Captured By The Prince Dark Angel, Now I'm His Slave...Wow! Things Are Getting Better And Better (NOT)

Chapter Two

When I woke up I was still at the back of the mall. Looking around, I blinked, trying to remember what happened. The attack popped back into my mind. A quick look at my bloody shoulder confirmed that it wasn't just my imagination. Scanning the area again I saw a crumpled form against the wall and remembered Lex. After scrambling to my feet, I realized that moving quickly was not a good idea and regretted it when I stumbled and fell back to the ground. Once the world righted itself and stopped spinning, I crawled over to Lex; she was still unconscious, but breathing regularly. Giving her a once over, I was relieved to see that there wasn't any blood. Taking a look at her outfit, I debated with myself before guiltily taking her hoodie from around her waist and putting it on to cover the blood that was covering me. Propping Lex onto the wall behind her, I grabbed my mobile out of my bag ,called her parents and then the police. When they arrived, demanding answers, I lied, I don't really know why, but probably because they wouldn't believe me if I told them the whole truth. While I was talking to the police my hair was purple; purple for sneakiness, for lying and for feeling guilty about not feeling guilty, if that makes sense.

‘What happened?’ an officer asks me.

‘I don’t know’ . ‘I went to go get this top I had my eye on and when I came back Lex was gone so I went searching for her, I found her out here unconscious, that was when I called her parents.’ I told him, sounding earnest. Yes, I should take up acting I sure as heck had this guy fooled. My eyes were big and I kept glancing at Lex (not that I had act worried for her), I also kept running my hand through my hair in a worried gesture that I’ve seen lots of people doing. I love people watching when there’s nothing better to do. I’m also praying that my hair won’t change colour, I wasn't in the mood to answer questions about my genetic flaw.

‘Okay, anything weird you noticed?’ he asked me, he had a notepad which he was writing everything down on.

‘No’ I lie to him. Why are you lying? I ask myself silently. I glance at Lex, her unconscious form being carried into the ambulance. I look down at my feet, feeling guilty, but relieved that I thought to steal her jacket so I could hide my bloodied shirt.

‘Can I go home?’ I ask the officer putting two fingers to my temple and making small circles-something I’ve seen people who are stressed do.

‘Uh yes. George will drive you home since we wouldn’t want you on the streets in your current condition’ he responded. I nodded and let George, a young guy around his early thirties lead me away. George gave me a strange look as I got into the back of his car. I made sure that my skateboard that was sticking out of my army backpack was secure. He pulled out of the driveway.

‘You shouldn’t lie to the chief’ he commented, breaking the silence.

‘Huh? I-i wasn’t l-lying’ I stuttered, my hair turning a sickly yellow/green (guilt) I knew that my eyes would look like dark pools of greenish yellow.

‘Yes you were, you’re lying to me now. Why are you lying?’ he asked. I looked at him in the rear view mirror, he was starring at me. I looked out of the window trying to ignore his gaze and noticed that we were pulling into my driveway.

‘I don’t know’ I replied quickly, as I flung the door open and ran into my house, my empty house. I locked the door behind me and stood there listening to the crunch as George pulled away. Then I heard the tinkling noise of my cat Raja’s collar. She was a silvery grey/black with startling Aqua eyes and she had this little white patch of fur on top of her head that looked like star.

‘Hey Raja’ I coo to her, bending down to stroke her.

‘Hungry?’ I ask her, she meows in reply. I just roll your eyes and walk into the kitchen. I’m talking to my cat now?? What next?I thought to myself getting the ‘Felix’ brand out. It is Raja’s favorite brand, she refuses to eat any other. Once Raja is fed I headed upstairs to my room, pull the curtains over my huge window closed and take off Lex’s jacket. My shirt is ruined I think to myself. I can’t see the wound so I slip off my shirt to get a better look. Now that the shirt is out of the way I can can see the wound clearly; it was two holes in my skin that were still leaking out a little blood. I turn around and rummage through my backpack, unloading your skateboard and shuffling stuff around until I found tissues. I walked into the bathroom and wet them, then applied them to my wound. As I was cleaning it up as much as possible I notice something weird: I turn around, looking over my shoulder in the mirror and gasp dropping the tissue. what the heck!? On my back is what looks like a tattoo of a set of wings. I reached back and touched it, it felt just like normal skin. Shaking I decided that it was just a trick of my imagination. I closed the bathroom door, stripped down and hoped into the shower, hoping that the water would wash it away. When I get out after furiously scrubbing my back thirty times it’s still there. I took a deep breath, looking at the clock, it reads 9.30 pm. Sighing I think to myself I don’t care how early it is I’m going to bed I got changed into my PJ’s and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with somebody shaking me.

‘Huh?’ I asked groggily as I slowly started making sense of my surroundings.

‘I’m back precious’ the voice of the guy from the beach and behind the mall responded.

Terrified, I tried to scream, but his hand reached out and covered my mouth. The light coming in from the window bathes his face in moonlight. He stared at me with his piercing blue eyes.

‘How did you find me?’ I ask shakily, after he takes his hand away from my mouth.

‘It wasn’t hard, after I had marked you’ he said to me in a duh tone.

‘Marked me?’ I asked him, confused.

‘Why yes, the tattoo on your back, my signature on you claiming you as my property’ he said to me. I glared at him frostily.

‘I’m no ones property’ I tell him defiantly my hair turning a glittering gold.

‘O but you are and there is nothing you can do about it’ he replied cockily. A shiver ran up my spine.

‘You are my servant and I am your master, now pack’ he said sharply.

‘Pack?’ I ask, not really comprehending anything. he smiled creepily at me,

‘Well of course, it isn’t like you are going to be able to live here anymore now that you have been marked.’ Marked, what does that mean? I asked myself.

‘Meeeooooow’ I heard Raja’s little meow from the end of my bed.

‘I’m not leaving’ I told the guy defiantly. He sighed heavily.

‘I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this’ he said ‘but you brought this on yourself.’ Then there was a bright flash and a golden glow started coming from my back.
Must be the tattoo I thought to myself.

‘Oh it is, now if you don’t do what your told, you might face some painful consequences’ he said matter-of-factually. wait, did he just read my mind?

‘I am not packing’ I told him firmly.

‘Oh no, you’re not going to pack anymore, you take too long.’ he told me in a bored tone.

‘Okay then. I’m not moving’ I told him stubbornly. I saw anger flash through his eyes.

‘Fine then, I’ll make you’ he snapped angrily. Suddenly the golden light from my back light turned red and I felt a searing pain, like hot metal running down my skin, burning it. I tried to cry out but my voice doesn’t work.

‘Now are you going to leave and come with me?’ he asks me.

‘Yes’ I whisper, the pain is unbearable, it was like being submerged in acid and molten lava at the same time.

‘Good now come on’ he said, the pain and the red light vanishes, only to be replaced by natural moonlight. I got up out of bed, grabbed Raja, and my skateboard, dumping them into my army bag and praying that the guy would let me take it.

‘Lets go’ he told you. Then he grabbed my shoulder, and everything started to spin and blur around us.
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I'm awful, I know. At least I'm back. :)

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