You Met Me At an Interesting Time

Chapter One

The smell of alcohol, sweat, and marijuana was the scent that filled the atmosphere with different color lights swirling around as if they were dancing allowing different colors to appear and reappear on the different walls. People of different ethnic groups moving to the tempo of the music that was booming through the speakers, it wasn’t hard to tell that this was the club that everyone in the city was talking about. It has only been open for about an hour now and the club was already looking pack not including the many people still standing outside wait impatiently to join the scene. I found myself among the people who were moving to the tempo allowing the beat and sound of the music to take over as tonight was the night of celebration with my group of friends. My hips seem to have a mind of their own as they begin to grind into the random guy I found myself dancing with as their hand seem to be attach to my waist. It wasn’t hard to tell that this random guy was get attached to me the more our body seem to melt into each other as we grooved to the sounds. My eyes wandered around my surrounding taking in the images of my friends each enjoying this night in a different ways, I slowly detach myself from my dancing partner, deciding that I have dance long enough, I made my way towards a booth away from the dance floor that was close to the door entrance.

“Congratulations,” A soothing voice sound as it reached my ears and my eyes scan over the speaker. My friend Nick, young attractive mid twenty men, spoke to me as I reach the booth, nodding my head in acknowledgement as he flashed me a dimple smile.

“Thanks, but this was only a taste of what to come,” I spoke slipping into the booth as my eyes returned to the dance floor to see that my friends were making their way over to the table.

Once they all reach the table it seem as though I was watching a supermodel runway as they approach us. Each of them walked with grace and style that it would be hard not to mistake them for models; they took their seats at the booth.

“So Miss twenty and zero, how does it feel to know that you’re in the big leagues now?” Monica ask as her red color lips pulled back on her lips.

“As of right now it feels amazing, but later I’m going to hate it to pieces. Don is going to be pushing my behind into gear, “as a vibration was felt near my hand as I look down at the source to see that it was Nick’s IPhone notifying him, now realizing the time,” Well tonight has been amazing, but I need to get going if I’m going to ready for work tomorrow. “I spoke to the group of people in front of me, as Nick went to reach for his phone.

Carefully I made my way out of the booth as I grab my leather jacket slipping it on as it covered my bare arms as well as my black and royal blue corset. Giving a wave to my group of friends, in return a chorus of ‘goodbyes’ and ‘have fun at work tomorrow’ were heard as I made my way out of the hot spot welcoming the cold December air. Zipping my leather jacket hoping to keep out the coldness of the Michigan weather from freezing me, I walk towards my car letting the sounds of my heels clicking against the pavement mixing with the few car engine that where coming from the various cars from the street as they passed my, along with the talk of the line of people as each would turn to take in my look as I passed. Continuing my way pass the many glance from different people, seeing that my car was in view sitting in the parking lot wait to be started. I reached for my car keys as I open the door and taking off from the club scene returning to my small home here in the city of Flint. Parking my car in the garage I made my way towards my bedroom, hoping to be able to get some rest before work tomorrow. It took about an hour to take a long desired bath, and get into my comfy pajamas.

Just when I was going to make my way towards my bed, I sigh noticing that a unwelcoming head ache was reaching the surface, trying to ignore the pain I pull the sheets of the bed back, climbing inside. The pain began to worsen, I knew the reason as to why this pain was coming on and the sad truth was not type of pain killer was going to give me the satiation I need to get rid of the headache, because it would only stop it for the night only to return each day following. Trying to push the pain to the thoughts of my head, I got out of bed pulling the sheets away from me as my feel meet the cool cheery wood color floor as I marched my way to my living room throwing myself on the couch. I grab the remote as I turned the TV, allowing the sound and bright light to fill the now dim lit room. Searching the channel until I was able to find something to distract me from this headache, for what seem like hours of searching was only a minute, the sound of a growl ripped from the speakers of the TV and the sight of glowing gold eyes caught my attention before those eyes transformed into the very thing that I was running from. The last image I saw on the TV before my hands snap to my head in pain as I felt something more than just a little headache turn into my whole body aching in pain was the words: ‘Blood and Chocolate.’

The pain was unbearable to the point where I was going to give in, but I refuse to become a beast, an animal. Slowly I began to crawl off the couch, carefully not wanting to increase the pain, crawling on my hand to get to the very substance that would stop this madness. My hands clawed at the floor as I finally reach the bathroom, my eyes shut tightly as I pull myself up using the sink that was in front of me in the bathroom. Gradually, I felt myself rise, with each muscle the pain burned worse than I have ever experience, and it was only going to get worst every year I fight. I didn’t care. I pushed myself until I was able to stand with the support of the bathroom sink, I slammed the medicine cabinet open nearly creaking the mirror, inside it reviled my cure to this never ending pain. Quickly, I grab the needle deliberately stabbing the needle inside my arm feeling the needle pierce my skin. I pushed the syringe down releasing the liquid into my veins allowing the substance to flow through my body. All I could think about was how I wanted more than what this curse could give me, and if it means that I would be in pain for the rest of my life than so be it. My muscle were burning as if they were on fire, my bone felt numb, this was the curse that I had to live with the fear, the fear of knowing that one day I will no longer be able to find this curse. But as for right now I will do whatever it takes to fight this curse, and this feeling from the substance was the very thing I need to draw myself away from the pain.

It felt amazing, the rush of feeling on cloud nine, becoming light headed from the drug that was slowly taking affect I wobbled my way to the couch knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the bedroom, laying back on the couch, my body began to relax, resulting in my eyes shutting as the drug took its full effect. All I wanted to do was sleep and forget about this nightmare that has been a part of my life since I was born, but before my body granted me my wish, a certain voice that I never wanted to hear decide to give their words before I was sound asleep.

You can’t run for long, and one day you will accept what you truly are. Never be ashamed of what you are, this is a blessing many people wish to have. One day, you will give into the fact that you are a werewolf, either by force or your choice.
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Hey guys, I have been thinking about this idea, so I thought that I would just get it out there. I will be still writing the other stories, the only story that may not get updated as much would be Ignorance, just because I having writers block with this story. Thanks for reading, please leave comments about how you think the story going so far or any thoughts.