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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

Little Secrets

I stopped running towards my car. Wait.

"I'm not wearing this to a club." I said dumbfounded. "I have to go home first."

"We'll go back to the hotel and get ready and we'll meet back here." Zack assured me.

"I'm all ready set to go." Alex shrugged.

"Cool, then you can come to my house with me." I said grabbing his hand and walking towards my car. We climbed into my Honda Civic and went towards my house.

I leaned over and picked up my iPod and played some Bowling for Soup.

"Oh so you listen to this kind of music?" He asked, scrolling through my iPod. I shrugged.

"I listen to all kinds."

"I'm sure you'd like our band then." I smiled and turned the stereo off.

He looked over and gave me a weird look. "Why'd you turn it off?" He questioned.

"Sing to me." I said not taking my eyes off the road.

"What?" He asked.

"Sing to me. You sing in front of hundreds of people, you can sing in front of one girl." I said giving him a small smile. He smiled back, he gave in.

"Make it a sweet, a sweet goodbye. It could be for the last time and it's not right…" He continued to sing until the song was finished.

"That was beautiful. Not to be blunt of anything but who wrote the song?"

"That's not blunt?" He laughed. "And I did."

"This next part is, who died that you wrote this about?" I asked. His eye softened. I regretted asking.

"My brother." He said lowly.

"I'm sorry Alex." I said looking over at him. He looked up at me and made eye contact. He was so perfect in every way. I broke the eye contact and went back to the road.

We made it to my house and I ran inside. I searched through my closet and grabbed a hot pink strapless dress with white high heels. I changed as fast as I could and ran out.

"Wow." He replied. I looked over at him.

"What?" I asked.

"That was, uh, fast." He replied.

"Eh, I don't like wasting time. I want to have fun, not get eye fucked by every guy in the club." I said laughing and driving back to the strip.

"I think that's going to happen any ways Em." He said laughing. I felt myself blushing.

We pulled up back into the parking lot and got out. As if they were on cue, the boys were just walking to meet us.

"You look great Em." Jack said looking me up and down. I smiled.

"I would have never guessed if I saw you in public, that you'd have the job you have."

"Oh trust me Rian, I get that a lot." I laughed.

"Shall we club hop?" Jack sang.

"I think that we shall boys." I smirked at them.
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