Status: active, but not like aerobically active


In the lands of Seilla, being the fairest of them all isn't a compliment: it's a job description.

A prestigious one at that. The Fairest is the keeper of the Jaron Accords, a centuries old pact that regulates trade and is all that stands between the Seillan kingdoms and the power hungry Allayin Empire. So when the title goes to a fourteen year old girl? Naturally, many people are . . . concerned.

Snow White has worked hard to put any alarm to rest, and for the past seven years has been working tirelessly to be the most just, most knowledgeable, most accessible Fairest ever. Surprisingly, it's worked, and Snow has something of a reputation as a miracle worker.

Getting the reputation was easy. Living up to it is often far more complicated.

Unfortunately, long hours and deep dedication hasn't left her with much of a personal life, and when her best friend asks for help so that he can break his previously arranged betrothal and marry his one true love instead. Snow doesn't think it'll be that hard.

She'll just do that while she arbitrates a decade old border disagreement between two nobles and keeps an eye out on the Baroness Jilliana who she doesn't trust with her best friend's heart and tries to untangle the mystery that is the Prince Maximilian, the Dark Prince of Aquila. She has it all well in hand. At least until something shifts, and then it could all come crashing down.