rest of class. The class was long and excruciating. It felt as if time was standing still in the worst possible way, but eventually class was dismissed. Zoey said her goodbye to Abby before running to the parking lot.

Zoey didn't even bother to stop off at her apartment to get anything. Marc had a collection of her things there ranging from hair products, makeup, some clothes- everything. So she wasn't worried about being stranded with nothing to wear, not that she'd have to worry about having to wear clothes.

Zoey walked through the lobby of Marc's apartment towards the elevator. Once she reached his floor she walked briskly towards his apartment, unlocking it. They had exchanged keys just recently, and Zoey still felt weird about it, but she didn't mind it at all.

Zoey sighed as she walked through the familiar hallway of Marc's apartment, following it towards his living space. She smiled at the sweaters and newspapers still scattered around the surfaces. She grabbed one of his Rangers sweaters and pulled it on, surprised that it still smelled like him. She sat down on his couch and bundled up, hoping to pass the time with some movies or something, but time proved to not be on her side.

Staal, tell me that you're close because I am dying. Zoey knew that Marc probably wouldn't receive the text, he was probably in the air, but she had to send it anyways. When he finally turned his phone on again she wanted him to know just how badly she missed him and wanted him to come home to her.

Somewhere between the end of her class and closing in on midnight Marc unlocked his apartment door and walked in to the quiet space. He could hear the television buzzing quietly in the background and new she was here. He dropped his bags carelessly on the ground and walked briskly towards the living area.

"Zee?" He asked, looking around the room and not seeing her anywhere. "Babe?"

"I didn't have anything to wear, I hope you don't mind," She smirked while she stood in the doorway of his bedroom wearing just his jersey.

Marc didn't say a word, but he walked towards her and captured her mouth on his. He grabbed her thighs beneath his jersey- which could be considered a dress at this point- and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"I have never missed a woman more in my life," Marc mumbled walking to his bed and sitting on the edge of it, placing her on his lap.

"I have never missed anyone that much," She smirked against his mouth, one-upping him.

"As good as you look in this," Marc smiled, pulling his lips from hers and toying with the hem of the 'Staal' jersey. "I need it off."

Zoey smiled and lifted her arms up over her head letting him pull his jersey off her. He threw his head back and gave whoever was looking down on him a silent thank-you for the woman in his lap.

"Normally I'd give you shit for not letting me undressing you," Marc mumbled, kissing her chest. "But I'm shaking I need you so bad."

"That's not the only thing giving you away," She smirked, grinding down onto him. She beamed at his reaction to her, missing the sound of him moaning because of her.

"God, I've missed you," Marc muttered as he flipped her onto her back, laying between her legs. He ran his hands over her skin, smiling as he remembered how smooth they were.

"I've missed you," She smiled, grabbing hold of his shirt and pulling it off of him. She dug her nails into his abs as she trailed her hands to his belt buckle. Gentle was not what they would be, at least not the first time.

Marc grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head, giving them a hard squeeze. He pressed his forehead to hers and stared at her face for a few moments letting her know that he missed more than just the sex, and he would tell her all about it after he was reacquainted with her body.
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