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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

Enjoying The Night

I rested one hand on his shoulder and let the other one play through his hair.

"Have you been good, or bad?" I said in a low hushed voice. A smirk just creeped cross his face. I was always, on the inside, embarrassed at what I say to people when I'm doing my job.

"Let's just say, I shouldn't step foot on church property anytime soon." He winked. I bit my lip and winked back at him, grabbing his hand and pulling him back into one of the bedrooms.

"Alex, if you don't want her I surely will." One of the boys hollered.

"Jack, shut up." He laughed shaking his brown hair back into place.

I shut the door behind us. I pushed him onto the bed and smirked.

"How should we do this?" I pressed my lips together. I bent down, spreading his leg apart and sitting on his lap. I let my acrylics trace circles up and down his arm, I could feel goosebumps form on them. I laughed, "Nervous?" I whispered in his ear. I didn't let him respond. My hands made their way to his neck, I sucked on spots here and there as I made my way up his jaw line. I rocked my hips into his, I could feel his hands lightly touching my back.

He didn't make me jump. His touch, was almost like it was natural. I shook the thought out of my head. No, what was I thinking, he's just another customer.

His hands lingered on my back as I took off my corset to reveal my bra. His hands had a short mission to them. He played with the hem of my bra as I kissed him lightly. I retrieved my lips and pushed him down, so that he was laying on the bed. I remained sitting on his waist. I slowly reached for the back of my bra and threw it on the floor. He slid his towel off and we made our way under the covers.

We laid there for a few moments, catching our breath. I sighed and went to collect my clothes. I finished putting the on and get to get off the bed.

"Wait." He said unemotionally.

I couldn't see him in the dark, which worried me even more. Unsatisfied customers always end bad. "What is your name?" He said. I stood there puzzled. No one ever asked me that.

"Uh, Br-" I started.

"Your real name?" He protested. Again, I was shocked, why did he care?

"My name is Ember Green." I said more to myself than to him. I felt his hand feel around for my face, he tucked piece of hair behind my ear. That piece would never stay. He was now leaning up. I could barley make out his face in the dark.

"Hang out with us." He said.

"What?" He laughed.

"Stick around, have a drink with us." He said again.

"Oh no, it's your party I don't want to ruin it." I smiled even though he couldn't see it.

"Hey, it's the last time i'll be able to sit in a room with a half naked girl." I laughed at that. I nodded.

"Okay." I cracked my voice. He helped me off the bed and into the fully light room. The three boys were playing beer pong intensely. One of them caught eye of us.

"MY BOY!" The tall one called out. Alex just let out a laugh.

"Guys, this is Ember, I invited her to party with us." Their faces lit up, just like Alex's did in the bathroom.

"I'm more than okay with that." One of them said, he was all muscles. One of them threw me a beer and I gladly accepted it. I drank almost half of it, before putting it down.

"Thirsty?" One of the boys asked.

"I haven't had alcohol in a month." I said simply.

"I'm Rian by the way." I smiled at him. He leaned forward and fixed the strap on my costume.

"Thanks." I laughed. "Normally, when I'm with people, I don't look like this." I said pulling on the leather on my corset.

"Like what?" He questions.

"An absolute whore." I said truthfully, finishing off my beer.

"Even though, most girls would look like a whore in that, I can tell you are much more classy." I smiled. That made me feel better. He gave me a smile before getting up to play a game of beer pong.

"Is it awkward?" I heard Alex ask behind me as he handed me another beer. I took a long drink.

"What awkward?"

"After your done, I guess, uh doing your job, just leaving?" I sighed.

"You get used to it. To be honest, I hate my job. I mean, most girls do, but me, I really hate it."

"Why work at a job you don't like?" He asked.

"Put's money in my pocket." I mumbled. I think he could tell I didn't like the subject because dropped it.
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