Captured By The Prince Dark Angel, Now I'm His Slave...Wow! Things Are Getting Better And Better (NOT)

Chapter One

“Hey Winter! It’s me Lexie!” I heard Lexie’s voice say to me when I answered my phone.

‘Hey Lex, what’s up?’ I asked her, It was the first day of the Christmas holidays and I am in complete heaven.

“Well, me and a couple other girls were gonna go and skate down at the skate park. You wanna come?’ She asked me. I could practically hear her bouncing up and down with excitement.

‘SURE! I’m always up for a skate, I’ll meet you guys in front of the ice-cream parlour in about 10 minutes, okay??’ I ask her.

‘Sounds good, see you there!’ Lexie calls cheerfully before hanging up. I rolled my eyes at the phone, Lexie is my best friend, but she can be really chipper sometimes. She was tall, had thick blond haired that went down to her waist, big baby blue eyes and she was obsessed with surfing. Me on the other hand, I’m tallish, and my hair/eye colour changes with my moods (weird I know). I love skating and meat lovers pizza.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the hot on full blast. I let it heat up before stepping in and letting the water cascade over my skin. I quickly washed my hair and body and hopped out. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it securely around myself I headed into my room to get dressed. I walked out wearing a pair of pants and a top with huge sleeves. I grabbed my favourite hat, skate shoes and my skate board then exited the house. After about two minutes of skating I was at the ice-cream parlour where I met up with Lex and our two other friends.

‘LEX!’ I scream at her, as she walked down with Meme and Jemma.

‘Hiya Winter! Ready to go?!’ Lex asks, walking up.

‘Yeah come on!’ I yell at her walking towards the beach, picking up my skate board. Living in a town like this means that anywhere decent to hang out was right by the beach, so to get to the skate park, we had to cross through sand. There was a pathway leading there but Lexie wanted to look at the guys surfing. So there I was carrying my skate board across the sand, with Lex oohing and aahing at all the good surf moves. I have no idea what she found so fascinating. As we walked past a bunch of guys sitting on their boards in the water, I felt the waves rush up across the sand and lap at the bottoms of my shoes, yea we were that close to the water, thanks to Lex and ogling. The guys in the water were sitting waiting for a good wave, talking and watching us as we walked by. I gazed at my shoes ignoring them.

‘Hey, gorgeous!’ one of them called out, I kept walking, feeling sorry for Lex, they were probably calling out to her.

‘No not you, the one looking at her feet!’ The guy called out again, there was four of them out there on the water. I looked up surprised.

‘Yeah you! Are you free tonight? Or will it cost me?!’ he shouted towards me, I blushed in embarrassment looking at the guy, he had blonde hair and was currently wolf-whistling at me. I could tell that my hair was becoming streaked though with hot pink, and my eyes turning gold.

‘Come on’ Lex said as she grabbed my hand.

‘Lets leave these ass holes’ She muttered to me. I flashed her a grateful smile as we walked off. When we got to the skate park, we could still see the guy that had whistled at me. I looked at his friends, there was this one really hot guy, he had black hair and piercing blue eyes. I couldn’t see anything else because the rest of him was under water. I walked up onto the skate park, flipped my board, jumped onto it then I was off. I love the feeling of the board beneath my feet, it made me feel free; if there was a fire in my house and I could only grab one thing, it would be my skateboard. I just mucked around there for about an hour, trying out a couple of new tricks when Lex came up to me.

‘Hey, Winter, lets go and get a smoothie’ she said, pointing to the smoothie shop right next to the skate park.

‘Sure’ I agreed happily.

‘Oi, Meme Jemma! We’re getting smoothies!’ I hollered.

‘Okay dudes, Meme had to leave though, she says to say bye! I’m gonna keep skating.’ Jemma shouted to me.

‘Sure thing!’ I yell back to her.

Lex and I bought our smoothies and sat down at a table that overlooked the ocean. I had my favourite kind-Berry Bliss and Lex had Tropical Tango.

‘Ass hole alert’ Lex whispered to me as four wet guys walked up the steps to the sitting area then walked past to the smoothie shop. They had rested their surfboards against the railing that surrounded the sitting area (which was on raised concrete, to try and keep out the sand, didn’t work much though). ‘OMG! Is that the new….’ Lex said going into a spew about whatever surf board it was, all of it in surf talk, so, I understood none of it. She got up and walked over to one of the surfboards the four guy had put down. I sighed and followed her, praying that whoever those guys were, they wouldn’t notice us two.

They did.

Lex was still busy babbling surf talk when all four of them walked up. I sipped my smoothie cautiously hoping they wouldn’t recognize me. I would’ve walked away, except I didn’t want to abandon Lex in the middle of her surf board examining, she probably wouldn’t even realize I was gone until she came round from her examination. I tilted my head so my hair covered my face, something I do when I want to blend in or am feeling shy, or when I just don’t want to talk. Unfortunately my hair gave me away. I saw it turn a hot pink, Which means my eyes would be gold, these seemed to be the colours of embarrassment.
‘Hiya gorgeous, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?’ the blonde guy asked me, grinning, luckily he didn’t seem to recognize me. I felt like saying what does it look like, you dolt? skating, DUH!

‘Trying to avoid you.’ I said instead, smiling sweetly.

‘Wow dude, Kitty got claws!’ another guy said, he had red hair and an impish look to him, he also had a can of what looked like coke in his hand. Just then Lex thankfully snapped out of her ‘surf board zone’, as I called it.

‘Huh? What happened?’ Lex asked, rubbing her head.

‘You saw his face’ I said pointing to the blonde.

‘And then fell unconscious, I don’t blame you.’ I told Lex smirking.
She laughed

‘No, seriously though, what happened?’ she asked.

I shrugged ‘you noticed the surf boards and zoned out’ I told her.

‘Oh, well we’re leaving’ Lex said to me.

‘Wait, Can you give me your name, please?’ The blonde guy asked.

‘Why don’t you have one?’ I asked him laughing, as I turned around and chucked my empty smoothie bottle into the bin. Me and Lex walked away laughing.

‘Well that was….weird’ I said to her when we were out of earshot. Lex then cracked up more.

‘You should have seen yourself, you turned him down at every possibility. You so have to teach me how to do that’ Lex said to me. I shrugged. I’m very good at insulting people, especially if they try to use pickup lines. But normally I just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind and pray that it comes out right.

‘Hey Winter, later lets go shopping, I’ve been meaning to go get that new shirt in D J's that I’ve had my eyes on forever’ Lex said.

‘Okay, but why not now?’ I asked her.

‘I’ve got to change’ she said in a ‘duh’ tone of voice. I shook my head, Lex had a pair of shoes and clothes for everything, it was creepy.

‘Sure meet you there in 30’ I said to her, putting my skateboard down on the concrete and skating back to my house. My parents were still out at work, they both worked. All the time. I rummaged through my pockets for my house key. I unlocked the door and walked in. Home sweet home I thought to myself bitterly, as I walked into the empty house. I ran upstairs, re-did my hair (which was still hot pink), grabbed my favourite army style backpack that is big enough to fit my skate board in and practically lives on my back. I hung it over my shoulder, dumping my phone, make-up bag and iPod into it. Sighing, I then watched
useless junk on TV until it was time to meet Lex.

*Fast forward to after an hour of pointless shopping*

‘Oi Lex, I’m going to be right back, I have just seen the best shirt for me’ I called to Lex.

‘Okay, I’m going over to meet that guy’ Lex said to me winking. I looked over to where she was looking too. I saw that it was the guy with the black hair from the beach. I was about to stop her but she slipped out of my grasp. I shrugged leaving her to it. Lex was the kind of person that just loved to meet, then tease guys. She had the looks to do it too. I grabbed the shirt I wanted from the shop. When I had bought it I came out to find that Lex and her “friend” had disappeared.

Oh don’t do this to me, Lex I thought to myself as I looked around for Lex. She’s probably got him to walk her home, and when she gets there she’ll call me up and tell me all about it. That’s what happens with Lex. I left the mall and started walking around to see if she was somewhere out here.

She was....

I saw Lex making out with that guy in the shop, the one I also saw at the beach. I just rolled my eyes coughing politely to get them to notice the fact that I was actually standing there.
The guy pulled apart from Lex. He looked at me curiously, then he turned back to Lex who looked like she was in a daze. Suddenly the guy hit her over the head, Lex collapsed. I sucked in a breath, then before I realized what I was doing I had crossed the space between me and him and my fist connected with his jaw.

Ouch I thought to myself shaking my hand back and fourth. He had a hard jaw.

‘What was that for?’ he hissed at me, Well isn’t it Bloody Obvious? I thought to myself.
His eyes started turning black, and I started getting scared. I could see my hair turning a florescent green, I knew that my eyes would be a dark shade of green; green was the colour of fear. I swallowed hard, ‘I’m not going to show him fear’ I think to myself, determined The guy was staring at my hair curiously, that’s the look I get from a lot of people who see my hair change colour.

‘What are you looking at?’ I spat at him, my voice fearless, I saw my hair get threaded through with sparkling gold; the colour of courage. I should become an actor. I think to myself smiling.

‘Something very interesting’ he said to me, grabbing my wrists. The gold in my hair vanished. I squeaked, terrified as he pushed me back against the wall. He was easily a foot taller then me so I had to look up to see him. He bent his head down, his tongue slithered out from his mouth.

‘Your smell’ he said to me, lowering his head, 'Is mouthwatering.' I felt his lips brush mine. YUCK! I tried to pull back but all I succeed in doing was hitting my head against the wall I was pinned to. He moved his head down towards my neck, then my shoulder. I felt searing pain in my shoulder. I tried to scream out but my voice wouldn’t work. I felt something liquidy, but thick go into my shoulder, it was thicker than blood so I could feel it as it raced through my veins, I felt my blood run cold, literally. The guy dropped his hold on my shoulders, the pain was still there feeling like it was burning a hole into my skin as I look at the guy.

‘See you soon, Precious’ he whispered to me, then I crumpled into the wall and blacked out.
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