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Safe and Sound


Third Person

Harry walked with Reagan at his side. More often that not, his eyes slide to asses his sister, to make sure that she was still there; she moved so quietly that sometimes it were as if she were floating. He knew that it was something she had picked up in her training to be a Death Eater. He tried not to think about it much.

Reagan’s strength and determination was palpable to him, as they moved into the Lestrange’s vault together. Ron and Hermione did not seem as confident, looking at the mounds of treasures and gems that decorated the room, glowing pale with the light of their wands. Reagan seemed to have developed some sort of reserve, though he wondered if it were her or the voice inside her.

It had to be difficult, to be split in two, he thought. And yet here his sister stood, her eyes scanning the room, determined to help him. Her words just outside the vault, that she would follow him to the end had given him confidence he didn’t know he was lacking.

“Is it in here, Harry?” Hermione whispered quietly, casting her eyes at him. He quieted, letting his feelings stretch out. It hit his ears long and quiet, the silent ring that often came when there was a horxrux in the room. Reagan went rigid, her eyes looking up at the source of the sound. “Harry?”

“Yes,” he said almost absently, watching as his sister stared at the cup that was at the top of one of the piles. Her eyes were fixed on it. That’s when he realized that she could hear it too. He often forgot of Reagan’s scar on her shoulder. She had been hit by the curse too, that night. He knew so little about it, though. “It’s here. Right there, the cup.”

Ron moved then, hitting a plate and flinching at it clattered to the ground. When it did, it burst into five more plates, causing them all to flinch again. Then they were hitting things on accident, causing the things around them to explode into multiples. “It’s a gemino curse,” Griphook shouted, trying to stay away from the objects. “Everything you touch will multiple!”

“That’s why the room is packed tight!” Reagan shouted over the noise of everything multiplying. Her eyes were frantic as everyone tried to get away from the bursting objects, but they realized that there was no floor left where they could not stand. Everything was multiplying by the dozens, filling the room. “Harry, get the cup!”

Without hesitation, the boy threw himself forward, waving his wand to knock objects out of his way. He heard Hermione yelling to stay still and Reagan shouting not to touch anything with emeralds in it, mentioning they burned. Ron’s yelp answered her statement, but Harry was to focused on the cup.

Launching himself forward, he reached for it, falling underneath a pile of things. Reagan shouted out, and suddenly all went silent. The others waited for Harry to resurface, not even budging. With an explosion of movement upwards, he did, fighting his way towards them as quickly as he could, the piles rising to the ceiling.

Falling forward, he dropped the cup and griphook held it away from him, making Harry paused, sword in hand. Griphook gestured to it, “The sword, Potter.”

“You vile little creature,” Reagan snapped. She was too far to reach him, but Harry imagined that if she were close enough, she would sink her claws into him and rip him to shreds. “Give us the cup!”

“The sword!” Harry cursed loudly, throwing Griphook the sword and catching the cup in return. The Goblin smiled then, and Harry felt very cold, as if he had just made a terrible decision. It was confirmed when the goblin moved to the door, laughing to himself. “I said I’d get you in, I never said anything about getting you out.”

YOU BASTARD!” Reagan screeched, making Harry flinch. He could feel the room shake with her scream as the goblin skipped out of the room, but Reagan was already moving, her wand in the air, pointing it at the closing door. “Bombarda maximo!”

The vigor which she shouted the spell astounded him, and he watched in amazement as the door blew open, the piles of treasure carrying them on a wave out of the hole in the stone vault. The sound of metal assaulting the ground hit his ears as they tumbled out, trying to stand when the wave receded.

Reagan though, was moving already, pointing her wand at the far goblin figure, moving with the sword around the dragon. Before she could utter what Harry knew was the killing curse, security and other goblins arrived then, flinging curses at them. She ducked, pulling Harry along with her.

They pushed themselves against a pillar, watching curses hit the opposite wall. It was utter chaos, as pieces of walls were blown to smithereens. Together, the twins threw curses back at their attackers, both of them hitting people with ease.

Reagan threw a single vicious one, hitting one of the goblin square in the chest, making him go up in flames. Harry’s eyes widened at her ferocity. He often forgot how good at spells she was, especially the harmful sort. She was a walking weapon.

“Do you have any ideas?” Harry shouted at Hermione as she leaned around a wall parallel from them, throwing a curse and ducking behind her protection as one flew past her.

She gave him a desperate face. “I have an idea,” she shouted back, throwing another one. “But it’s mad.”

“Well get a move on!” Reagan shouted, ducking down as a curse went over her head. She glared at the woman who had thrown it, hatred piercing in her eyes. “We haven’t got all day, yeah?”

“I need a distraction!”


Before anyone could react, the dark haired girl stepped away from the pillar, wiping her wand above her head, a line of fire following it. Everyone seemed to paused for a moment as the blaze circled above Regan’s head, it’s wind and heat wiping her black hair. Her eyes were glowing with the orange reflection of it.

In that moment, Harry thought that Reagan looked like the queen of fire. Pointing her wand, she cause the hurricane of flames and heat at the people. It crashed into them, making them scatter as everything in that area went up in flames, billowing hungrily and lighting whatever it touched.

Harry stared at his sister for a moment as she stood there, watching the flames with both desire and a little disgust. He knew that she was fighting with herself again. It must have been very difficult and enough to drive anyone insane.

“Why didn’t you do that earlier?” Ron hollered as the ran to join the two siblings. Hermione ignored him, blasting the gate off of the ledge. “Could have saved us all that!”

“Because it’s going to spread,” Reagan spat, turning away from the blaze. “Because it’s fiendfyre, Ron.”

His brows shot up, joined by Harry’s. Fiendfyre was the most powerful flame in the wizarding world, almost unable to control. The fact that Reagan had just casted the flame, now taking the shape of a dragon, without killing herself and without losing control spoke volumes. No one that young should be able to tame that. “Oh, well, okay then.”

“Alright, come on!” Hermione shouted, running and jumping on the back of the blind dragon, grabbing a tight hold on one of it’s spines. The three others stared at her with wide eyes, Ron shouting something incomprehensible over the sound of the roaring flames. “Hurry!”

Reagan was the first to move, running around the two of the boys and jumping onto the dragon. They followed her quickly, and once all for were on them, Hermione stung the dragon with her wand, causing it to start, bellowing and climbing upwards.

Harry grabbed onto Rae’s hand, leaning his face against the rough scales of the creature. Across from him, Reagan gave him a knowing look, her green eyes tired as she closed them for a moment, the dragon making the ascent towards escape.

For a moment, they were taking a breather. But in that moment, all Harry could do, was remember how powerful his sister was, and remember that she was unstable, as well. He prayed that she wouldn’t turn on him.

Reagan was the epitome of fear.


It seemed like they flew for hours. When Hermione finally realized they were descending, she told the others to drop. They all did, hitting the ice cold water, plunging deep into the lake they had been over. It was in the water that a vision took over Harry, and it wouldn’t be until after that he realized Reagan had the same one.

Only one of the twins cold imagine correctly, Lord Voldemort’s rage when he discovered what they had been doing. Only Reagan knew what it was like, seeing him that way. Because she had been the subject of it before, knew what it was like to feel that terror.

But Lord Voldemort had no idea what it was like to feel the terror of Reagan, to be the subject of her anger. And swimming to the surface, breaking and gasping for air, she tried to convey her hatred to him, tried to show him what she felt inside.

All she felt, was a burning passion to keep her friends and loved one alive, and to kill the man known as Voldemort, and every single thing that stood for him, that represented him.

Reagan. Hated. Him.
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So Reagan can hear horcrux's as well.... hmm....