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Come To Life

Come A Little Closer

The rest of the night Marc felt completely stupid for what he had said to Zoey. He didn't have a chance to apologize or even attempt to explain himself because right after she defended herself she gave his arm a pat and walked away. He had just watched her walk away in awe. The rest of the night he had tried to find her to say something and explain himself a little bit.

When he stood onstage as signed jersey of his was being auctioned off he hoped he could spot her in the crowd. The lights were too bright and there were too many people. Once someone bought his jersey he shook hands with the person, took a picture and then Marc bolted. He no longer needed to be there so he decided it was time for him to go home.

He walked into the cold New York night, pulling his jacket tighter around his body as he walked to the parking lot. Out in the distance he made out the body of a woman standing alone. He didn't want to scare her so he didn't stop and stare, but it looked like Zoey. He really wanted to apologize for the way he acted towards her.

"Zoey?" Marc called, going out on a limb and hoping it was her he was calling to. The girl turned around and it was, indeed, Zoey.

"Staal," She smiled up at him. "What's up?"

"Can I apologize to you about earlier?" Marc asked, pushing his hands into the pockets of his jacket.

"About knocking into me? You already did," Zoey smiled, pulling her coat tighter around her tiny body. She looked cold and Marc wanted to just wrap her in his coat with him.

What? Did I seriously just think that?

"No, I meant about what I said about you." Marc sighed, looking down at her.

"That's nothing," Zoey scoffed, waving it off. "Don't worry about it. I get it all the time. I have that speech I gave you memorized, I could recite it in my sleep."

"I know you probably get it a lot, but I don't normally say things like that." Marc replied.

"Then why did you?" Zoey asked.

"Because I'm angry, bitter mess of a man," Marc replied, looking down at his shoes. "I took it out on you, I'm sorry."

"What happened?" Zoey asked, genuinely concerned. From everything she'd ever heard, seen or read about Marc Staal he seemed like such a fun, easy-going person. She didn't understand why he was so angry and bitter.

"Got messed over by a rich girl," Marc replied, laughing lightly. It was because it was particularly funny, but he didn't know what else to do. Maybe he wanted to make it seem like it didn't really bother him, or that he was over it.

"You were supposed to get married this summer, weren't you?" Zoey asked, quickly understanding what he was hinting at.

"That I was," Marc nodded, fighting off the burning feeling in his stomach and the tugging in his heart.

"Oh, Marc." Zoey gasped, hugging him immediately.

At first Marc had no idea what to do. He hadn't felt really, genuine affection from a woman in a long time. He kept his hands held up, not wrapping them around her even though he was desperate to. He knew if he hugged her that it would all come out and he wasn't ready for that. He didn't know this woman.

"Hug me back," Zoey ordered into his chest.

"I can't," Marc stated. "I don't know you."

Zoey let him go, but stood close to him. She liked how warm his body was and she was using him to block the wind coming right at her.

"Zoey Simon, age 21, going to school to become a teacher, I love to dance, I'm single, I live in Park Avenue, I have a little brother who is eight and I drive a Mini Cooper," Zoey stated. "Now hug me."

Marc had to crack a smile. Zoey wasn't someone he came across very often. She was a little bossy, forward and feisty. He quite liked it. Marc did as told and hugged her, he didn't feel so sad this time. He was overcome with emotion when he saw her face. He leaned down and kissed her. Now it was Zoey's turn to be surprised, but fortunately for Marc's ego she didn't stay surprised long. She moved her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

This is so not a good idea, was all Marc could think as they stumbled into Zoey's Park Avenue apartment.

"Wait," Marc stated, putting a hand on her chest and pushing her away from him gently. "Should we really be doing this?"

"Probably not," Zoey smiled, pulling him close to her again. "But I live alone, we're both single and I can tell you're dying for human contact. Especially with a woman."

"I don't know you," Marc sighed, sinking against the wall slightly as she started to kiss his neck. "I don't usually sleep with women I don't know."

"I don't usually sleep with men I don't know either," Zoey replied. "But you're cute, you seem like you could be fun."

Marc put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. She was right, he was dying for female contact. He had almost lost it when they were hugging in the parking lot, that was how long it had been.

"We don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it," Zoey assured him, pulling her hips away from his. "I can make you tea and we can watch The Notebook while you rub my feet."

Marc gave a laugh and grabbed her hips, tugging her back to him. He couldn't deny that this girl was a lot of fun. He turned them around and pressed her against the wall, taking her hands and pinning them above her head. He pressed his forehead to her's and smiled as he lower body arched forward so it touched his.

Marc took both her wrists in one of his hands, smiling as she let him do it. Alaya hated when he did that. He wondered what else Zoey would let him do that Alaya didn't. The thought alone..

Marc thrust his hips towards Zoey's, pushing her lower body completely back against the wall. With his free hand he touched her thigh just beneath the hem of her dress. He pushed her dress up feeling her skin. He smiled against her mouth as goosebumps rose up on her skin beneath his touch. He couldn't remember the last time he'd given a woman goosebumps.

"Put your arms around my neck," Marc ordered, his voice low.

Zoey did as told and put her hands on the back of his neck. Marc bent down and grabbed her backside underneath her dress and lifted her up. He smiled as she squealed and laughed, her legs tightening around his waist. Marc made his way through the apartment like he'd been there a million times, it was like he knew exactly where her bedroom would be. He walked into the room and dropped them on the large bed. He looked at the girl beneath him and thanked God, Karma or whoever looking after him right now. Zoey really was beautiful.

Marc ran his hands all over the girl, he was happy this is where he ended up tonight. He knew he would be spending hours in this bed with her. He was more than okay with it. He needed this. He needed a Zoey right now.
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