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You Look So Much Cuter Naked


She wiped her eyes as she walked out of the room. Nothing I had expected. I sat there, dumbfounded. She didn't even stay, or say anything.

"Alex." Marissa whispered. I snapped out of my gaze and looked at her. I smiled, she smiled back. A part of me still broken inside.

"I do." She whispered softly, another tear escaped her eyes. Now it was my turn. I looked her in the eyes, it was hard to swallow.

"I do." I copied her. Right then and there, we were married.

Everyone clapped and cheer as we walked back down the aisle, hand and hand. We walked into the reception room and everyone sat at their designated tables.

"I love you Alexander." Marissa said to me as we sat down.

"I love you too Marissa Gaskarth." She gave me a heart warming smile.

"I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO." My mom said rushing over to us, tears down her face.

"Thank you mom." I grinned, holding onto Riss's hand.

"I cannot wait for you to make adorable babies." She cried. My dad gave me a proud look as he struggled to walk away with my mom.

"Your moms so sweet."Marissa smiled.

"Congrats man." Rian said, kicking me lightly underneath the table. I smiled.

"Thanks dude, I couldn't have done it without you guys." I said, talking to all the boys. They all flashed me back smiles. I made eye contact with Jack and he motioned his eyes, signaling to follow him.

"Excuse me." I bowed to everyone, Marissa smiling as I followed Jack out of the room.

"What's up dude?" I asked.

"You saw her too, didn't you." He said, getting straight to the point. I froze.

"Is she still here?" I questioned.

"No dude, I saw her leave and haven't seen her since." He said bummed.

"Excuse me, are you Alex Gaskarth?" A man dressed in uniform asked me. He obviously worked her. I nodded. "A young lady asked me to give this to you." It was a letter with my name written in cursive. Jack looked at me nervously.

"I'll let you read it alone dude." He said as him and the man walked away. I walked outside and found a bench. I sat down and inhaled deeply before opening it.

'Dear the one and only Alexander Gaskarth,

Hello Alex, I know you are probably wondering why I came, and why I left, again. All I can say is congratulations. You're a married man to a, oh god, very beautiful women. When I saw her, I knew I couldn't compete. You should have seen the way she looked at you, I've never seen anyone look at someone that way. You deserve her. Keep her Alex, she's a keeper. She's perfect for you. Oh no, I did not forget to mention how handsome you looked standing up there. Your cute little smile you did as you waited for her to come down, and they way you even looked at her as she stood before you, oh god, what I'd do for someone to look at me that way. I hope nothing but the best for you both. I got your text. Your text is what made me come, but the way you looked at her, was the reason I left. I know you'll be happy with this girl, and I can tell she's happy with you. Maybe one day we'll meet again in life. As friends, and once causal fucks. I'm not humorous I know.

Tell the boys I miss them so much and it's not the same without you all. Don't worry, I'll always be your dirty little secret you had back here in Vegas, an also, a daydream away.

Forever and always, Ember.'
♠ ♠ ♠
I know this was short and I did it for a reason.

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