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Elora Ann was a typical seventeen year old girl. She lived in the city of Ava, with her mother and her father. And although she loved her parents, she couldn't help but wonder why she looked nothing like them, and why she couldn't relate to either of them.

Fascinated by the outdoors, sunlight, and the woods; Elora attains powers that she can not control. She bursts lightbulbs, and controls light with her own hands. Frustrated with the questions behind her powers, Elora escapes into her beloved woods.

There, she encounters an entrance to another world. A world full of fairies, warlocks, and evil. She realizes that she may have something in common with these people, and this world... what she isn't prepared for is the adventure that leads her to her real parents- The King and Queen of Avalon.

....Also, the boy who joins her adventure.

(HI! I'm a new author and I'm just trying this out... let me know what you think? :) )