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You Look So Much Cuter Naked


I parked in a parking garage next to the Harley Davidson Cafe. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Jacks number.

"This is Jack." The sound in his voice just sounded hyper.

"Where are you guys? I parked next to the Harley Davidson Cafe."

"That girl is beautiful!" I heard Jack yell to the boys. "One sec Em, I need this girls number." I huffed my breath and stood in the middle of people's way. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to reveal Jack. I gave him an awkward look. "Sorry to bother you but you are stunning." I tilted my head and laughed.

"Jack, what are you talking about?" I said laughing. The look on his face instantly changed.

"Ember?" I nodded confused.

"You look nothing like you did last night." Zack chirped in. "Not in a bad way." I knew what he was saying.

"Classy by day trashy by night." The boys laughed. "At least I found you guys." I flashed them a smile.

"Now Jack looks like a total dumbass." Alex threw out.

"It's understandable, I personally don't think I look the same when i'm 'on call'. On a different note, it's hot and I need a coffee." I said making eye contact with the Starbucks.

"Let's go get the little girl her coffee." Rian said. They had mentioned last night he was a Starbucks addict so of course it would be him to agree.

"Did you get home all right last night?" Alex asked, the boys were all in a deep conversation.

"Yep, hit all the green lights and made it safe and sound." I smiled.

"I have a question." She said, there was unsureness in his voice.

"Shoot." He scratched the back of his head with uneasiness.

"It's just, you look like such a classy girl. It looks like you should be working in a Gucci store, not out, you know. I don't see why you do it." I exhaled deeply.

"I know I may sound repetitive, but it puts money in my pocket. More than you'd think. I'm just trying to save up to get out of here. I know every one here says that but the city of sin gets old real fast. I want to move to the East coast. Somewhere pretty." I shrugged. "I'm just another city girl with dreams." He gave me a small smirk, then his phone rang.

"Hello sweetie." I looked at his face, he had no emotion. "Yes, i'm having a fun time." Pause. "Yes, I miss you too." Pause. "Yes, we can have a harp at the wedding." He said running his hand through his hair. "I got to go Ris, I'll see you in a couple days." Pause. "Love you too." With that he hung up the phone.

"You seem excited for the wedding." I arched my eyebrows at him. He let out a sigh.

"I love the girl to death, but she's killing me with wedding stuff. That's a girls job."

"Venti mocha please" I said to the bartista.

"$4.26." She smiled. I went to get my wallet but a hand flew over my shoulder. I looked back and it was Jack.

"I got this." He smiled. I shook my head no.

"Jack no really." He ignored me and gave the girl his credit card. I huffed in defeat.

"Thank you Jack." I smiled to him. He flashed me a smiled as I took my coffee from the girl.

By now it was nearing dark and our feet were exhausted from walking.

"I want to drink." I whined walking by yet another bar.

"Then let's go!" Zack said pushing me towards the bar. I halted my feet and turned to him.

"No! I don't like walking the strip drunk." I whined some more.

"Let's go to a club!" Rian suggested. My face lit up.

"LETS GO!" I yelled.
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