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Rocks Painted Gold

Coffee or Tea?

Forest pulled up to Twister's laughing his ass off. Driving made all his thoughts go away and the look on people's faces as he went blaring through the intersections made him laugh more then he had laughed in awhile. Hale shook his head and pulled Zacky off the bench to get him in the car.

"I take it you don't have your licence." Hale said, putting Zacky in the car and rolling down the passenger window so he could close the door.

"Nope!" Forest grinned and swiped his hair out of his face. Hale laughed and shook his head.

"Now look here Forest," Hale said pointing his finger at Forest, "Don't do anything stupid and drive like a normal person alright? If anything happens call me." Hale wrote his number on Zacky's arm with a sharpie he pulled out of his pocket. He drew a heart and winked at Forest.

"Tell him Maybell wants him to call in the morning." Forest laughed and nodded watching as Hale took a drag off his cigarette.

"I will don't worry. I still have to look for Shadow though so i'll be roaming around for awhile." Forest said looking out at the other side of the street.

"Alright, i'll call your daddy here if I see him."

"How do you have his..." Forest trailed off as Hale walked away and went back into the bar.

"Creep," he mumbled throwing the car into gear and shoving the gas pedal down.


Hazel sat in the living room watching Kylie sleep, as weird as that sounded. She had dozed off awhile ago but Hazel couldn't sleep as her mind wandered thinking about where Shadow was. If Forest and Zacky were okay and well. If anyone at the hotel knew of what was going on? Surely someone called them, but it was too late now to call anyone so Hazel let it go.

"You're still awake?" Hazel looked up at Mavrix as he stood in the doorway, his arms crossed as he leaned against the door frame. And images of him doing the same thing over the years, in the same doorway, flashed through her mind and she started to remember him.

"Couldn't sleep. I'm worried about them."

"Don't worry about any of them. They're all fit to take care of themselves and if they're together they're more then fine." Mavrix shrugged and walked farther into the room.

"Did you hear what she said to Shadow?" Hazel asked, motioning towards Kylie. He shook his head and motioned at the stairs.

"I was up there most of the time. What'd she say?"

Hazel sighed and ran a hand through her hair, which was going back to black from the red she had dyed it. She wasn't sure if she was going to dye it again or not, she liked the black since it reminded her of Forest and he was probably going to be gone soon. A hurt filled her chest at the thought of it and she pushed it away, focusing on the hurt that Kylie had stabbed into Shadow's chest.

"She said that he should have just faded with the pills that Forest took so he could be a happy family with Zacky and I, and my mother I assume but she doesn't know much about back then I think."

"Did he say anything back to her?" Mavrix asked. Hazel shook her head and looked at him.

"That must mean something right? I mean we both don't know him that well but he would have snapped back at her and made her feel bad too if she was just a random girl don't you think?" Mavrix nodded his head and smiled despite the subject.

"He must love her then. He would even yell at Forest if he had said something like that."

"You think it's love?" Hazel asked, smiling at the thought of the rough guy loving a small yet tough girl like Kylie. Maybe that's why he loved her, she could handle how rough he was yet still be a small girl that he would have to take care of. As pedophile as that sounds.

"Gotta be Haze." Mavrix said standing from where he had sat on the couch, "And that means he'll be back for her and she'll apologize if she feel's the same way."

"You saw how hard she was crying just because she said it herself. She loves him." Hazel smiled and followed her uncle out of the room after he offered tea to drink.


"I would offer coffee but the Doc said to lay off it. Says i'm taking in too much caffeine or something." Maverix shrugged and rolled his eyes as he pulled two mugs from the cupboard.

Hazel smiled and watched as he pulled boxes of tea out of a drawer.

"It's fine. Not one for coffee myself anyway." Hazel looked over at the clock and noticed it was nearly two in the morning, "Why are you awake by the way?"

Mavrix sighed and shrugged as he walked to the sink to get the water running hot.

"Just couldn't sleep, been thinking too much about all that's been going on you know? Forest coming back with Shadow and you coming with your real dad and all those people..."

"I'm sorry if we intruded." Hazel cut in, guilt filling her chest.

"No! It's not that at all, i'm glad to have more then one person in this house. Having all you here, makes it almost feel like it used to you know? It's always felt different since Vanessa died, but having you and Forest here make it slightly better. It'll never be the same with my sister gone but..."

"I understand." Hazel said quietly, "I feel it too. Like there's a warmth that's in the house from us all being here. Like it's actually lived in instead of just...being here."

"Exactly." Mavrix said, smiling as he sat across from her at the counter.

"Did Forest tell you about me moving and all?"

"A little, not much though."

"Well I want one of you to have the house. It's all paid off by now, all there's to worry about is the bills every month, which usually isn't much but that's just the way I live I suppose."

"I don't know Mavrix, I have everyone in California. Maybe Forest would be better suited to live here." Hazel said, rubbing her eyes.

"I understand..." Maverix trailed off and glanced out the window at the backyard darkened by the early hours of the morning. The light wind creaking the branches of the old trees made you think that something horrible was hiding in the shadows, just waiting to jump out and eat you alive.

"Do you think everything will work out...with Shadow and Forest?" Hazel asked suddenly.

Maverix turned his gaze back into the house and found her emerald orbs looking back at him. He pondered the question for a few moments and Hazel waited anxiously, wanting him to spit out some reassurances that everything was going to be fine and nothing would happen.

"No." he stated, standing up to get the tea.

And like that Hazel's bad feelings grew, if her Uncle didn't believe anything was going to be okay, who did?
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