Status: Complete


On top of the sprawled mess of blankets she lays , as she has for the last 100 years. Age has forgotten her; her porcelain skin is as young and beautiful as it was all those years ago, but it is beginning to hang off of her ever-emerging skeletal features. Her blue eyes are hidden behind closed lids, the intricate web of veins visible through the translucent flesh, their sparkle, unseen for years, is beginning to fade away. Her eyebrows furrow slightly as she twists and turns ever so gently in her sleep.

The flickering candle light casts dark shadows across her and they dance and play on top of her weakening body; they giggle and laugh and play on a dying and frail playground. Only one can save her, but soon it will be too late, for hope can only last so long.

100 years is a very long time.

Disclaimer: I have adapted the story of 'Sleeping Beauty' and the characters to make this into an original story for this contest.