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I'm Too Weird to Live but Much Too Rare to Die.

Chapter Ten.

Going to bed was a complete lie. Verona simply wanted away from the awkward tension that surrounded the two of them. Ever since they’d fed off each other things felt different, It felt as though something deeper was piecing together and that was something she didn't want. Not for her or Synyster, but for Michelle. Obviously she didn't like her, but that didn't mean Verona wanted her to feel like she was stealing him away from her. She sighed softly before gathering a bikini set and clothes to replace the sweaty ones she had on momentarily. She grabbed a towel before walking through the still lock-less door that led into the bathroom. She placed the new clothes on top of the toilet lid before stripping down and turning on the shower, instantly walking into the hot water. She scrubbed, trying desperately to rid Synyster from her brain to no avail. As she climbed out she heard the door to her room click softly. She wrapped the towel around her body just as Syn entered, his eyes instantly widening as he turned around.

“S-sorry. I was checking up on you and panicked when I couldn't see you in the room.” He murmured, his head hung low. “I’ll be going now, I was just gonna see if you wanted to go out to the pool and chill out some more.” He stated and Verona smiled softly as she wrapped the towel tighter around her body.

“Yeah that sounds good. I don’t believe I’ll be able to sleep anyway.” She giggled and he nodded before leaving the room, letting Verona change in peace.

As soon as she was finished Verona walked back down the stairs, Syn was in the kitchen placing different kinds of alcohol and fizzy drinks into the cooler filled with ice that was on the floor. She smiled softly at his crouched form before moving to grab two glasses from one of the cupboards, the sudden clinking of glasses startling him.

“Sorry,” She said, an apologetic tone to her voice and a slight pout adorning her face. “I just wanted to help.” She said and Syn smiled softly before shrugging.

“Thanks, It’s okay, I just didn't hear you.” He chuckled softly as he picked up the cooler and waved his hand towards the door, signalling Verona to go first, in which she obliged. They walked out onto the cement patio where the pool was situated and sat down on the deck chairs facing the crystal clear water. “So, what’s your poison?” Syn asked and Verona raised an eyebrow slightly.

“Can we actually drink and get drunk?” She asked curiously and Synyster laughed softly at her.

“Yes, we can. We’re allowed to eat and drink it just doesn't sustain us like blood.” He said and she smiled softly.

“Okay then, I’ll take some straight whiskey.” She said and Synyster smiled softly at her as he poured her drink. The first genuine smile Verona had seen. He passed her the tumbler of whiskey before pouring his own and setting the bottle down on the concrete. He raised his glass.

“To you, joining our family. We may be dysfunctional, loud and definitely mad. But we love each other. And that’s all anyone can ask for in a family. And now you’re here, we’re complete.” Syn said and Verona smiled widely, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She raised her glass.

“To my dysfunctional, loving family.” She smile as they touched their glasses together. After that, a comfortable silence fell on the pair as they downed the drinks, almost instantly moving on to their second. “So,” She said, finally breaking the silence. “How long have you been with Michelle?” She asked as she picked up the whiskey, pouring some more in the nearly empty glass.

“Oh god, too long. I don’t even know any more.” He sighed and she smiled.

“Is she the one?” She asked and Syn’s breath caught in his throat, was she? He didn't know any more.

“I-.. Honestly, I don’t know. We've been together so long it feels as though she should be.. But we’re just not as close as we used to be.” He rambled on and then looked up, realising who he was talking to.

“I'm sorry.. I never talk to anyone about this. I guess it’s nice to get it off my chest.” He said, his eyes falling to the ground. Verona leaned over and patted his hand softly with hers, then laying her hand on top of his.

“That’s what I'm here for, Syn.” She said before taking her hand away and looking into the night sky.

“Brian.” He said without thinking, his eyes widening as she turned to face him, the confusion evident on her features. No one knew his name.

“What?” She asked and he sighed, figuring he may as well continue since he’d already started.

“My real name’s Brian. Just don’t tell anyone, only you know.” He sighed angrily at himself. He’d given away the one secret about himself. The secret that proved he was human.

“I like it. I feel privileged! Don’t worry, you’re secrets safe with me, Brian.” She stated with a smirk and he smiled softly. He liked the way it rolled off her tongue. By now they were five drinks in and definitely on their way to being tipsy. “Now, come on, Bri. Lets go for a swim.” She said as she started to pull the cropped shirt over her head. He stared in awe as she slipped off the heels and pulled the shorts down her toned, tanned legs. She walked over towards the edge of the water, her hips swaying as she did. She ran and jumped, water going everywhere as she hit the shimmering liquid. She surfaced finally and spat water out of her mouth as she laughed, rubbing her eyes to rid them of chlorine. Syn chuckled along before standing up, pulling his shirt over his head and grabbing the closed whiskey bottle. He did as Verona did, running and jumping into the mildly warm water. He resurfaced, whiskey bottle help up and hair matted to his face. Verona laughed loudly, the alcohol obviously taking affect on her petite body. Synyster swiped his wet hair out of his face before twisting off the lid and taking a giant swig of whiskey straight from the bottle. He handed it over to Verona who happily took it and took maybe a bigger gulp than Syn.

“Jesus, you can hold your liquor!” Syn chuckled as she took another gulp, a giant smile on her face.

“That’s why I'm so great at parties. I'm always the last one standing.” She giggled as she passed the bottle back to his awaiting hand.

“You ain't ever partied with us then, little one.” He said with a smile and she returned the gesture happily. She climbed up onto the edge of the pool, her feet still dangling in the warm water. Synyster moved so his arms crossed on the ledge, his head in his arms.

“Sy- Brian?” Verona asked shyly and Synyster turned to her, a large smile on his face. “Why did[/] you tell me your name?” She asked and he shrugged, taking a giant swig of the liquor he’d picked up, before putting it in-between them again.

“I've never turned anyone.. And I feel really strongly about you, our bond.. It’s like nothing I've felt before. I just felt.. As though you needed to know.” He said, a confused look on his face as he tried to gather the right words. She patted his arm softly, a large smile on her face.

“Well, thank you. I really appreciate it.” She said and he nodded softly. A comfortable silence fell on the pair as Synyster moved further into the water. He smirked at Verona, grabbing her hands and pulling her into the water with him. She shrieked before slapping Syn upside the head making him laugh. He wrapped his arms around her softly, as form of an apology. She struggled against him but finally gave in. “Fine! I forgive you!” She exclaimed with a giggle but that didn't lessen his grip. She turned her head, staring into his dark chocolate eyes as he did the same. Her breathing stopped for a moment, caught in her throat at the close proximity of the two. He clamped his arms around her tighter as he buried his face in her neck, breathing in the sickly sweet smell of her blood. He groaned softly, his canines elongating at just the thought of having a taste. He opened his mouth, ready to sink his teeth into her skin when a voice caught him off guard.