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Safe and Sound

Switching Alliances

“What are you going to do,” I whispered against Draco’s neck. His arms were still pulled tight around me. I knew that we were wasting time and that the world was about to crumble around us, but I wanted nothing more than to hold him. “What are we going to do.”

Draco stepped away from me. I let my arms fall, frowning slightly. His mouth twisted in seeming frustration. “I have to do what I was sent here to do, Reagan. My families lives depend on it, understand?”

My heart sunk. “Draco… you don’t have to-"

Yes I do. But I- I want you to stop me. I want you to do whatever it is you can to get in my way, give me a reason to have to turn, to run. He cannot be mad if you foil me- well, he won’t kill them. He knows you. He knows how hard it is to beat you. Just do it, alright?”

I was shaking my head, confused. But he was stepping away from me, face hardening back into ice, eyes glazing over with a certain hardness. “I don’t even know where to find you.”

Draco just gave me a last look. “You always find me.”

For a long time, I remained standing in the hallway, wondering if Draco would come back down it. My heart was still quaking in my chest and his scent was still swirling in my nose. Turning on my heel, I fled down the hall. I didn’t know where I was going, or where to go. I just ran, taking corners until I got to the stairs at the entrance of the school, Hermione and Ron coming wheeling around the corner-

“Are you holding hands?” It was a dumb question. The two of them stopped, out of breath and dropping their mouths open as if to say something. Hermione flushed a bright pink and Ron’s ears went scarlet. Their hands were securely intertwined, fingers twisted like vines. “You know what? Forget I asked. Where is Harry? Is that a tooth in your hand? I’m sorry, I keep asking stupid questions.”

“We think he’s in the room of requirement,” Hermione answered. We all began jogging. Students were rushing around us still. The school would settle soon. There would be the calm before the storm, the big breath of air that was inhaled before jumping and plunging into the frigid water. “At least, he disappeared on the map.”


He was supposed to ask you to join him, my inner voice whispered. It was a very different voice compared to the yelling she often spoke with. Her whisper filled every cavern on my mind, like it echoed and bounced back once it hit a wall. He wasn’t supposed to ask you to stop him. That was never… he’s different.

We grew.

You gave up.

Or maybe, I suggested, turning another corner and stopping short in front of a blank wall, we found something else worth giving our all. I told you. I’m different. Things changed very quickly, almost impossibly for me.

But that doesn’t happen.

Hermione began pacing in front of the wall. One time. Two times. Three times. A pattern began forming, making me take a step away from it as it shifted, morphed. Change happens in war. Sides switch. People are moved.

The voice didn’t respond. But I felt unsettled. At least, that part of me did. It itched and felt uncomfortable. If there were two of me, I knew the other half would be pacing, brows furrowed and mouth screwed up in thought.

A tall wooden door thickens in the wall. It looks ancient, scarred and smelling of faint oak. Hermione quickly pulls the handle open, entering the darkened room, followed by Ron and myself. Inside is somewhat of a shock of a memory for me; the exact place we hid the transport cupboard in which the death eaters arrived not long ago.

The room is just as cluttered as it was when Draco and I used it. Ages of lost objects, furniture, jewelry, and dust. The dust is thick, layer upon layer of it covering the objects. As I pass by, I see metal that is rusted, couches that have been moth eaten, webs encroached in between drawer spaces.

Voices sounded as we hurried through the piles of forgotten things. “You knew it was me,” Harry said. We paused looking wildly for the source of Harry’s voice. I knew he was around one of those wretched corners, but which corner was quite the problem. I felt a pull then. Draco. “Why didn’t you tell her?”

“This way,” I said quickly, taking off. Hermione and Ron had little time to protest and ask me how I knew. I followed the pull again. It was like that invisible rope was there again, pulling my ship home.

Rounding a corner sharply, I skidded to a halt, slipping and loosing my footing. Hermione stuck her arm out, righting me before I could topple to the ground and embarrass myself. “Look what we have here,” Crabbe taunted, grinning at me. “The blood traitor.”

I barely glanced at Crabbe. Draco and Blaise where standing next to the large oaf, relief flooding through Draco’s face and indecision flooding through Blaise’s. So that’s where he had been off to. Draco had gotten to him before me. “I see no reason for a fight here,” I said. I took a single step forward. Crabbe raised his wand, but didn’t point it at me. Rather, Harry. “Draco, come with me. You can’t win this. Blaise, you asked me once where my loyalties were. I remember, you visited me, seeking consul. You said you stood with your family and friends.” I spread my hands open. “I’m right here, Blaise. I’m a friend.”

“You lied to me.”

I shook my head. “I lied to myself more than I lied to you.” I looked at Draco. “I never lied to you. Ever.”

Draco nodded. “I know.”

“Kill them!” Crabbe screamed in Draco’s ear, making the boy flinch. I turned my gaze to Crabbe, a sneer pulling at my lips. Both parts of me became very annoyed with his aggression. “Don’t be a prat! Do it.”

Crabbe pointed is wand at me. Draco acted before me, shoving his arm to the side as he screamed, “Avada kerdava!”

Everyone ducked, the killing curse flying from his wand and flying towards Hermione, who moved at the last minute. Fear spiked in my chest for a moment, straightening to see that no one was hit by it. Ron stood, enraged and charging Crabbe, who turned and fled as Draco and I both turned on him.

“That’s my girlfriend, you bloody git!”

With wide eyes, I watched Ron’s retreating figure, then looked at Hermione. “Girlfriend?” She shrugged demurely. “I like that.”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Draco and Blaise, who were remaining still but tense. Draco’s face was pulled tight as his eyes flicked rapidly between Harry and I. Blaise watched Draco all the while, waiting for his move. “I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want to.”

Everyone was silent. I looked at Harry, who looked at me. I made a face at him and he turned to Draco, pointing to himself. “Are you speaking to me?”

Draco nodded curtly. “I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want her to know it was you, not really. You… don’t deserve to die.” He glanced at me. I smiled a bit. “And you’re her brother. I love her.”

“Are you with us or are you against us?”

“I’m with her. Wherever she goes, I go. I'm in it for the result that I'm with her at the end. Nothing else.” Everyone looked at Blaise. He looked at me. “I too, am with her.”

Harry nodded and looked at me. I smirked a bit. “You’re not the only one who has friends, Potter.”

Ron’s screaming rose up.
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I know it's short, but I felt like the entire scene in which the fire chases them, when they destroy the horcrux, and the events afterwards. I do realize that the golden trio saving Draco and Blaise was a bit of a monumental sort of thing in both the books and the movie, but I promise I'm going to create something similar, so that the bond isn't lost there, the build up of being on the same side. It's an important element.