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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

Say Again

I walked behind him, watching his feet in the faint darkness, so I wouldn't trip. We made it inside the room and he turned on the light.

"No need to thank me." He said looking my way and smiling.

"How can you see in the dark?" I couldn't help but wonder. He started at me and laughed.

"Em, you kill me. Get in bed before I turn off the light." I ran to the bed and crawled under the covers.

"You good, you baby?" He asked from the doorway.

"Piss off." I giggled. He shut off the light and I felt him crawl next to me. The bed was so big I couldn't feel him at all, or make out his figure in the dark.

"Why are you afraid of the dark?" He asked.

"I could alway see the strip from my house when I was younger. It was my nightlight. So when I moved, I couldn't see the strip anymore. I had never realize I never slept in darkness. It's scared me ever since."

"You're a baby." He laughed.

"Hey, you're not very nice." I protested. It fell quiet and I could hear his breathing even out.

"Night Em." He stated. I always tensed up when he said my name. I shook it off and I ignored him.

"Alex." I said, "What were you going to say earlier?" I brought the subject back up. I heard him let out a deep sight and roll over.

"I told you I forgot." He lied, I could tell.

"Stop. Tell me." I begged.

"I can't." He let out a sigh.

I pouted. "Why?" I didn't understand why he couldn't tell me now, when we were going to tell me before.

"It's not fair." I narrowed my eyes at him, confused.

"What? To who?"

"You, Em."

"Alex, anything you want to say I can take it. I'm a big girl. " I could feel him chuckled.

"Have you ever wanted something at the complete utter wrong time?" My breath in my lungs got caught short.

"No. Continue." I got out of my mouth.

"You're gorgeous and perfect in every single way. You have no idea the effect that you have on me. You can make my mood change around in an instant. You're the epitome of beautiful. I'd kill to be with you Em. I know I'm in love with Marissa. Yet when your around, I feel like I'm not." I froze. He was getting married in 3 days and he feels like he doesn't love her around me. I shook my head. It was all my fault for ruining that for him.

"Alex-" I started. I couldn't say anything more.

"Come here, beautiful." I could feel him move closer to me and wrap his arms around me. More importantly I could feel my breathing speed up and my heart pound harder. "Breathe." He probably felt my heart beating. "Get up." He said. I paused.

"Wa, what?" I spat out.

"I want to show you something." He pulled me out of bed and out of the room.

"I have no pants on!" I called. He ignored me and pulled me through the living room. He pulled back a curtain that revealed a balcony. He unlocked the door and pulled it open, tugging my arm with him onto it. It was over looking the strip. So many lights and people. It was beautiful. Sure I had lived in Las Vegas since I was young but this took the cake. I walked towards the railing and leaned on it. I felt Alex walk behind me, his arms around my torso. "It's beautiful." I said, my breathing finally regular.

"Just like you boo." I let out a small laugh. I didn't take my eyes away from the lights. It was beyond words. "Ember, look at me." I took me awhile to even process he was talking, and even more to process what he had said. I tore my eyes away from the view and looked at him. He was looking down at me, his hands still around my wait.

"You're beyond words Em. I don't think I'd rather be with anyone else right here, right now." He pushed the piece of hair that fell in my face behind my ear. "Marry me Em." My eyes grew and my breathing stopped.

"A-al, wh, what?"
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