A Clamp In Wonderland Love Story

Fuyu Abe (pronounced Ab-A,) born in Tokyo, Japan, studies abroad in America. she stays in Chicago, Illinois, in a one floor single home. She is 18 years old, living by herself with the support from her parents. her mother is a priestess, her father is a Docter, she studies abroad because her mother told her to. her mother had a dream that Fuyu will find something special and must go. so following her mother's wishes, she goes to America. there, she stays for a couple of months, and when she gets home from school, she sees a man unconscious in front of her house. he turns out to be someone from a different dimension
  1. A Clamp In Wonderland Love Story: (Prologue)
    i do not own clamp, or tsubasa, or any of the characters. i only own the minor characters that i made up, and the main character: Fuyu Abe
  2. Chapter 1: The mysterious unconscious man
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