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You Still Have My Love


Jared walked up to Scarlett’s bunk, pulling the curtain open and decided to wake her up by pulling her in a tight hug.

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier, if that offended you in any way” He gave her a large hug and then let go so that she could sit up.

Scarlett assured him that she wasn’t mad and that she overreacted. She then followed him out to the back room where they were all still sitting watching The Office.

They all sat there in silence for a while, occasionally laughing at the funny remarks that would come from the show, but they were all content with where they were right now. They were about to embark on one of their biggest tours ever.

She was a bit paranoid about the fact that they could run into him while in New York, but quickly pushed that away. What were the chances of her running into the person she wanted to avoid most, who was probably protected by a ton of security?

- - - - - - - -

Several days passed, and they were slowly losing track of time. They had played four shows already, which all turned out to be very successful, sold out shows, and they were all exhausted. They had two days off in New York before their show, but one of those were dedicated to press and visiting their label.

“What should we do tonight?” Kyle, the guitarist for Scarlett’s band, asked while they were all in their hotel room on their laptops.

“Dude, that pubescent boy band is in town, and I got hook-ups. Let’s go!” John exclaimed. Everyone immediately jabbed at the fact that he wanted to see them, but agreed to go nonetheless. Scarlett was still trying to think of a proper excuse to get out of the situation, but was cut off when Pat dragged her back to their room so they could all get changed for the show.

Scarlett was rummaging through her clothing looking for a nice dress when Pat emerged from the bathroom, clothed in a simple white tank top and shorts. “Do I look okay?”

“You look fine every single day, Pat” She flicked her wrist at him and laughed. Pat seemed to sense her frustration with finding the perfect clothing so ran towards her and pushed her aside so he could pick her clothes.

Scarlett groaned as she hit the floor, “No. You always make me look ridiculous, Pat”

He simply shook his head and kept on digging through her clothes, pulling out certain fabrics. Soon after he shoved a bunch of clothing into her hands and pushed her in the bathroom to change.

She emerged from the room in a crop top that had the American flag on it. She had light high waisted shorts that went perfectly with it along with a large light blue button up. She looked in the mirror, loving what Pat had picked out for her. She ran over to give him a big hug before going in her suitcase to grab her bag, accessories, and her studded heels.

“Ah, I love it. I look fine right?” she checked with Pat once more, looking in the mirror.

He smiled “You look amazing.”

They then headed out of their room to meet with the other guys in the lobby. When Scarlett walked out there all started whistling which just made her blush furiously.

“Are you trying to impress someone?” John jabbed at her. She just flipped him off and stayed silent, hoping that they’d all forget it.

Truth was, she did want to dress up particularly nice, just incase he caught sight of her. Even though it’s been years for the two, she still hoped that he’d remember her.

They all piled in to the limo that John decided to rent out for the occasion. On the way there they all indulged in some drinks and were all pretty buzzed when they arrived at the venue. Once they arrived, they exited the car to find themselves at the front of the line.

“What kind of hook-up’s does John have?” Scarlett whispered over to Garrett, who just shrugged and followed the group into the venue. The security and also a man in a tux who looked pretty important escorted them to their section of seats, which just happened to be in VIP area, at the front of the stage.

Scarlett began nervously fidgeting with her bracelets as all the fans started flocking into the venue. She thought that they would be getting nosebleed seats or something of the sort, not being in front of the crowd, close up to the stage. If she knew that, she would have avoided this. She didn’t want him to look down and see here there, as if she was another fan girl there for him.

“Are you alright?” Pat leaned over and asked, seeing the girl start taking her bracelets on and off.

She nodded in his direction, unable to speak since she was scared she would start going in hysterics.

[ & & & ]

“Niall! Hurry up!” Paul yelled from the other room “You have to be stretching and warming up right now!”

He quickly checked his e-mail for the confirmation and ran into the next room where all the boys were, doing their own individual voice warm-up’s and stretches. They all turned to look at him when he entered with a gigantic smile and a bit out of breath.

He started stretching himself on the floor quickly “Guess what!”

“What?” Everyone in the room said almost simultaneously.

He huffed out loudly trying to catch his breath still, “You remember the girl, Scar? I think I’ve told you about her before. I just got tickets to her show, which is two days from now! I got them for you all too.”

They all smiled at him and went to give him a hug. “I guess soon our precious Niall will be taken, huh?”

Niall just smiled and jumped around a bit before starting his vocal warm-up’s. Soon they were ready to take the stage, and he felt his heart pound in his chest hard, just as he did before every show.

Once the lights went dim and they stepped out, tons of cheers sounded in the arena. The lights flashed back on and he looked down into the crowd, just to see her.
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