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Come To Life

The One That Walked Away

Game plan for after the game

1. Shower- seriously, you smell.

2. Media- ugh.

3. Get dressed into appropriate clothes.

4. Stop and get Chinese food from that place we like.

5. Go home and call Zoey.

6. Start a relationship with Zoey.

The plan had been set in stone for Marc. He had been thinking about it all night, which is probably why he sucked that night. He didn't really notice it. He knew that once he got this off of his chest, he would be back to playing like his old self.

Marc did the first three on his "list" quickly and then drove quickly to that Chinese food place near his apartment. He got all the things they usually got and went home. He hurried up the stairs and got into his apartment. He took all the food out of the bags and just as he was about to pick up his phone and call Zoey, there was a knock on his door.

Marc smirked and walked towards the door, opening it. "I was just going to call you."

"You were?"

"Alaya," Marc mumbled, his heart stopping.

The blonde haired beauty he at one point called his fiancé was standing there in his hallway. She looked exactly the same. Nothing about her had changed.

"Hi, Marc." She smiled.

"What are you doing here? How did you even find me?" Marc asked, his heart starting up again and racing. He was certain he was having a heart attack.

"I went back to our apartment and asked the superintendent where you went," Alaya stated.

"Great," Marc sighed. He never liked that superintendent.

"Can I come in?" Alaya asked, sounding weak. Marc could tell she had been crying.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Marc replied. He couldn't let her into his apartment, his heart or his life again. He couldn't do that to himself again.

"Marc, please." She sobbed.

"Why are you here, Alaya?" Marc asked, trying hard not to take her in his arms and holding her.

"Nick left me," She cried.

"So you decided to come back to me?" Marc asked, glaring at her. "You're unbelievable."

"No! He made me realize-"

"He made you realize what you had in me," Marc finished for her. "Bullshit, Alaya. You never appreciated me."

"That's not true!" She sobbed, grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer.

"Don't," He mumbled. He knew he would give in to her, it was simple for him to. He had done it their entire relationship. She had this power over him that he couldn't fight. He didn't know if was her eyes or the way she moved her body against his, but there was just something about her.

Think of Zoey, you fucking idiot. Zoey.

"I love you," She cried, keeping her firm grasp on him.

"No, you don't." Marc replied, shutting his eyes tightly and shaking his head. "You left me and you humiliated me."

"I'm sorry about that!"

"You aren't," Marc fought, trying his hardest to tell his body to move away from Alaya's.

"I am!"

"If you were going to be sorry about it you wouldn't have fucking done it, Alaya!" Marc yelled, pulling himself from her grasp.

"I panicked!" Alaya fought back, shoving him.

"And you abandoned me! Instead of coming to me, you fucked around and then left on our goddamn wedding day! You're a selfish, ignorant and insecure little girl, Alaya. You don't work for anything or at anything. You want it all handed to you," Marc yelled back. "If it's not a fairytale then you don't want it! Here's the deal, princess, it's not a fairytale! Get over yourself!"

"Fuck you, Staal!" Alaya yelled, slapping him.

The way she slapped him reminded him of the way Zoey was sometimes in bed. Sometimes Zoey was rough and she'd grab his face, it drove him crazy in the best possible way. With that slap Marc lost all control. In that moment Alaya turned into Zoey. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against his body roughly. His mouth hot on her's.

She didn't kiss like Zoey, when he figured that out he knew that he had to stop. He couldn't. His hands were glued to her body just as his mouth was glued to Alaya's.

Marc pulled her inside his apartment and slammed the door. He slammed Alaya against the door. He was used to being with Zoey and her loving when he was rough with her. Zoey loved when Marc took control of her. Marc hadn't been with Alaya in months, he forgot what she liked in bed. Frankly he didn't care anymore. He was a man possessed. He didn't know why or what he was doing, but it was happening.

Alaya gripped at his shirt, trying to keep up.

"You can have whatever you want," She whispered in his ear as he kissed all over her neck and collarbone.

Marc's heart raced, he was certain that heart attack would happen any moment. He grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, carrying her towards her bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and felt her up beneath her shirt. Her skin didn't feel like Zoey's, nothing of her's felt like Zoey.

"I can't do this," Marc mumbled, pulling his hands off of her as well as his mouth.

"You can't do what?" Alaya asked. "Sleep with me? That's a first."

"If I do this I'm hurting more than one person," Marc replied.

"Don't you want me back?" Alaya asked.

There it was. The question Marc had been asking himself for months. If Alaya came back to him would he take her back? He had thought of this moment a million times over the last months and he had always taken her back. That was until he met Zoey.

Zoey. His beautiful Zoey. The girl he wanted to have a relationship with.

If you want to have a relationship with Zoey, fucking your ex is not the way to go about it. Step away from Alaya- NOW.

Marc was having a hard time pulling away from Alaya. It was Alaya. He had been with her for years, it was hard to say "no" to someone you'd spent so long with. Despite all the pain they inflicted. He also was having a hard time pulling away because he wanted to show her what she had been missing when it comes to sex. Marc knew he was good in bed, but for some reason after being with Zoey he knew was even better.

Or maybe that was just because he knew Zoey's body so well. She let him explore her body. She allowed him to kiss and touch her all he wanted, which he wanted to do. All the time.

Pull away, Marc. Pull the fuck away. It's not worth it. You don't need to prove anything to her. You don't need to stay with her. Kick her out and call Zoey. She's who you want.

Call Zoey, goddamnit!

"Marc?" Alaya asked again. "Don't you want me back?"
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