Sequel: Live In Reality
Status: All done...for now! Maybe an epilogue if you lovelies would like one! Comment and let me know!

Not So Honest Perfection

Lenore Chambres' life seems to be perfect. At age 20, she is not only the CEO of her father's company, but also the owner of her own dance school. But everything is not as it seems for the girl who loves lace.

Sidney Crosby IS practically perfect. He's got his dreams in front of him, ready to be taken hold of. But there's something missing from the Poster Boy's life, and even he's not sure what it is.

In this tale of finding yourself, your loves, your wants and needs, not everything is as it seems. Because honestly, is anything ever perfect?

Written for this contest

(I do not own Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins, or anyone affiliated with them. However, I do own Lenore, her dancing school, and her company, as well as the plot line. No touchy-touch!)

Song Inspiration: Honestly by Hot Chelle Rae