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Remember Me


The Blackhawks had won game one, but lost two, three and four. Then, they won the next two. And now here we were. Game seven at the United Center.

You could feel the excitement running through the air. The majority of the fans were ready to see the Hawks advance to the Western Conference Finals, and then there were those fans that were nervous and didn't know if the Hawks could do it.

I believed they could.

Last night, Kaner had stayed over. Him and I had stayed up after Jon went to bed.

At first, he was normal. Being sarcastic like the Patrick Kane we all know and love. We talked about Jon and I, and how he finally said yes to the idea of looking for houses once the playoffs were over.

But then we started talking about hockey, and this game seven. He became serious, and you could instantly tell Pat loved what he did for a living.

The conversation ended with me saying, "I really hope you guys win." and him answering, "Me, too."

We sat in a silence and then Kaner came back. He started belting out the words, "IF YOU JUST BELIEVE!"

He stopped when Jon came out into the living room with a sleepy look on his face and warned him to shut his mouth.

We laughed quietly and fell asleep next to each other a little while later.


The puck was just dropped. I was sitting in the box with Abby and Lennox. I would be down in my normal seats, but I wasn't in the mood to be bothered by fans or be right behind the glass.

I was tired, and I assumed it was from staying up late last night. My whole body ached, especially my back.

"What's wrong?" Lennox asked, making Abby look at me, too.

"Tired." I mumbled.

"You've been tired since the season ended, Devon." Abby said.

"Jon keeping you up at night?" Lennox teased.

I snorted. "Not since like February."

"That's a long time." I shrugged.

"How was it?" Lennox asked, grinning.

I smiled and didn't answer. "Ew," Lennox said, laughing.

"You asked." Abby reminded Lennox.

The three of us stayed quiet for a little while before Abby looked at me. "Devon," she said.

I raised my eyebrow at her serious tone. "What?"

"Do you think, that maybe, you could be a little bit...pregnant?" Lennox nodded, agreeing with the woman next to her.

I opened my mouth and furrowed my eyebrows at them. "No!"

"C'mon, Dev. You gotta think about it. You're tired and your whole body aches. You had the 'flu' a couple of weeks ago. And you and Jon haven't fooled around in almost three months." Lennox said.

"No." I said again.

"When was the last time you had your period, eh?" Lennox asked with a smirk.

I opened my mouth to deny it again, but closed it. I hadn't remembered having it in the past few months.

"You need a pregnancy test." Abby said.

I shook my head. "A little baby Toews. I'm so excited!" Lennox squealed.

"I'm not pregnant, stop." I said.

"Devonnnnnnn." Lennox tugged on my sleeve and smiled.

"Watch the game." I told her, annoyed.

This can't be happening


"LAST MINUTE OF THE PERIOD." The crowd was on their feet, loud as ever.

The Hawks were up 2-1. 50 seconds...40 seconds.

Quick raced to the bench, and the Kings extra-attacker skated on. My heart sped up and my stomach dropped a little. I covered my mouth with my hands and swayed back and forth.

25 seconds. "Come on, come on..."


The crowd got louder.

Corey made a three saves in a row.




Corey makes another save.



The crowd is roaring.




Lennox, Abby, and I start screaming. We laugh and hug each other. I look down at the ice, and see the boys hugging each other. Huge smiles are on their faces.

The Kings stood in a line, Dustin Brown in front, leading the handshake line for his team with a grim look upon his face.

There would be a new Stanley Cup Champion. The Los Angeles Kings no longer held the title.


I went home long before Jon was going to leave the United Center. I knew he would be with the press a while. And I figured he was done with them, he'd be in the locker room with the guys, talking and laughing longer than usual.

I took advantage of the time I would have alone at the apartment, and on my way home, I went to the drug store. I was hoping nobody would notice me. I didn't need the whole world to know that I was buying a pregnancy test.

I'd be thankful that I've been left alone by press since my accident, and hopefully it would continue like that tonight.

I grabbed a test and quickly walked to the pharmacist. It was an old man, he smiled at me, and even more when he saw what I was purchasing.

I paid and he handed over the paper bag. "Have a nice night." he said.

"You, too." I said, smiling.

I drove home, taping my hand on the steering wheel. I walked into the bathroom quickly and ripped open the box. I placed the small stick on the sink. "Two lines is positive, one is negative." I whispered.

My hands shook as I peed on it. I placed it on a towel and washed my hands. "Wait five minutes."

I went out in the living room and waited.

Five minutes passes. Then, ten. And eventually twenty before I got up. I was visibly shaking now.

I walked into the bedroom and stopped at the bathroom door. "Go, Devon. Nothing changes. Jonathan will still love you. He'll still want you." I told myself.

I picked up the small stick with closed eyes. Even my breaths were shaky now.

My eyes snapped open.

Two lines.

♠ ♠ ♠

You guys probably hate me. I haven't update in almost two months, I think. And then I leave you with this.

I don't even know why I'm doing this to her. Making her pregnant, I mean. I've been dropping hints in the past few chapters, I don't know if you guys picked up on any of them.

I still don't know how I'm going to make this end yet.

I have exams this week and next. So if I don't get an update in, it'll be in a few weeks.

Sorry, it was so short, loves.