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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

The Morning

"I'm serious Ember." He replied. I tore my eyes away from his.

"Alex stop. You're delusional." I wasn't looking at him, I couldn't. Why would he ask me that?

"Look at me. I'm serious." I ran my hand through my hair and choked out a cry.

"Stop. NO. You're in love with a girl. You plan on marrying her Alex. You love her. I can see it in your eyes. If you didn't love her, you wouldn't have asked her to marry you. You're not about to throw that all away for a girl you've known for not even a week." I finally turned back to him. His eyes were emotionless. I sighed. "Alex, don't ruin a good thing for something you found and know nothing about."

"I wouldn't waste something I have if I know there wasn't something better." I almost screamed, what was going on with him.

"Please, stop. You're in love. You're getting married in two days. You go home to her tomorrow. Do not do this."

"It's you though. I know it's you, the one I'm supposed to be with." His eyes still empty.

"No, it's not." I laughed. "Alex. Please get that thought out of your head." With that I walked past him and went inside. I crawled onto the couch and curled into a ball. This was not happening. I repeated over and over inside my head.

"Night." I heard Alex practically whisper. I hugged onto my knees as a tear escaped my face. I made sure Alex was in his room before I got up. I grabbed my bag and looked around for something. I did something that i'd probably regret, but, I did it and walked out of the hotel room. I whipped another tear that fell from my face and made my way home.

Alex's P.O.V

"Fucking Jack, get off me, i'm trying to sleep." I groaned at the tall figure who had jumped on me.

"She's not in here either!" My eyes snapped open.

"Ember?" Jack nodded.

"Who don't know where she went. We've called her cell and no answer." My body flung up from the bed and I threw on some jeans and a shirt.

"Did you check her house?" I asked over to Rian as he walked in the room.

"Dude, no one remembers how to get to her house." Rian said running his hand over his face. I let out an angry sigh.

I picked up my phone and dialed her number. It went straight to voicemail. She turned off her phone.

"She either turned off her phone, or it died." Zack said when we saw me calling her. I threw my phone onto the floor and sat on the bed, my head flying into my hands.

"Why would she just run off like that?" Jack screamed. "Maybe she got kidnapped!" I rolled my eyes.

"Jack shutup." Rian said hitting his head.

"Guys! Come in here." I was the first person out of the room, running towards Zacks voice. When I got to him, I realized he had four pieces of paper in his hands.

"What are those?" Rian asked.

"She wrote us all letter before she left." I quickly grabbed the one that read my name and opened it.

Dear the lovely Alex,

Alex, I know right now you are probably blaming yourself for me leaving. Please don't. It was my decision, nothing you did made me do it. Please do not call or text me, I will have probably turned my phone off by now. Alex, you are perfect in every single way, don't ever deny that. Your girl is so lucky to have you. What I would give to have met you before her. Lets be real here though, I could never break up a beautiful thing like that. That's love, and it's too rare. I wish you the best of luck on you're wedding. I know you'll be so handsome standing there, waiting for the girl you love to walk down that isle. Alex, you have no idea how much it is taking me to leave you boys right now. Especially you. I know, i'll never meet another boy like you, and eventually I'll accept that factor. Please keep me as a memory, one you can look back on and smile. I'll be your daydream if you'll be mine. Forever and always.

Your stripper, Ember.

I must have read the note 3 times before I snapped back into reality.

"Alex, did she say why she left?" Jack asked nervously. I shook my head, and I wasn't going to tell them the real reason.

"Fuck."Jack screamed. She walked away and into the kitchen. I couldn't move, her words were like glue to me.

"We need to pack. Our flights in 2 hours." Zack said slowly.

This girl, she came and took a big impact on us on in such a little amount of time.
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