Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Moving and Goodbyes

Ava spent 10 years in a children's home. 4 families, 6 different locations. She was only 4 when her birth parents, Lucia and Vincent gave her up. Ava never really knew them. She wasn't sure whether her real name was Ava either. It's not something she understood, especially at such a young age. Someone who was good friends with Ava's parents took her in eventually, but several years later, Ava's adopted mother, Kara died from cancer. She still remembered the honey flavored perfume she used to wear. Kara always let Ava wear it on the days she went to school.

Everything wasn't so unfortunate. When Ava was fourteen, a small family took her in. They lived in Madrid. Due to the father being abusive, Ava ran away from home. She never really saw them again after that. One day, a job at a local gallery in Madrid was being advertised. It was only serving tea to the locals who would come visit and see the old paintings and sculptures on display. An old man would visit every Thursday and he'd give Ava 10 Euros. He must of found out how much she was getting paid which wasn't much. Ava always declined his offer; he simply reassured it was fine so she'd take it without a question. The more often he came the more she got to know him and through him, she met Flori Torres. Flori learned a lot about Ava's life. In a way she must of felt bad for her; she wouldn't have offered to take her in and still now here she was 5 years later.

It wasn't easy living with them. Ava made friends, went to school like any other teenager, got a proper job. When she turned sixteen, Ava went out more. She drank a lot, she was in a relationship and there were parties she'd go to which didn't last till the next morning. I guess you could say she got quite into a bit of a mess. Jose sent her to therapy. She knew he was only trying to help but being locked up 24/7 behind the same wall took a beating. That's when the nail really dropped. Ava didn't speak to anyone after she was released. She only came out her room when necessary and she shut herself off from everybody except Israel. Little miss Ava wasn't so innocent any more. She no longer knew herself.

When Flori told Ava she'd be moving to England, she didn't think Flori was being serious. It saddened her at the thought of starting somewhere new again. "But why? Did I do something wrong?" Her voice trembled.

"No mi querido, we believe that your time here has come to an end. You are older now si? There's nothing here for you."

"Am I going back into foster care?" Ava spoke sadly. A frown appeared on her face.

"No actually, you're going to be staying with Fernando."

So four hours later, Ava was packing all her belongings in a room where she'd spent 5 years of her life. Her mind couldn't rap around the idea of staying with Flori's son. She knew he played football. Ava always spent her evenings watching him play for Liverpool until he left for Chelsea on the TV with Jose and Israel. Though with the amount of time that she'd been there, she never actually had the chance to meet Fernando. Ava was either with Latoya on vacations in Ibiza, at college doing her studies and the rest was in therapy. Fernando only came over when he had international friendlies or when he had time off from football. Too bad she was never around.

The next day Ava was set to leave. The time was 11am. A Monday to be precise. The weather was very hot. Luckily Ava had got used to the scorching weather but it was a shame she would miss it for rainy England. Her bags were now in the back of José’s car. The flight was to arrive at 2 and deport to London by half past. The plane was to land there by 5pm.

Israel and Mari came down after breakfast. They both wanted to say their goodbyes before Ava left. Out of all the family, she grew close to Israel the most. He helped her plenty with boy troubles, school work. He was charming and funny. She knew she'd miss him greatly. The car ride to the airport was quiet. No one spoke a word in the car. Ava's insides were stirring to the point where her stomach started doing back-flips. She was that nervous.

Soon enough the family arrived and Israel got out the car first to fetch Ava's suitcases. Flori handed Ava her backpack while they all walked inside the airport. Ava didn't have long to check herself in and to get on the plane. Her minutes where closing in; this would be the last few moments she'd have before she had to leave. Turning round towards Flori, her eyes brimmed with tears as she went to hug her. Jose soon put his arms around the both of them. Both Flori and Jose would sure miss her.

"Me prometo que se comportará sí?"


"Fernando se cuida de usted pétalo." Jose muttered.

Ava smiled. Jose had called her petal. It was a nickname he gave her after she came home one day from the fields behind the Torres household. Ava was covered in yellow flower petals. Soon Jose and Flori let go so she could say her goodbyes to Israel and Mari. Ava gave Mari a quick hug before she went over to Israel who looked down at her before he engulfed her in a long hug. She wrapped her arms around his torso and placed her head on his chest. Ava heard the announcer that called out her flight, time really wasn't on her side today.

"Be good amor," whispered Israel before giving a kiss to her forehead and letting her go.

When Ava looked back at the four of them standing there in front of her, the look on their faces made her heart wrench. Flori was in tears being consoled by Jose. Mari wasn't as distraught as her mother but a look of sorrow appeared on her face and Israel had a look of plead; he didn't want her to go. She picked up her suitcase and gave them one last look before turning round and walking the opposite way.

Next stop: London, England.
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Me prometo que se comportará sí (Promise me you will behave yes?)
Fernando se cuida de usted pétalo (Fernando will take good care of you petal)

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