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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

Little Bits and Pieces

"Ember, stay home tonight, please." My best friend Alexis begged. She hated what I did, which I couldn't blame her, even I hated it.

"Lex, you know I can't." I said shoving piece of clothing into a duffle bag. I tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, I sighed as it just fell back into my face. I threw my head of curls behind my back and continued to pack.

"When are you going to stop." She pouted on my bed. "You can't do this the rest of your life." I cringed at that statement. I felt as though I would be doing it forever. I took out my bithcontrol pills and anxiety pills and threw them inside my mouth.

"Alexis, when your parents stop giving you money, then you'll know what it's like to be in my situation." I retorted. I was being a little harsh, but she was the one not being fair. She got every little thing handed to her. I for one, couldn't and wouldn't let that happen to myself. "Bye, be back in the morning." I felt like those words were a habit to me. To be saying that to her every time I left the house. I sighed, maybe one day, i'll wake up and it'll be a dream.

I shut the door to my white Honda Civic and sighed to myself. I hated what I did, every single second of it. I told myself this every night, yet I never did anything about it. I ran my hand through my long brown hair, and leaned my head up towards the sky. Sin city was always so beautiful. The people who lived in it, I could say otherwise. I took a moment to myself to enjoy the sky. I sighed knowing I had to get going. Fixing the strap to my duffle bag, I walked towards the very, unforgettable building that I knew too well.

Once inside I walked into the very backroom, looking for my name on a piece of paper. Underneath my name laid an address. I quickly typed it in my phone before walking into the bathroom to change. I leaned against the door and locked it. I inhaled, just another night, Em. I spoke inside my head.

I looked into the body lenth mirror that hung on the wall. I looked like a whore, which only meant, I was looking my part. I fixed my 6 inch heels that were now cutting into the blisters that have been created over time. Opening the door, I slid back through to the otherside.

"Bree!" I heard my 'stage name' being called.

Plastering a fake smile on my face I turned around to revel my boss, "Hey Jesse." I hummed, millions of excuses popped into my head of how to get out of tonight.

"You're here early!" He exclaimed. I found myself playing with my hair.

"I figured I'd come early, make sure I knew where I was going." I lied. I always lied. it became a habit of mine. I couldn't trust anyone, so why should they deserve the truth?

"Good! You have a big one tonight!" He spoke, wrapping his arm around my barley covered shoulder. "Make me proud baby girl." I flinched at that. Nothing new. Being touched is something I became to hate after taking this job. He walked back to his office and I slipped out of the building into the night.

Cesars Palace? I thought to myself as I approached he hotel. Normally i'd be in the ghetto, a small hotel, or on the outstreets of the strip, not actually in a nice hotel. Shrugging I made my way into the gold pated elevator. I pushed the highest button and waited my level. Elevators made me sick, how high they went up, at the speed they do, so little to say I was relieved to get off that elevator.

I looked around, there was only one door. A penthouse? I thought to myself. This is probably a joke I thought to myself. I read the address again, but sure enough, it ws right. I fixed my peacoat so it was off my shoulders now. I lightly knocked on the door.

The door swung open to reveal two tall drunk boys.

"Hi boys." I winked at them. Their jaws, hanging open as they stared. Another boy appeared behind them.

"Move the fuck out of the way so she can get in." I smiled, more to myself then anything. These weren't the typical 30 year old men I usually got. They stepped aside as I walked in, their jaws still ajar.

"Who's the lucky boy." I said smoothly as I looked around the room. It was big to say the least. Well, it was huge. Everything was so elegant and beautiful. Even the alcohol bottles on the ground took my intrest.

"He's actually in the shower. He's getting married in three weeks." One of them spoke. Typical boys to come to vegas and hire a stripper for their friend.

"His name?" I asked, making eye contact towards the bathroom.

"Alex, go get him tiger." I looked back at him and gave him a smile. They couldn't have been much older than me. I slowly walked intot he bathroom, not making a sound. The bathroom was huge, he wouldn't have heard me anyways. I walked slowly towards the shower, my heels clacking on the tile. I opened the door to the shower to reveal no one. I scrunched up my nose, where was he. Then out of no where a boy appeared wearing a towel around his waist. He was still dry. We made eye contact. I felt as though I was going to fall. He was the most gorgeous boy, I had ever seen. I regained my composure, which was hard after taking sigh of him.

"Well well, don't we have a dirty boy here." I said, walking towards him. His face was lit up, like a kid on Christmas.
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