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Remember Me


a week later;

"Call us when you land, okay?" my mother said to me, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I nodded. "I will, Mom." she smiled and hugged me.

I hugged my Dad, and he kissed my hair. And then my 20-year-old brother Alex hugged me. And then I hugged my 24-year-old brother, Matthew.

The whole week I was there, I was mostly out with my friends. They took me shopping, they brought me to places I would normally go when I was Dad even brought me to an Islanders game.

I met John Tavares, who, can I just say, is a very handsome 22-year-old. I got his number, too, but Jonathan doesn't have to know...What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?

The plane ride back to Chicago was quiet...and boring. I had no one to talk to. I felt so uncomfortable, that I kept playing with my outfit because there was this one guy a few seats away, who wouldn't stop staring at me.

When the plane landed, and I was walking down the tunnel, I could hear cheers. And when I got near the end of the tunnel, a man was waiting for me. He smiled.

"Um, hi?" I said.

"Mason Jennings, your agent."

"Ooooh," I smiled. "What's all that cheering for?"

"You. You have a lot of fans in Chicago, Devon." he said.

"But I was in Chicago for almost two months before this." I said.

He shrugged. "Maybe you should try and sign some autographs, take pictures, you know, get back to your old life."

I nodded. "Yeah, okay."

"Just a few. Then we'll get your bags,"


A few, my ass. I signed like a gazillion autographs and took like a billion pictures. I didn't mind, but it was a lot. Most of the fans said, 'I hope your better.' and 'Get well soon.' Stuff like that.

There was papparazzi there, too. Every few seconds the flash of a camera would go off.

I noticed a group of guys standing by the bag returns, with my bags in their hands. I saw Kaner's blond, curly hair. I saw Brent's bold shoulders. I saw Sharpie's dark black hair. There were a few others, who I couldn't recognize from the back. Except one other, and that was Jonathan. He still hadn't cut his hair, he wore the same hat he was wearing in every picture I'd seen of him.

I walked over slowly, but Sharpie heard the click of my heels. He smirked at me and everyone else turned around.

"DEVONNNNNN!" Kaner yelled, before hugging me.

I laughed. "Hi, Pat."

When Pat let go of me, he put both hands on the sides of my face. "What did they do to you?" I laughed and pushed him away.

"Nothing, Idiot."

Sharpie held his arms open and when I walked into them, he hugged me so tight, that I couldn't breathe. "Can't...breathe, Sharp."

"Oh, sorry." and then he ruffled my hair, messing up my ponytail. "Sorry, again." Patrick had an innocent smile playing on his lips.

I hugged Corey and Brent together, making them chuckle. As we separated, Brent lent down and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek. I squealed, rubbing my cheek roughly, trying to get every last bit of spit off me. I wiped my hand on his coat, and Brent didn't seem to care all that much.

And lastly, I wrapped my arms around Jonathan's neck and buried my face into his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground a few inches.

After a few minutes, Sharpie got scowled, and said, "Okay. Enough. Save it for later. I'm starving and craving chinese food," I instantly looked up at Patrick and he winked.

I rolled my eyes and we started towards the exit, with Kaner and Brent in front of the group, with my bags in hand. I stared down at my phone, wondering if I should call my mother,and tell her I landed. But that could wait until after lunch.


We ended up bringing the food back to Sharpie's house and eating it there. I ate a little bit of food and then passed out on Patrick's couch, my head in Corey's lap. I guess I was a light sleeper.

I heard a giggle. "Let's draw on her face," Corey shifted.

"No, Kaner...Take off her jacket and draw on her arms.

"Ooooh.Best idea. Let's take off her pants and draw on her legs."

"NO!" and then someone fell off the sectional and onto the floor.

Someone was near my feet. Whoever it was, my feets were touching their thighs. I bit back a smirk and kicked whoever it was. "Excuse you," It was Sharpie. Everyone was probably staring at me, but I managed to still act like I was still asleep.

I felt a marker graze my arm, so I just flared my arm in the direction. Turns out, I punched Kaner. He screamed. "SHE PUNCHED MY FUCKING EYE." I finally opened my eyes and watched as Kaner rolled on the floor,holding his hand over his eye.

I laughed for a second. "Come here," I said to him, not getting off the couch.

Pat hesitated and then slowly sat on the floor in front of me. I pulled his hand away from his hand and he asked, "Is it bad?"

He had a bruise forming around his eye. I shook my head, vigorously. "No, my nail just cut you a little. But it's not bad." I lied.

He fell back on the floor and sighed. "Good." I laughed and so did everyone else.


Everyone stayed at Sharpie's house until around 12am. I didn't mind leaving because I was exhausted. Kaner was pissed when he left because when he went to the bathroom earlier, he saw the black eye.

Apparently, I wasn't staying with Brent anymore. I didn't care, Brent was starting to get annoying and I wanted to start over with Jonathan.

The car ride to Jonathan's, we sat in a comfortable silence. But when he parked the car, he smiled cheekily, and said, "Hi,"

I smiled back. "Hi,"

"Since you're back now, I'd like to officially ask you out,"

I laughed and looked out the window at the January snow. When I looked back, he was blushing. "You're not taking me anywhere fancy," I said.

He blinked. "We were just going to watch a movie, you know, eat popcorn...cuddle."

I laughed. "Oh, okay. But you have to get my bags." I said getting out of the car.

He got my bags and I walked in front of him, opening doors for him. He dropped the bags and huffed when we got inside. I rolled my eyes. "Please,"

I walked into his...our bedroom and straight into the closet. I closed the door behind me and quickly threw on a sweatshirt and leggings. I grabbed a blanket off the bed and quietly walked down the hallway.

Jon had his arm on the top of the couch, a beer in his hand, and he was watching TSN. I bit my lip and smiled.
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heyyy guys. so, i know this story is no where near over, it'll probably end up being around 20 chapters, maybe more...but, i was wondering if you guys would ever, maybe, possibly, want a sequel.

and if you do, tell me want you want to see happen in it, and anything like that. ;D

love you all,sosososososososo much.