Status: Well... it does take awhile for me to start a story i never seem to get passed the first chapter. t - t Sorry if this takes awhile.

Adopted by a Neko

A girl adopts a new cat to be her friend, thinking it may brighten up her lonely apartment. Yet, the cat isn't exactly what she was expecting, other than having a horrible disposition it seems to have a superiority complex. Also it may not even really be a cat, for all she knows it could be the reincarnation of the devil itself.
  1. Annoyance
    Scarlet decideds to adopted a cat today. Other than making the mistake of pissing off her already pissed off new cat, she also lets it loose in her house.
  2. Hostage
    Well being trapped in her room for a few hours Scarlet finally decideds to take charge an show the cat whose boss.