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Who Knew Then? (What We Know Now?)

Jared's last year with under his Hurricanes contract went better than the last - he'd earned a solid, second line position with Charlotte, but he's still feeling like he'll never be good enough or live up to his brother's standards.

Now he's waiting to hear whether or not he'll get another contract, or if his dreams of the NHL are a thing of the past.

Kassidy put off going to University full-time to be with Jared, and she's helped him through it all; the sting of rejection from the NHL each year, the difficulty of being moved around, and it's never occurred to her to do anything else. She loves Jared, and she knows she'd do anything for him.

So does the stress and emotional roller-coaster of pre-season tear them apart? Or can they stick it out and keep their seemingly fairy-tale perfect love?