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Rocks Painted Gold

Come Out And Play

The setting sun greeted Forest as he walked out of the shipyard warehouse and headed for home, well what he barely called home now a days. He zigzagged down the streets, hoping to catch Kylie playing her guitar on one of them, but they were all empty of a blonde haired girl with a guitar.

Forest sighed and quit putting off going back to the apartment. He had to show up sometime and confront his lousy roommate, who had made sure to tell him about a million times that he wanted to talk to him when he got back from work. He had no idea what Mark wanted to talk about, and he didn’t want to find out. But a little voice in his mind that wasn’t him or Shadow told him he had to go see what was up.

“Maybe he finally decided to kick your lousy ass out. I mean, hey, if I could get away from you……I’m pretty sure I would.” Shadow said from beside him.

“Pretty sure?”

“Yeah, well….I mean….You’re not that bad, okay?”

“Glad you’re getting in touch with your emotions Shadow.” Forest said dully.

“You don’t know how hard it was just to say that Forest.” Shadow said.

“Pretty damn hard I assume. Otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it at all. Because what’s the point in mentioning something if it’s not bigger or harder for you to usually do?”

Shadow didn’t say anything after Forest’s little statement. Whatever it was.

“Ah Mr. Westfield. You finally decided to show up.” Mark said, not at all sounding happy. Forest walked into the living room and stared at Mark for a moment.

He was sitting on the couch, his arms draped over the back of it and his right leg crossed over his left. Just sitting you could tell he was pretty tall.

Mark reminded Forest of Domino. The evil man thing with the long spider like legs that he encountered in Byte City all those years ago.

“What’d you want to talk about Mark?” Forest asked, keeping his guard up like he would become Domino any second.

Who had, coincidently, tried to kill him by eating him or something along those lines. Forest could still hear the echoes of Domino’s bones scraping against one another as he tried to run after him, his wide smile sending cold spikes down Forest’s spine.

Forest shivered involuntarily as he let his backpack slip onto the ground by his bedroom door and then he headed towards the small kitchen to get a drink of water.

“I want you to look at something. I found it today and I think you could explain some things to me.” Mark said, holding a flyer in his hand and looking at it.

Mark was a twenty four year old college student who started late. Forest didn’t care to learn what he was going for, but he guessed something in the business area, since he was so good at arguing.

His hair was red, obnoxious red, well anything having to do with Mark was obnoxious to Forest….
His eyes were a random blue and green mixed while he was skinny as a twig. Another reason why he reminded Forest of Domino. He could probably afford a much better place then this with his job at some insurance office downtown, so Forest had no idea why he was here.

“What is it?” Forest asked stepping back into the room and holding his hand out for the piece of faded paper.

Mark smirked slightly and handed the paper over, making sure to hold onto it for an extra second so Forest had to tug it out of his hand.

What Forest saw almost made him drop his bottled water, that plus how tired he was didn’t help the situation from getting out of control, very fast.

“Where did you get this?” he asked, his hand squeezing the bottle and making water spill everywhere.

Mark smirked for a moment until he noticed the water was getting on his textbooks and over papers.

“I told you, I found it today. Uncanny resemblance to you don’t you think? Could almost be twins….oh wait….Is it you Forest? Are you hiding the fact that you’re a missing kid from me?” he asked, his eyes narrowing into slits.

“That was a long time ago Mark.” Forest said through clenched teeth.

“Time to shine.” he heard Shadow say, excitement playing around in his words.

Forest didn’t fight Shadow, what was the use anymore? He was too pissed and worried to even begin trying to fight back against Shadow. So if you can’t beat them, join them, right?

‘Just don’t kill him.’ he thought, and the rest went black as he felt his counterpart take over.

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and you get that ball of adrenaline in your stomach right before you drop? That’s the feeling I had the moment Forest put his guard down and let me out to play.

“Who’d you tell Marky?” I sneered, dumping the rest of the water bottle all over his open laptop.

“What the hell Forest?!” He screamed, lunging for the thing just a second too late.

I had watched him enough to know his whole life was on that laptop, and I had just destroyed it in a matter of seconds. He grabbed the thing and cradled it to his chest, like it was a kid I had just poured boiling water all over.

“My dad will get you for this.” he said glaring up at me.

“If your dad gave two shits about you, you wouldn’t be in this shitty ass apartment with an insane twenty two year old, now would you?”

“Y…you’re twenty Forest.” he stuttered, fear starting to take over his features as he started to realize something was very, very wrong.

I grinned, sure I looked like some insane maniac. But hell, it’d been awhile since I had gotten the body, I didn’t know how to control everything to make it not look creepy.

Plus, pretty sure I am an insane maniac.

“Who ever said I was Forest Marky?” I asked, taking a step closer, “They call me Shadow.”

A wicked grin grew on my face as utter fear covered Marks face. It had been forever since I could put that kind of fear into a real person, and the feeling was….beautiful.

“I would run while I’m still over here, otherwise you’ll never make it out the door in time.”

Mark didn’t hesitate to take my advice and took off for the door, tripping over Forest’s bag that he had left in the hallway. He struggled with the lock and knob, fear blurring the way he functioned.

That was my favorite part I suppose. When they were too scared to even open a god damn door right, or better yet, when they couldn‘t even run without looking like they were on ice.

He finally got it open and went stumbling out the door, running into the wall across from the door and using it to keep himself up. I started for the door as he tried to decide whether to try for the elevator and go right, or take the stairs and go left.

He chose the stairs and ran the moment I reached the door. I had heard Forest’s wish not to kill him. And I really didn’t want to leave the country because of murder charges, so I decided to abide his wishes. I would just beat Mark and make sure he never spoke of what happened tonight. Easy enough, for a normal guy living in another’s mind that is. But I was far from normal and simple things always had a way to get complicated.


I turned as I heard Kylie’s voice from down the hallway. She was coming out of the elevator, a smile on her face and her hand in the air as she waved.

“Hey.” I said, looking back at the stairs, hearing Mark go up instead of down. What an idiot.

“What….are you doing?” she asked, looking past me at the door to the stairs, “Was that Mark?”

I glanced at the door and nodded.

“Yeah, we’re playing some stupid ass game.” She looked at me like I was crazy.

“You mean you two are getting along?” I shrugged and stuffed my hands deep down in my pockets.

“Guess so if we’re playing a game together.”

Kylie studied me for a long moment and I started getting annoyed, I needed to catch that dumb ass before he jumped off the roof or escaped or something.

“Are you feeling okay Forest?” she asked, her eyebrows creasing together.

I smiled and did something I know I wouldn’t regret later. I grabbed Kylie and pulled her close before shoving my lips against hers. A small squeal escaped from between her lips and I couldn’t help but smile. I stepped back and she stood there her mouth open slightly. Psh, girls.

“I’m feeling fine. Now I have to go find Mark before he wins the game.” I said, a sickly sweet smile on my lips that made her take a slight step back. I turned to leave but she grabbed my arm, pulled me back, and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Okay see you later.” she said after she pulled away, a smile on her lips.

I smirked and saluted her before yanking the door open and taking off up the stairs.

I had to admit that Kylie was a great kisser. Too bad she thought I was stupid Forest.
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