Status: If you are reading this thank you for reading my story. This will be a day by day quest to overcome my depression and fight my lonelyness.

Story of My Life: The Untold Story of Me

My Apology *Auhtor's Note*

I want to apologize to my 15 readers. I never would have guessed that 15 people would take any interest in my life story and the troubles I've experienced. Yet here you are, reading my sad story. So much has happened in my life, that it became hard to update and explain what was happening. It became too much too quickly. This story was supposed to explain the events that were happening, but I couldn't explain them clearly because I was in denial towards my situation. I didn't want to admit that my depression was mainly caused by my grandmother on my mother's side Abi. She's been mentally abusing me since I was a little girl and two years ago, when she moved in with us due to the fact that she couldn't take care of herself properly, it got continuously worse. She would tell me every other day that I was an unemotional robot incapable of loving anyone or being loved in return. That she would make sure no one in my family would love me, because I am a horrible person. That no one wants me and no one cares. That she would stop being my grandmother all together. She would threaten to leave, which caused me to get in trouble with my mom, who started mentally abusing me as well. She would tell me I was useless and a horrible daughter. She would call me fat and stupid. Screaming that I better start losing weight, because all I would ever be good for is becoming a trophy wife. She would say that I was never going to get into college and that as soon as I graduated I would have to start paying rent or get kicked out of the house. This went on for about six months, until I ended up in the psych ward. That's when my mom stopped. She realized her words hurt me more than she thought. And things started getting better with her, but Abi continued to abuse me. To this day she still abuses me. No amount of therapy or pills could ever take away the pain that this abuse leaves inside of me. So I cut, and I cry to try and make the pain and the sadness go away. But it never does. And I'm left here in my dark room crying as I type away my reasoning for not telling you what had happened. For leaving you all hanging on Chapter 5. One thing that I can assure you, is that if it weren't for music I wouldn't be alive to tell you all this. All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Sleeping With Sirens, Panic At The Disco, Pierce The Veil, Paradise Fears, Hey Monday, You Me At Six and so many others helped me stay alive. I owe my life to the bands that saved me and if you or someone you know is going through a tough time, message me and I'll give you my number. I will be here for you always. Don't ever forget that. I love every single one of you, for reading and understanding. Just know that I am here and that I care. You are not alone.