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You Look So Much Cuter Naked

A Little Time

We walked down the street to a club named 'Citrus'. I had been there a couple times before and I had always had a good time.

We showed the bouncers our ID's and got inside freely. I imeditally ran up to the bar, I needed to drink.

"Captian Morgan." I smiled to the bartender. He was probably in his early 30's. He gave me a smile and walked away to get it.

"Someone's in a hurry to drink." Alex said walking up to me and sitting down on the side of me.

"You guys didn't have Captian Morgan last night, therefore I was craving it today." He laughed and ordered something I had never heard of.

"LET'S DANCE." I heard Jack yell to me over the music.

"I have to have at least four drinks inside of me to dance." I laughed. "Go dance with that pretty girl." I pointed. He turned around and made a bee line straight towards her.

I turned around and the bar tender had given Alex and I our drinks.

"A toast." He looked at me sideways.

"To?" He questioned.

"To a happy marriage with you and your fiance." He smirked.

"Thank you, and, a toast." He said, clinking shot glasses with mine. We rapidly took the shots and slammed them down.

"I've been waiting for that taste since last night."

Alex and I talked about little things for a good hour. I had to be at least seven shots in, him, well I lost count for him.

"You're too young to be tied down!" I screamed to Alex half drunk. "You should have at least 3 more years to be free!" I said spinning around in my chair.

"Fuck marriage!" Jack said chimming into our conversation.

"Yeah, fuck marriage!" I repeated.

"Em is mine because she doesn't like marriage either!" Jack said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Yeah! Jack is mine!"

"Anti-marriage!" Zack and Rian chimmed in. I haven't seen them all night.

"Find any sexy girls!" I screamed more than asked.

"There's one drunk one named Ember." Jack said. I laughed. I looked over at Alex, his eyes were narrow.

"What's wrong?" I asked, pouting at him. Once he heard my voice he snapped out of it and smiled.

"Just tired." He shrugged. "All this marriage talk is making me tired."

"Are you guys ready to bounce?" Rian asked. The boys nodded. We all paid our tabs and walked out of the bar, Rian helping me walk.

"I lost our room key guys." Jack said looking through his wallet.

"Are you serious Jack." Alex asked.

"I knew I shouldn't have gave you the card." Zack said laughing.

"Let's just take a taxi to my house, you guys can crash there."

Thats what we did, the boys all bombared my house.

"Can I have a Pepsi?" Jack called throughout the house. I ignored him, knowing he'd drink it anyways. I changed into shorts and a tshirt, throwing my dress in the hamper.

I walked into my living room to see Rian and Zack passed out on the floor.

"There's a spare bedroom down the hall." I pointed out. Jack grabbed his Pepsi and stumbled for it. He was obviously too drunk.

"He'll be fine." Alex assured me as I watched Jack fall into my walls. "Em." He called be as I was getting up.


"What's stopping you?" He asked me. I crooked my head to the side.

"Stopping me from what?"

"Leaving this place."

"No one ever makes it out. I'm just wasting my time dreaming." I laughed, more so to myself. It was the truth. "But Alex, when you guys leave, you know, go back to Maryland, don't forget me."

"That wouldn't be possible." He replied.
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