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Rocks Painted Gold

Shadowing Tears

The world spun around, making Forest’s stomach churn and the contents of his small breakfast threatened to spill onto the concrete.

“Forest stop!” Shadow yelled, getting in front of his face to try and reason with him.

“Move Shadow.” Forest spat, blood dripping from his mouth and nose.

“Just let me take care of this Forest, this isn’t you. This isn’t what you do, its what I’m supposed to do.” Shadow pleaded with him, glancing back at the huge biker type guy that had just been punching Forest in the face.

“Yeah well I’m sick of you being the only thing that can protect me. I have to learn to protect myself!” Forest yelled, his thoughts going astray and he found himself wondering to himself how much it hurt for the guy in front of him to get that many tattoos.

“Okay, we’ll work on that later. Just let me fucking handle this Forest.” Shadow said, worry stamped on his eyes.

Forest narrowed his eyes in confusion and swayed slightly to the left, threatening to fall over.

“Why do you care? Not like it’s going to hurt you.” Forest spat.

“Because it’s going to hurt YOU Forest. And I don’t want to see that happen. So just give me the body Forest. Let me take this jackass down and we’ll work on the whole ‘protecting’ yourself thing.” he tried to reason, feeling like he was dealing with a child or a drunk person.

“No…fuck you.” Forest tried to shove Shadow and went tumbling forwards, falling flat on his face in front of the biker that had, until recently, been trying to kill him.

“Fuck.” Shadow whispered, watching helplessly as the biker bent down and grabbed Forest by the back of his jacket.


One Hour Earlier

“You know what? I hate them all. I don’t care if I never see them again in my whole entire fucking life.” Forest yelled.

He had been pacing the apartment like a madman ever since he had jumped the gun and left the barbeque before it got explosive with emotions. Something he didn’t like to deal with too often anymore, well ever really.

“Then don’t see them ever again.” Shadow stated, not bothering to look at him so instead he stared far off into the city, watching lights flicker on as the night barreled down on the world.

“I won’t, I fucking won’t!” he yelled, “And why do you always sit there?! I hate it that you sit there all day like it’s nothing.”

“It is nothing. It’s just where I like to sit.” Shadow stated calmly.

He had learned over the year living in Byte City that when Forest freaked out and went on a rampage, which rarely happened, it was better to stay calm and just be blunt and honest. Because yelling back, lying, and beating around the bush was a really bad mistake and got you punched in the face. That was the only drawback of Shadow being a real person back then, Forest had a pretty good right hook.

“No, there’s more to it. Tell me the truth.” Forest growled. It wasn’t a very entertaining growl either.

“Okay I’ll tell you. I like looking at the city. I like seeing all the people and I wish I could be down there instead of being stuck to you. I wish I was back in Byte City.” Shadow said, crossing his arms and diverting his gaze back out the pane of glass that held him inside.

“Yeah well…” Forest trailed off, finally calming down a bit, “I wish I was back there sometimes too.”

“We were happier there.” Shadow whispered, but Forest still caught it.

“We were. But we’re back in the real world now. And I’m still pissed off, so I’m leaving. Don’t bother me Shadow.” Forest said.

His anger had come back in one monstrous breath of air and he couldn’t stand being in the apartment anymore. And he couldn’t stand being bothered by Shadow, having him distract him from his anger that brewed deep inside him. It almost made Forest laugh, how when he was angry Shadow was calm and vice versa. Their emotions traded places all the time and that made the subject of it all just being in his head come back. Which made him remember the pills and the reason he ran away.

And all that just made him more and more angry, which made him want to punch something. And that something just so happened to be a biker that spit in his path as he stormed down the street.


“Son of a bitch.” I ground my teeth together and pulled at my hair like a mad man as Forest went flying onto the ground after the biker threw him.

The large man moved in to finish the job of, probably, murdering Forest and I couldn’t stand it anymore. But Forest, even though he was pretty much knocked out, had put a block up and I couldn’t squeeze through no matter what. I paced around above Forest’s head quickly, nearly running back and forth. The biker was pulling a knife and I couldn’t stand to watch what was about to happen. And I couldn’t just stand back and watch either.

Even if I couldn’t do any damage I could still have that satisfaction that I tried to help my….well what could I really call Forest? I could call him a brother maybe. Or I could call him dad since he technically, well we assume, made me. But that’s just awkward on a lot of levels. So I’ll just leave that thinking to another time and try to get this biker off Forest, although I know it will probably never work.

The biker let out a yell, held up his knife, and prepared to plunge it through Forest’s chest.

“Fuck!” I yelled and tackled the biker.

He went flying a few feet and I stood there shocked. I had just done something real without the body. What the fuck was going on?!

I didn’t dwell too long on the subject because the biker was getting back up, thinking Forest was the one who threw him. I just hoped I could still protect the kid without the body at the moment.


The biker had run off awhile back. My fists hurt, my face hurt, and my mind was swirling so bad I had warm tears running down my cheeks. Forest was laying next to me knocked out and he had no idea what had just happened. But I had a huge idea, yet I had no idea how I did it.

Life had been simple back when I hadn’t been able to punch and be punched in the real world without control of the body. I could yell at people all the time without them knowing. I could punch things without damaging anything. I could do absolutely anything with no one knowing I was there. And I had hated it with every fiber of my being. But now, now that I had somehow become animate and saved Forest while he was arranged there in his body. Now I just wished everything was back to normal and I couldn’t be seen or heard.

It had only been ten minutes and I was already hating my life more then anything in the world.

“Why are you crying?” Forest garbled, too weak to lift his head but his eyes were cracked open and staring up at my face.

“I’m scared.” I confessed, rubbing my forehead with my hands.

“Well I’m not dead so calm the fuck down.” Forest said, struggling to sit up. He grabbed my arm and finally got himself up with the help of my arm. I stared at him until he realized what had just happened and then he looked at me, the same fear in his eyes that I was sure he was seeing in mine.

“That’s why I’m scared. I saved you from that biker. He was about to kill you and I couldn’t bear to watch it so I tackled him, thinking I’d just fall through or something but he went flying…..Then he saw me and he just started punching me. And I couldn’t do anything but fight back and it worked and he ran after awhile and….. What’s going on Forest? I’m so fucking scared.” I put my head down low as sobs ceased my breathing, my speaking, and my mind from working.

“It’s going to be okay Shadow.” Forest stated, his voice sounding louder but strained from the pain he was in.

“How do you know? Have you been through this before?!” I yelled, not believing anything he said.

“No I haven’t particularly in my lifetime but we’ve been through worse. Yeah this is scary as hell and I’m scared. But we can make it through as long as we don’t freak out and run around like a chicken without a head.”

“I kinda want fried chicken.” I sniffed, thinking about the gnawing hunger that was eating at my insides.

Forest laughed, a laugh that came out pained but he kept laughing anyway. I cracked a smile and ended up laughing too, sinking back onto the concrete like it was a bed.

“We’ll be okay Shadow. Don’t worry, maybe it’s just temporary.”

“Yeah, or maybe it’s like Pinocchio or something. I didn’t wish to be a real boy though. Stupid ass fairies.” I mumbled, mostly talking to myself because my mind was too full thinking about everything else. Therefore I had to talk some things out so my head wouldn’t burst.

“We should probably get back before some cop picks us up or something.” Forest murmured.

We were both laying there looking up the sky. We were in some area where there weren’t too many city lights so you could actually see the stars. It all reminded me of being in Colorado, when I had first shown up. Forest had snuck out of the house because his mother and some person on the phone were fighting. Hazel was at a friends house so it was just me and Forest. We had sat there on the sidewalk nearly all night just talking and looking at the stars. It was the first time they had ever gotten along.

“Come on Shadow.” Forest groaned, pushing himself up off the ground.

I followed shortly, grabbing him before he fell to the ground from the extent of his injuries.

“Maybe you should go to a hospital or something.” I suggested, nearly carrying the kid by myself since he couldn’t seem to hold himself up.

“Maybe that’s for the best.” he said as he let all the air in his body out. Then he collapsed onto my side and I was holding an unconscious Forest up in the middle of the night.


It’s really weird being a real person. I mean, for one, people actually pay attention to you. Nurses rushed forwards and took Forest out of my arms. I tried to follow but they pushed me back, someone shoved a clipboard into my hands and told me to fill it out with his information, and I was left alone in a nearly vacant emergency room lobby.

So, filling out everything I knew, and feeling a tug in my chest from being so far from Forest, (No I didn’t love the kid with all my heart, okay maybe I did, but not that way.) I walked up to the desk and handed the paper back to an elderly woman that was typing, quite slowly, on a keyboard. I refrained from yelling at the woman to hurry up, and finally got her to look up.

“And who is this for?” she asked. Her sweet little old lady voice pissing me off already.

How could such a slow person work in the emergency room? I mean the emergency room is this fast paced place. Living and dieing depends on if you get the needle to the doctor now or in a couple seconds. I don’t think there should be someone like her working in the place. No offence to any little old ladies that are reading this here scripture.

“Forest Westfield. Says so on the top.” I stated, rolling my eyes slightly. The woman looked at me oddly and went typing, one key at a time with one finger, away at the keyboard. This may be a long night.


I woke up to someone slapping my face. I groaned, cracked open my protesting eyelids, and gazed up at the one and only Forest Westfield.

“Long time no see Chief. You done or escaping?” I asked, rubbing at my eyes. Being real made me pretty tired, and hungry, and thirsty, and almost nauseous.

“Well if I was escaping I don’t think I would be standing around here waiting for you.”

“Well Mr. Cranky Ass. Sometimes you make stupid mistakes like, oh I don’t know, attacking a biker twice your size for spitting into the street.”

“I was angry okay? And don’t make me angry again, I may have stitches in me but I can still put you in one of these beds.” Forest threatened, making me laugh.

I stood up from the hard plastic chair and yawned, stretching my arms far above my head.

“Lets get some fried chicken and go home.” I stated.

“Sounds good.” Forest said, walking behind me out of the hospital.


“Why were you crying again?” Forest asked, devouring a drumstick like some cannibalistic caveman, and I thought I had bad table manners.

“I was scared okay? It’s not everyday that I can just tackle some dude to the ground as myself.” I answered, poking at the mashed potatoes I had gotten.

“Yeah well…I never thought you could cry.”

“I’ve cried before….”

“Oh yeah?” Forest smirked, “When? Name one time besides tonight that you’ve cried.”

“When your mom died.” I mumbled, looking down at my food.

“You…you cried when my mom died?” I nodded and ran a hand through my blue hair, which looked better then Forest’s boring light brown hair.

“She was nice. I liked her, I cry when people I like die. Okay? Drop it.” I snapped, throwing my fork down and sitting back, my arms crossed over my chest.

“Okay, I’m sorry Shadow. I guess…you’ve always been some jerk and I didn’t know you…had a soft side. Why are you letting it out now?”

I stared at Forest, asking myself if I should tell him why I was being so undesirably nice. Why I was changing myself. I didn’t really know why but I had a vague idea.

“I think…” I glanced away from his expectant face and stared out the window at some tire shop that was next door, “I think that fight over the body is getting closer. I don’t know what this means though, me being real and all. But there’s this feeling in my gut that keeps telling me to prepare to fight you.”

I shrugged and smiled lazily at him as all the things I had done caught up with my and wore my body down, making me exhausted just thinking about sleep.

“But who knows, maybe it’s just heartburn.” I stated, standing up and taking my trash to the garbage can.

I didn’t believe myself with that statement, and I could tell Forest didn’t either. But hell, if it could get me through this dilemma, and it could get Forest through it too. Well I would lie until my lungs burst just to stay slightly happy in this insane world full of people trying to take us down.
♠ ♠ ♠
Shadow cried.

That is all.