You Met Me At an Interesting Time

Chapter Four

Knock, Knock

The sound woke me out of my sleep as I notice the sound coming from behind me. Pushing my feet into the floor to lift myself off the ground as I stretch my tried limbs before turning to the sound of the noise. Before I could even place my hand on the door knob, the door was shoved open by a worry looking Monica, her eyes seem to scan the room as if searching for something until her eyes landed on me.

"Oh, thank God you are ok. You miss work and I was worried since you never miss work, so I just wanted to stop by to make sure nothing was wrong." Monica quickly said while running over to me engulfing me in a bone crushing hug.

My breathe felt like it was knock out of me when she wrap her arms around me tightly like I was a prey and she was the snake. Once she left me lose I welcome the fresh air that enter my despite lungs.

"Sorry, Monica. I guess after my run last night, I just was to tried to wake up to my alarm." I reassure her as I walk into the kitchen to grab to bottle of waters to bring back into the living room to see Monica was sitting down.

I took a sit on the other end of the couch that Monica was sitting as I hand her the other bottle water. Turning in my sit to face her better I place one of my leg on the couch and using my hands to push my heel against the thigh of my other leg making my legs form an four.

"Now that I know that you are alive and breathing, I going to be very blunt with you being your loving friend and all." She said as she seem to be holding in a giggle, "Baby girl, you look like you have been through hell and back then went again for a vacation." No longer holding in her laughter as she place her cherry red nail finger to her mouth trying to control her laughter.

Seeing her laugh at her out little statement seem to start a giggle fit that left my mouth as I just shake my head at her playful manner. A small smile play its way toward my lips as I twist the cap off the bottle of water before take a drink.

"By the way baby girl, your list Prince Charming stop by the office and he was not there to see Mr. William either."

The cool water that once enjoyable turn into a unpleasing taste as it seem to spit out of my mouth due to the shock the words Monica words caused, looking over as her holding a devilish smirk on her face. Placing the cap back on the bottle before setting it on the coffee stand next to the couch as I got up to get napkins from the kitchen. I could feel the heat surface to my cheeks as I start my search to locate some napkins to clean up the water. Finally finding the napkins I came back to the living room to clean up the mess, while Monica watch me with that same devilish smirk on her face.

After clean up the mess I turn my attention toward Monica giving her a questioning look, knowing that she use that smirk only when she had something plan, and because she brought up Gabriel I knew she was up to no go.

"What?" she question as she slowly move her shoulders up only to let them fall back in place again.

"I have known you for quiet some time now, Monica. Now what do you have plan in that crazy little head of yours." Answering her question as my eyebrow seem to lift waiting for her answer.

"Oh, nothing. Its a surprise which I will give you more information on next week," Monica tease, known I hate surprises.

The moment those words left her mouth, I knew I was going to possibly hate her and regret her plan just like all the previous surprises she has bless me with. Hopefully this surprise was nothing compare to the last surprise she grace me with on my twenty one birthday, last year. Monica being the loving little playful person she was threw me a surprise birthday party, but the part I shall never forget is when they presented me with a huge birthday cake similar to the once you see at maybe a leatherette party. I did not think much of the fact that the cake was big enough to have a person inside it, before a young male stripper pop out of the cake and afterwards gave me a very shocking lap dance.

"Your plans scary me some times," I told her before excusing myself to call Mr. William to apologize for my abstinence at work.

Ending the call I return to Monica, who seem to be focus on the channel twelve news that play on the TV screen. Returning to my spot on the couch as I listen to the news anchor speak about the local news of another murder that was some thing many people were not surprise about.

Don't get me wrong, but when your the number one most dangerous city in the United States. In one year alone not even two years ago we had just about a hundred murder, and this year we have had about twenty so far, it was sad to have to know that their are people so fast to kill one another.

'Polices saw that this murder was not a usual one, compared to previous ones. Investigators do not believe that this crime was committed by a person, instead they say a wild animal could be the cause of this horrible murder. We do not know the victims name or how it happen, all we know is the victim was covered in bite marks and could have died from the blood lost. This has been Nancy Lee in Flint, back to you Louis.' The anchor stated.

"That seem kind of strange, how could a wild animal get into town without being notice. I mean someone body should have reported the beast if they saw it, besides I thought only wild animal was seen in the upper Michigan not the lower part." Monica pondered as she place her hand on her chin.

"Your right," saying confirming her thoughts.

This does seem very odd, and if it was a true wild beast then a normal person would have reported it, there is no way it could be unseen. This could only mean one thing, but in my mind I didn't want to accept the fact that it could be possible. The fact that there is another werewolf was nerve racking knowing that I have even meet a werewolf last night made this whole ordeal worst.

Monica broke me from my thought as I snap my attention toward her, as she was getting up from the couch, placing her purse on her shoulder. I smile as she inform me that she was leaving, as I walk her to the door. Once she was out the door and inside the car, I close the door with my foot as I made my way to my room upstairs. Traveling towards my red oak wood desk, ready to gather more information about this crime. pulling open my purple dell laptop as I access the Google search internet to began my search. I type everything into the search bar that I think of from wild animal attack to myths about werewolves, but the information was no help instead it was useless. The information was all lies and unreal information.

Throwing my head back in frustration as I let out a sigh as my patient start to were thin the more I was reading the false thinks on the internet about the life style I hated with a passion. I shut the laptop down as I stood up making me way toward my walk in closet as I search the high shelves for my bock of memories. Finally spotting the little black box with a white ribbon around its perimeter. I stretch me arms as far as they could go, my finger brush against the box, if only I could reach a little more. Trying to keep my balance on my toes as I tried to reach finally I was able to grasp the box in my hands. Pulling it down from the shelf I tightly grasp it close to my chest as I plop myself on the floor of my closet.

Untying the white ribbon from the black shoe box, as I remove the lid letting my eyes scan over the items that were inside the box. One by one I look at the items until I reach two picture that were last taken from my old life.

The first picture was of my family when we were on one of our family vacations in Russia it was the day of my big sister twenty fifth birthday. Scanning the picture from left to right. My dad was standing next to my mother, both had dark hair that seen to appear black that complemented this warm brown skin. With my mom's arm wrap around my older brother, who many people didn't believe that was related to us. He had auburn brown hair that seem to make his honey brown eyes more noticeable, which made him a heart breaker, even though he was only twenty four. The next person smile just like the rest of the member of the family was my sister showing off her dimples, which she got from my grandmother, with her arms wrap around her my brother in law, Luke. Luke was only a few month older than my sister, and he was her mate. Luke hand was resting on my head, as I was looking at him, grinning at the sight of my family.

It was one of my most favorite picture next to the other picture that I place in front of the previous picture.

The sight of the image made the tears in my eyes over flow as I flew the warm salty droplets travel its way down my cheeks. It was picture take just about three years ago, back when my hair was just about shoulder length. A young man in her early twenty had his arms wrap arms my waist while his chin was on my right shoulder. His brown eyes were focus on the image of myself, as I was laughing at probably something that he told me. The sight of being in his arms was painfully, the memory of him that will never be forgotten, he was my world before he was murdered by the same people who killed my family.

I carefully wipe the tears that was flowing with the back of my hands as I place the picture back into the box before wrapping it up and placing back on the shelf. Afterwards I got myself ready for bed, so that I would not miss work for a second time in a row.
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