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Safe and Sound

Wish It Was

“It’s going to be strange,” Blaise said, finishing off his tea and leaning back, “Without you and Draco there. What am I supposed to do? Hang out with the likes of Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle? I think not.”

Setting down a cup, a laugh escaped my lips. I knew Blaise wasn’t really worried about going back to school without Draco and I. He could easily handle himself amongst the other Slytherins and such. I tucked loose strands of hair behind my ear, wondering what it would be like back at school.

There would no doubt be less people in school. Anyone who had any sense would not send their child back to school with Snape acting as headmaster. Hogwarts had become a place of ill omen and danger now. With death eaters infiltrating the school, no one of bad blood lines would be safe inside Hogwarts once safe walls. It was every witch and wizard for themselves.

“You’ve always been able to handle yourself, Blaise,” I answered, looking back at him. I pulled myself away from my thoughts and studied my friend. He looked tired, but comfortable in my presence. Blaise didn’t look like he had gone through any hardships, but it seemed as if he had been extremely tired as of late. “I’m sure you’ll get on right well with the others.”

He chuckled and nodded. He clasped his hands together then, sighing. “I’m not worried about me, mate. I’m worried about you and Draco. You’ll be okay, out here in the world?”

I smiled at him, making a mixture of affection and danger. “Do you know who you’re talking too? I’m always okay.”

He barked out a laugh, making me narrow my eyes in good nature. It was moments like these with people from the outside world that I missed. I had forgotten what it was like to feel normal, to feel relaxed. But the moment did not last long, for the sound of someone walking into the home caught my attention.

Blaise and I sat still, watching the open door. Lucius walked past the door and then took a step back, noticing us in his living room. He scanned us with his tired, icy eyes. His face remained different, but his posture was tense as he surveyed us. “Good morning, Mr. Zabini. It’s rather early to see you. How is your father?”

“I was just preparing to leave, Mr. Malfoy. My father is well, well thank you for asking. I shall pass on that you asked about him.” Blaise’s voice was just asked cold and polite as Lucius. The exchange of pleasantries was anything but pleasant, and I stood stiffly, nodding my head at Draco’s father. He smiled tightly before returning to going wherever he was going. Once out of ear shot Blaise said, “He fears you.”

“No.” I stared at the empty threshold to the living area. Lucius was not a fan of mine, or I a fan of his. “He doesn’t fear me. He fears what I can do.”

“Isn’t it the same thing?”

I smile sadly. “I wish it was.”
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Sorry it's short, this is just a filler. The next chapter is a lot longer.