Status: If you are reading this thank you for reading my story. This will be a day by day quest to overcome my depression and fight my lonelyness.

Story of My Life: The Untold Story of Me

The Next Day:

It was now Thursday morning and I was extremely nervous. I didn't know how my friends would react to my hair or to my behavior.

But most importantly I was nervous about how Dustin would react. Dustin is one of my best friends and he knows I have a crush on him. He hates how I change myself so quicly. Last time I changed my hair I dyed it reddish brown and he hates it. He says that he likes my hair the way it was, a pretty dark brown.

I felt like I was going to throw up. I didn't know if I could face him.

That day was a beautiful surprise. So many of my friends and classmates loved my short hair and while some questioned it, they accpeted that I had some things to figure out.

It was now 7th period and I was dreading walking into my chemestry class. Dustin was in that class. I walked through the classroom door 30 seconds before the bell rang. As soon as Dustin saw me walk in, the smile he was wearing fell off his face. He made his way to the desk behing mine without saying a word and put his head down.

Our friends Thomas and Angela were raving about my hair and how good it looked. Dustin just sat there in shock. I started to explain to them what I went through in the back corner of the classroom, when Dustin approached us.

He asked "What are you guys talking about?". "I had a panick attack yesterday and cutmy hair," I said. He looked at me in pure shock and said "That's not normal." Afterwards he walked off to our lab group and didn't talk to me the rest of the class period.

I was devastated. This is exactly what I was fearfull of. I couldn't believe the one person that I thought would be there for me was ignoring me in my time of need.

I have always been there for him whenever he needed me and all he ever does is stand me up and call me when he is drunk.

I cant believe I lost a friend over the length of my hair...
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Sorry this chapter is so short. I hope you enjoyed it though. Thank you for reading.