You Met Me At an Interesting Time

Chapter Six


On my way driving back to the pack house with a grin that was stretched from ear to ear, I was so happy that I was able to spend time with Audrey tonight. It was worth it. Audrey is such an wonderful girl, I'm glad that I found her as my mate, fate has truly gifted me with a suitable alpha female for my pack.

Being the Alpha of the Great Lakes Pack, is not difficult but it can be challenging at time, but that what have one of the strongest packs entitle. Being located in Michigan surrounded my the great lakes with wood land for miles, you can imagine that other packs try to create plans to attack us in order to gain such a resourceful land. So far none have been successful, but that doesn't mean that we should be prepared for any surprises.

Finally getting to the pack house I park the car in the garage next to the alpha house, before walking inside only to be welcome into a quiet and lonely two story, four bedroom, three and half bathrooms house. I no longer have anyone living with me ever since my youngest sister gotten married to a member of my pack, she moved to live with her mate along with her three year old daughter. My parents are usually never here except for holidays or special events since my father has retired from being alpha and wanted to be able to enjoy his time with his mate. So you can see that it can get lonely in a big house with no one wait to welcome you after a long day although the last part of today has been the best I have had in quiet some time. I just wish I could have that everyday to come home to.

sighing, I place my keys on the small table next to the front door before hanging my jacket on the coat rack which was on the brown painted drywall. Making my way into my office to finish some paperwork instead I was stop by my phone ring to see that it is my men, probably reporting about their patrol.

"Hello, what is it?" I asked Matt waiting on him to report.

"Alpha, on our run we ran into a female wolf, she claim that she wasn't a lone wolf and that she didn't really have a pack," Matt started explaining as if he was trying to find the right words.

" So if she is not a rouge, then what is she?"

"Well, she claim that she wasn't not a wolf that in fact she didn't want to take part in this curse and before we could question her further she ran off,"

"I understand, did you get a name or a description of some sort?"

"No sir, but she goes by the name Audrey,"

The name made my heart jump, thinking that this she-wolf happen to have the same name as my mate. But that impossible, my Audrey was human everything about her is, even her scent told me she was a complete human. So how could this she-wolf happen to be here without being found out before now? I need to know whether this person could be a danger to my pack before anything can happen.

"Alright, Matt have everyone scout that we have research and track down this she-wolf."

After he confirmed that he was on his new task, I hung up the phone, praying that this woman was only passing through.
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Sorry it's so short.