Status: If you are reading this thank you for reading my story. This will be a day by day quest to overcome my depression and fight my lonelyness.

Story of My Life: The Untold Story of Me

In Over My Head:

It was now Friday and I had a football game that I had to cheer at tonight. I was so excited becuase it would be our first game as a new team. I hoped everything would go alright.

I had just walked into my seventh period when the bell rang. Dustin was still ignoring me.

Five minutes into the class the phone rang, and it was for me to check out of school. My friends Angela and Thomas said goodbye to me, but Dustin just sat there. I got really mad at him, so I did something I will forever regret. I went up to him and said in an angry voice, " Thanks for not talking to me. Bye". He gave me a 'what the fuck' look. I then stormed out of the classroom, agrivated with Dustin for treating me this way.

I walked out of building six and towards the front office. When I arrived my mom was waiting for me. "Why did you pull me out of school?" I asked. "We are going to go see the doctor really quickly," she said.

When we pulled into the hospital's parking lot, I got scared. I thought we were going to the doctor's, not the hospital. We headed inside and sat in the waiting room for about three hours before we were attended to. My mom talked to one of the nurses. Soon they brought out a wheelchair and asked me to sit down.

I did as I was told and they rolled me to the E.R. The nurse asked me to get into a hospital gown but I refused. "I have a game to get to. It's our first game. I can't miss it." I countered. My mom gave me a pleading look and asked me to please do as I was told.

I got into the hospital gown and a doctor came to see me. He asked me if I knew why I was here, when I said no he told me it was because my family was scared that I was suicidal.

You can imagine what I did. I hopped off the bed and started screaming my head off. "What! I am not suicidal!! How can you think that of me mom? All I did was cut my hair. So what if i was upset and crying while I did it!! That doesn't mean that I am suicidal."

My mom then started crying. "Please calm down Nikki. Please. This is for your own good." she said. i was supposed to stay here overnight and miss my first game and she wanted me to calm down!

After that i refused to eat. Especially after they made me take my locket and pinky ring off. I felt as if they were taking away my identity, my family and my life.

It wasn't fair.

After glaring at my mother for what seemed like hours, they brought another wheelchair to take me to the Crisis Unit of the hospital. I was devastated. They said I would be in here for a couple of days and that meant I was probably going to miss school on Monday.

Thay night I got put into a room with a girl named Erin.

I didn't know that the days I spent in that Crisis Unit would change my perspective on life and on myself forever.