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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

The Day

"Come on Nix." I called to my dog. He jumped off the couch and followed me into my bedroom. I tossed myself onto the bed, sighing. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is everything I've been waiting for.

Nixon crawled up to my face and licked me. I smiled. He curled into a ball against my chest and drifted off to sleep. I did the same shortly after.

"ALEX, GET UP GET UP GET UP." I sighed heavily as I heard Jack throughout my house, again.

"It's your big day," I heard Rian say.

"Get up lazy." Zack added. Oh my lovely best man's. I threw back the covers and hopped up.

"Atta boy." Zack sang.

"We'll make breakfast, you go shower." Rian said as him and Zack left the room. I opened my closet to grab some clothes. Inside hung my tux for the wedding. It was grey, black and pink. Marissa wanted to have a pink wedding. I ran my hand along it, feeling the soft texture of the suit. Today was really the day. I could feel myself smiling. I grabbed a shirt and jeans and jumped into the shower.

The warm water ran down my body. It felt amazing to say the least. I washed my hair and body, leaving me just standing there, in the shower. I leaned against the wall of my shower. I squeezed my eyes shut. I felt like this wasn't real. That I wasn't about to get married, that I'd wake up and this would all just be a dream.

My eyes opened.

It wasn't a dream. It was all reality.

I grabbed the white towel that hung outside the shower curtain and wrapped it around my lower body. I shook most of the water out of my hair and stepped out. I looked at myself in the mirror, I wasn't shocked at all at what I saw.

My eyes were red, drooping, and my face was white as can be. I wasn't ready for this anymore.

"HURRY YOUR ASS UP IN THERE." Jack yelled, he was always yelling.

"Shut up Barakat." I growled. I changed into my clothes and walked to the kitchen.

"You look like shit." Rian said, taking a good look at me.

"I feel like I'm not ready for this anymore." I groaned, taking the plate of eggs Zack was handing me.

"It's just the nerves making you think that. You're just nervous." Zack said putting in his impute. Maybe he was right?

"Just eat, and relax. It's a big day, of course you're going to feel that way." Jack said.

"We have to be out of the house and ready in," he paused to look at his watch, "three hours." Rian said, turning off the stove and putting the pan off to the side.

"Did you guys bring your things?" I questioned. They nodded.

"How about some Call Of Duty, in the meantime?" Jack suggested. "Last time being a free man." I laughed, I didn't like thinking of it that way.

"Bring it on." I said in a sarcastic tone.

We put on the game and all sat around on the couch.

"Have any of you guys heard from Em?" Rian asked while playing. I my fingers stopped moving on the controller.

"No why? Have you?" I said, freezing up. He shook his head.

"Just wondering if you guys had." He shrugged. I snapped back into the game and continued to play, now with Ember lingering in my mind.
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