Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations


It was that time of year again for Halloween. It not only meant scary costumes, lots of candy and carving pumpkins, but it was also the weekend. Everybody went wild with shopping in preparation to celebrate the big holiday. While kids would be eating toffee apples and walking round neighborhoods shouting 'trick or treat?, adults would be in clubs sipping cocktails and drinking martinis.

It was two days before the occasion. Due to the actual Halloween day being on a Monday, thousands of bars and clubs around London were to be holding huge parties in them later that Saturday night. A lot of people felt this as a huge relief as they wouldn't have to get up Monday morning for work while suffering from a large mass of a hangover. To them it was just an excuse to go out and get drunk.

Latoya and Ava had spent the day carving pumpkins and decorating their house from the outside to the inside. In total, they had carved 8 pumpkins together. Latoya had bought lots of confetti and she sprinkled it all around the building while Ava had decorated the walls with cobwebs and glow in the dark ghost stickers. The living room had numerous candles spread around, making everything glow and give off the dark spooky effect. Both girls sighed in satisfaction at their work as they chewed on pieces of gummy sweets.

"I think our work payed off." Latoya said happily. Ava nodded in agreement. By the time the two best friends had finished decorating everything, the clock struck 7'O clock. "Damn, I didn't realise it was that late."

"I guess it's time to start our spookaholic marathon." Ava grinned and jumped on the sofa grabbing the DVD's from her box collection. It was a tradition for the pair. They started it back in 2009 and after that, it became a thing for them to do together every Halloween. Although the pair weren't the biggest fans on horror movies, they watched cartoons instead that had Halloween specials. "What shall we watch first? Tom and Jerry? Ooh, how about Casper? Scooby Doo?"

"Actually, I thought we could go out tonight instead." The brunette replied. She bit her lip and looked at Ava who was gawking back at her. "I even bought us costumes."

"Tell me you didn't?" Ava frowned.

"Come on A! We aren't kids any more. Lets go out and have some fun. Besides, you are going to love your outfit." Latoya disappeared from the room and came back down seconds later, holding two different costumes in her hand.

"You have got to be joking! Please tell me I'm wearing the pirate outfit." Ava exclaimed while grimacing at the other.

"No that's mine, You...are wearing this one." Latoya said indicating to the Mad Hatter dress. Both outfits were really colourful, that they stood out in the dim light. Latoya's pirate outfit was an all in one light blue and black tutu style dress. It had been custom made. Ava's outfit had a black and purple waistcoat with an attached ruffled blue tutu skirt. The outfit also came with a detachable train with an attached bow which would be fitted on at the back. Due to the dress being short, Ava wasn't exactly sure about it.

"I'm not wearing that! I'll look like a complete slut." Latoya rolled her eyes at Ava's wary behavior and reassured the blonde that she'd look amazing.

"You haven't even tried it on yet. Look, we'll both go change and then if we need to, we can add the accessories after."

Ava bit her lip and stared at the Mad Hatter dress. Latoya was right (as always), she'd hadn't even tried the costume on yet. There could be a slight chance she'd like it. Sighing and sitting up, Ava took the dress from Latoya and made her way to the bathroom to change.


A few minutes later, Ava appeared from the bathroom waiting for Latoya to come out of her room. She straightened herself up and began putting on the accessories. Along with the dress, a satin blue bow came with it and a small blue top hat. She put the bow on first by placing it over her head and tugged it down to her neck. Next she put on the headband and made sure the hat was secure so it wouldn't drop off. Luckily, it was on a headband. After Ava had finished, Latoya emerged from her room. The girls took one look towards one another before bursting out into a fit of giggles.

"Damn girl, you look great." Ava smiled at her friend's compliment.

"You look amazing. Better than me anyway." She reassured Latoya who scoffed back, giving the girl a glare. It didn't take the pair long to complete their look. They finished putting on their make-up and heels before heading out to the car, driving their way to find a fancy nightclub.


On the other side of Cobham, Fernando was getting ready to go out with his friends, David Luiz and Juan Mata. Despite losing their 3-5 win to Arsenal earlier that day, a few of the Chelsea players had decided to go out later that night. Fernando had already taken the kids trick-or-treating after he got back from the match. Nora dressed up as a cute little fairy while Leo had on a giant orange pumpkin costume. As ever, the kids had too much fun and were now tucked up in bed fast asleep.

Fernando finished dressing up by putting on a medium sized black top hat. Tonight he was going out as the Mad Hatter and he didn't fancy going over the top. He wore black trousers, a white buttoned shirt with a black and white checkered waistcoat over it, a black bow and smart black shoes. He also wore a long black coat suit over his waistcoat to complete the look. When Olalla walked into the bedroom, she was astounded to what her husband was wearing, that she had to blink twice. "What the hell are you wearing?" She exclaimed. Fernando turned round to look at his wife who had disbelief written all over her face.

"This is my outfit, for tonight. In fact I should be leaving as of right now." He replied. The Spaniard didn't have time to listen to Olalla's rants. He was hardly in the mood for them any more because soon after Ava had left their home, a few days later he'd given up completely listening to his wife. He didn't mean to but she was no longer the same woman he married. The love vanished. He noticed the change in her attitude, her personality. One minute the couple would argue, the next in one swift motion, she'd hang on to Fernando by a thread. She wouldn't let him out of her sight. The only possible thing that kept them together was their children.

Olalla blocked Fernando's path, stopping him from leaving the room. This irritated him more than anything. It was alright for her to wonder off and go places, but when it came to him, she'd never let him go from her grasp. Fernando was stuck. He could never stand up to her. However tonight, he was going to.

Her hand ran slowly up his chest and played with the collar on his coat. She looked at him through her long eyelashes and smiled sweetly. "You wouldn't really choose your friends over me now would you Fernando?" She purred. "You don't have to go, I mean, we could always have our own fun here." The back of her palm stroked Fernando's cheek and her fingers curled round lifting his head up slightly. She pressed a firm kiss to his neck and he gulped. 'Tell her no' Fernando's mind kept repeating as his heart began beating faster. He had to stop her before it carried on too far. He pushed her gently away from him and her eyes snapped open.

"I can't, not tonight," he confessed leaving Olalla's frown to turn into disgust. "Lo siento," he said and he walked out the room while Olalla raging silently to herself. Just as Fernando got outside, a black Audi car had pulled up outside his house. Climbing in, he was greeted by David Luiz, Raul Meireles and Juan Mata. The trio drove off from Cobham and headed off into the city. What the night was about to bring, no one knew. But they were expecting a surprisingly fun yet messy night.


Ava and Latoya soon reached their destination within the last half hour. They had spotted a bar called 'King Club'. It wasn't easy, but somehow the pair managed to find somewhere in the end. Latoya parked the car and the girls made their way to the entrance where a bouncer was standing. Multiple guys began staring, mostly at Ava which led to making her feel uncomfortable with the costume she was wearing. A number of men were dressed as vampires, werewolves and zombies. Latoya and Ava walked up to security who checked their ID's and then let the girls pass.

Once they'd got inside, the two girls noticed how cramped and packed it was. They hadn't been inside long and the heat was powerful. The music thumped throughout the whole building and spotlights flashed in all kind of directions. Latoya interlocked her hand with Ava's so she wouldn't lose her in the crowd. The girls headed straight for the bar. Ava ordered herself a cocktail made with chocolate milk and Bacardi topped off with whipped cream and a chocolate flake. Latoya chose to have a mojito drink. Ava took a sip and was left in delight of how nice it actually was. The smooth creamy mixture ran down her tongue and the strong taste of Bacardi burned her throat.

"Lets go find a table." Latoya said, paying the bartender and then interlocked hands with Ava's again; she guided them both through the crowd. Unfortunately, as Ava was about to pass someone she accidently bumped into them. Whoever it was had spilled a bit of the drink onto her costume and when she looked up, Ava gawked into the eyes of someone she wasn't expecting to see.
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