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Children of a Lesser God

Important Author's Note.

Jetta pushed her wings down powerfully, causing the tips of her large wingspan to brush against the concrete. She ignored the sensation and quickly pulled her wings back up before pushing them back down again.
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Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the one sentence I got of the original chapter 9. XD But, that's not why I'm posting this. See, if you didn't already read my blog, then you don't know that I have posted a new version of this story on my Mibba. Although the plot will remain the same, the story will be heavily editted and therefore, much different. I figured that this was the easiest way to garner some new readers, and hopefully gather up some older ones. The new version of the story can be found by clicking here. As always, subscribe, comment, recommend, but most importantly, enjoy. Hope to see everyone there. xo