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Remember Me


February 2nd, 2013;





I slowly opened up my eyes, only to be met by Brent Seabrook's brown ones.

"Go away." I mumbled at him.

"No, get up. We have an afternoon game against the Devils and you're coming." he said.

"I don't want to go."

"Fine, I'll just tell Jon that you didn't want to come his first game back."

"Jon got cleared?!" I asked.

"Yeah, but you don't want to go so-" I pushed Brent off of me and bolted for the bathroom. I turned on the shower, shed off my clothes, and jumped under the hot water.

"Hurry up! I have to be there in an hour!" Brent yelled.


As Brent and I walked through the hallway of the United Center, I heard a loud, joyful laugh echo through the hallway. I looked over my shoulder to see an older man and young man walking together.

"That's Martin Broduer." Brent whispered.

"Who's the younger one?" I asked.

"Adam Henrique, last season when we played them in New Jersey, you told me if Adam Henrique ever wanted to screw you, you'd let him in a heartbeat."

"Wasn't I with Jonathan?"

"You guys were fighting at the time, I think. But you would've said it either way."

I looked back at the hockey players once more, but this time Adam Henrique caught my stares. He smiled at me and then walked into the visitors locker room.

"Oh, Lord, he's cute."

Brent laughed and held the locker room door open for me. I walked in and stood in the middle of the room. It was buzzing. Everyone was talking, getting dressed, taping their sticks. It really busy.

I felt one of the boys walk past me and smack my ass. I grabbed the nearest thing to me and threw it at the boy. Turns out it was Kaner, and the object I chucked at him was Viktor Stalberg's helmet. "OW!"

I winked at Pat and went over to Jon's empty stall. I sat there for a few minutes before Jonathan revealed himself to the locker room. He walked out of the trainers office dressed in all his equipment. He smiled at me and reached above my head to get his stick tape. "Hey," he said sitting next to me.

"Hi." I said, watching him begin to tend to his stick.

"Heard you got smiled at by Adam Henrique." he said with a smile tugging at his lips.

"Oh my God, Jonathan, he's gorgeous." I said, putting my hand on his arm.

Jonathan laughed, not upset by the comment.

"What other Devils players do I like?" I asked.

"You like most of them, but the ones you really like are Zajac, Brodeur, Clarkson, and Elias. You've met those four a couple of times, too."

"Do I think any of them are cute?"

"Umm, I think you thought Clarkson was good-looking, but the rest you like as players." he said.

I nodded. He continued to tape his stick. My attention went elsewhere when Andrew Shaw sat down to my left at his stall. "Hey, Dev." He said.

"Hi," I answered softly.

"Are you sitting in the box today?"

"Uh, no, I think Jon got me tickets for right next to the bench."

"I was wondering, um, my girlfriend from back home just got here today and she's sitting next to you, so could you, maybe, just make her feel comfortable?" Andrew asked.


"Aww, you have a girlfriend!" I said, making him blush. "But, yes, I will make her feel comfortable, don't worry."

"Okay, thanks, Dev." He kissed my cheek before leaving for the ice.

Jonathan finished his stick and stood up. I followed the players out, and when Jonathan was going to turn down a different hallway he leaned down to kiss me. As he walked away with Sharpie, I yelled, "Score a goal for me!"

"I will." Jon said.

"I was talking to Sharpie." I told him.

Sharpie laughed and Jonathan shook his head.

"Hey! Why is my helmet on the ground?" Viktor yelled at the guys.

"Kaner took itn, threw it on the ground and kicked it. But don't tell him I told you." I lied.

"I'm gonna kick his ass." Viktor said, walking away from me.

I laughed.


I walked to my seat and saw a blond-haired girl in the seat next to mine.

"Hey, are you Andrew's girlfriend?" She stood up at the sound of my voice.

"Yeah, I'm Allie. Nice to meet you." she said softly.

"I'm D-" "Devon Krouse. I know. Huge fan."

I smiled. "Thanks." she nodded.

"So which one are you dating?" she asked.

"The captain, Jonathan Toews." I said.

"Oh, he's hot." she said.

"Yeah. Lucky me, I guess." I said to her.

Allie went on and on about her and Andrew for the next hour. Eventually, I tuned her voice out. All I could think of was Jonathan's voice.

And after a little while, I heard his voice in my head, just saying the same thing, over and over. I'm Jonathan. I'm Jonathan. I'm Jonathan. I'm Jonathan."

But the thing was, it wasn't the Jonathan that I got to know over the past 4 months. It was a younger Jonathan. 3 years younger.


"You guys, I want you to meet my niece," Uncle Joel yelled into the locker room after the Blackhawk's 6th straight win.

In walked a me, I was 19 at the time. I had my light brown hair, brown eyes, and a smile that really could light up the whole world. Some of the guys started to look at me like I was a piece of meat. Especially Patrick Kane. I didn't have to know him personally to know what he wanted out of me. For Kaner, it would be a few nights of sex and then a goodbye.

"Hi, guys." I said smiling.

"Who are you?" one of the guys yelled in a seductive voice.

"Not yours," my uncle said.

Everyone laughed at the Brent Seabrook, because he was the one who'd said it. "I'm Devon."

"Hello, Devon." Seabs said.

"Cut the shit, Seabrook. She's too young for you." Uncle Joel growled.

Brent stood up in just his underwear, making my face heat up. He walked over to me, kissed my hand, and said, "Nice to meet you, Devon," and headed for the showers.

Kaner stood up with a grin on his face. "She's not yours either, Kane. Don't even think about it." their coach warned. Pat sat back down.

I heard a sigh, and looked up to see the captain, Jonathan Toews, throw a towel over his shoulder, and stand up. I looked at him and blushed. "I'm Jonathan." He said walking past me.

"Hello Jonathan." I said the same way Brent had said it to me.
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