Status: If you are reading this thank you for reading my story. This will be a day by day quest to overcome my depression and fight my lonelyness.

Story of My Life: The Untold Story of Me


I've had depression for what seems like one, maybe two years now. My parents finally noticed two or three weeks ago. My mom had been saying horrible things to me. She would tell me I'm fat and stupid and that I'm useless. My friends would tell me that she was just upset, but I took it all to heart and all those horrible things she would say I bottled up. I kept them all to myself and I was slowly cracking on the inside. Three weeks ago I broke.

It was a Wednesday and I had just gotten my period. I wasn't feeling well so I put on my pj's as soon as I got home. I spent the next few hours reading a new book I had just gotten. My mom got home at around 6pm. She called for me to go to the kitchen and as soon as I walked into the room, my mom started yelling, "Why are the dishes still in the sink!?!". "I lost track of time. I'm sorry. I'll wash them right now," I replied with an apologetic look on my face. "You better! Your aunt is sick and she started to do the dishes for you! how useless can you be? You'll never get a job" is all she had to say to me. She always makes me feel like a failure and then an hour later acts as if nothing ever hapened.

I got really upset. After washing the dishes I went straight to my room without eating any diner and sat infront of the mirror crying my eyes out. I stayed like that for about a half hour until the waterworks stoped. I then saw my reflection in the mirror and instantly i knew i needed a change. There were scissors on my nightstand, so I reached for them and started to cut my long curls. Telling myself "It'll look good" the whole time.

I was nearly done when my mother came into my room and started screaming at me. She said "What did you do!! Is this how you want your hair to look on your sweet 16?!" She then began to cry as my dad walked through the door. They took the scissors away from me and took me to the kitchen, where my mom started to fix the "damage" that I had done. My mom cried the whole time.

When she was done my red hair was to my chin. I instantly regreted cutting my curly hair, but I knew that I could make it look good.
♠ ♠ ♠
Please don't judge me for writting this rough patch in my life. Thank you.