Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Two Mad Hatters

"I'm so sorry." The man apologized. Ava laughed in embarrassment.

"Its alright, seriously. No harm done." She replied. Ava looked up at the male and properly took time to register his features. Dark short hair, tall posture and lean form., As she finished inspecting, her conclusion was correct. She soon came to realise that the guy standing next to her was another familiar footballer. Robin Van Persie to be exact.

"Hey, I know you." Latoya shrieked breaking Robin and Ava's gaze away from one another. "You're that bloke who plays for the gunners." Ava rolled her eyes at her friend and sent a sweet smile to the footballer.

"I must apologize for my friend, she's kinda tipsy." Latoya slapped Ava on her arm and pointed a finger at her.

"I've only had one drink."

"You're a lightweight." Ava reassured. The brunette huffed in silence and casually sipped back on her drink. Robin could only laugh at the girl. A round full of cheers came from behind Ava, taking her by surprise. Robin and Ava both turned around to see a group full of guys jumping up and down on the top floor balcony of the club. Ava knitted her eyebrows as she watched them. Due to it being dark, she couldn't quite recognize any of them but they were very loud.

"I see the Chelsea boys have joined us." Robin confirmed. Ava whipped her head round to look at the dutch footballer who was grinning. "Mad lot they are. but they sure do know how to party, I'll give em that." Ava bit her lip and couldn't help but have the thought of Fernando being here on her mind. 'He couldn't be, could he?' She wondered. As the flashes of white shown down on all the footballers who were hanging over the railing of the balcony, Ava's suspicion confirmed correct. He was there on the end standing next to Juan Mata and Frank Lampard who were to his left. The blonde glanced down and Latoya could tell her friend was aching. She noticed it the day after she had moved in. For the last few days, Ava had been moping and crying herself to sleep. She'd wake up panting and whispering 'it's all my fault' or 'I'm so sorry'. Latoya sat up with her most of them nights.

"Would you both like to join me? I mean, that's if you'd like to of course?" Robin asked.

"I'd love to." Ava replied smiling. Latoya gave Ava a knowing look and nudged her arm slightly to which the blonde shrugged in return. Robin guided both girls back to his table which wasn't far off from where the Chelsea boys were sat drinking on the balcony. He offered for them to sit down first round a square table.

"Would you like another?" He suggested to their drinks, still standing up.

"That would be nice thank you."

"Latoya, I think one is enough for you for a while." Latoya made a growl noise at her friend and she crossed her arms.

"If I've come out to have fun, I'm going to drink, so hush." She grinned at Robin who simply laughed. "I'll have another martini." He nodded his head and turned his attention on Ava.

"And..for you Miss Hatter?" A flirty smile appeared on his face. Ava blushed and spluttered up an awkward cough.

"I'll have whatever you're having." He nodded and walked away to buy the drinks. Latoya glanced at Ava and shook her head.

"I'll have whatever you're having," she said, intimidating Ava's voice.

"Oh shut up." The blonde replied in a joking matter. Latoya giggled in response.

Robin returned back with the drinks and soon conversations had started. Within the last hour, the small group had gotten to know each other a lot better. Robin learned that both girls were care free, intelligent and that they were both single; he understood what they had both been through and he thought they were strong for sticking up for themselves, especially battling something as hard as therapy. Just as Latoya was about to ask him about the match from earlier on today, two more familiar faces appeared at their table.

"Ey look, it's Van Persie." A voice spoke which sounded pretty much like Ashley Cole.

"Alright mate." He gestured to the footballer before his eyes landed on the two beautiful girls sat next to him. "Who are these lovely ladies then ey Persie?" The other voice said which came from a cheerful John Terry. The two girls bursted into a fit of giggles when John bumped into their table, obviously a bit wasted.


On the other side of the balcony, A tall blonde Spaniard sat next to his buddies. Slowly gulping his Stella beer, Fernando watched as his team mates, John Terry and Ashley Cole walk over to a table not far away from him. His brown eyes gleamed with wariness as they approached and began conversations. He slightly chuckled as he saw his captain fall into the table and held his hand on top to try and gain back his composure.

"Ey look, it's Van Persie." He heard Ashley say. He wasn't too bothered about Robin at the moment because what struck Fernando off the most was the sound of that laughter he'd grown to love. Her laughter. For just a second, he saw a glimpse of her face sitting with her friend in the purple booth. When she stood up to straighten out her skirt, Fernando was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked in her dress that looked perfect on her figure. The way she smiled and how her eyes sparkled when she did. Something else hid behind those dark green eyes. On the outside he could tell she was all smiles but on the inside, Ava was hurting.

Fernando had never felt more guiltier for pushing her away. He only did it because he was scared. Scared as he knew what would have happened if they went too far without keeping their feelings at bay. He couldn't risk his children, his football career. In just two months, Ava changed Fernando for the better. She didn't realise it, but he did. He didn't have to pretend around anyone. He could talk about anything that was troubling him. Ava was like a red hot flame from a fire. She warmed his heart by the way she believed in him. More than anyone ever could and he loved her for that.

"Isn't that Ava over there?" Juan asked Fernando who was beside him. Both of the Spaniards cautiously watched both of the girls at the table from afar. Fernando nodded but didn't say a word as he watched Robin Van Persie put his arm around Ava's waist. Jealousy shot straight through Fernando like a thunderbolt. His eyes darkened as he continued to stare at the pair. The fact she hadn't removed or tried to move away away from Robin irritated him. What happened next angered Fernando even more. He shot up from his seat as he watched Ava lead Robin down towards the dance floor. Juan, who sat quietly next to him, looked up at his best friend. He bit his lip and knew just exactly what he was feeling. The rage set on his features told him that.

Fernando walked over to the barrier and glanced down at the pair who were closely dancing against one another. His hands scrunched tight on the railing as he saw the girl he cared most about, wrapped her arms around the dutch players neck while his hands lingered on her waist. Their faces were close to one another. Before Robin hands could travel down further to Ava's thighs, Fernando agreed he'd had enough and made his way down to the first floor. It took the dancing pair a while to notice the Spaniard standing aside and when Ava finally stopped to glance at Fernando, she gulped seeing his face was hard as stone glaring back at her.

"I think I better leave you two to talk." Robin insisted looking back and forth between Ava and Fernando.

"No, that's not wise." Ava peered at him and declined his proportion but he held up his hand.

"I insist." He smiled down at her.

"Well I don't."

"The man said he insists Ava." Fernando's fury shook through her.

"I have to leave to get back to the hotel now anyway and we leave early tomorrow." Robin silently apologized and gave her a kiss on the cheek which angered Fernando even more. "It was a pleasure to meet you. Give me love to Latoya yeah? Oh and er, I definitely loved the outfit." He finished before awkwardly nodding to Fernando. Robin headed out to the entrance leaving an odd tension to linger between Ava and Fernando.

"What the hell Ava?" He hissed. She glared right back at him.

"I'm not allowed to have fun?" Ava argued.

"Oh! So this is what you call fun? Jumping from one guy to another."

"Excuse me?" She said outraged.

"Jumping one footballer to the next. Who's it gonna be next? My team captain?"

"I can't believe you!" Ava exclaimed, waving her hands around. Her vision was starting to lose focus. She was intoxicated and her body suddenly wasn't feeling too good. The music that was blasting had began making her head thump. "He asked me for o-one dance alright, and since when d-does it bother much? He's married, I'm sure he's not that stupid." She stuttered. Fernando got the impression that she was calling all married footballers stupid.

"Oh thanks, so I'm stupi-"

"I didn't say you were." Ava cried out. By now they had created a scene, a small audience had formed around them watching them bicker. The music had been turned down so half of the club could hear them.

"Since when did you become," he paused glancing down and then quickly looking back at the crowd, to his friends watching on the balcony and then to her, "an uptight bitch?" Fernando scolded. Ava's mouth dropped and she choked back a sob. A small gasp came from the crowd surrounding them. She gulped and eyed the Spaniard. Her eyes darkened as she snatched a guys beer bottle from beside her and she did something she'd never thought she'd have the courage to do. Ava slapped Fernando across the face and poured the beer right on top of Fernando's face. He was left stunned. Pain and regret set on his features; he had pushed her too far.

ā€œIā€™m a uptight bitch huh? Well I guess I have no regrets of doing that.ā€ She sneered and dropped the empty beer. It smashed to the ground and Ava stumbled off straight out the club, leaving everyone inside totally speechless. Latoya stopped half way through her make out session with Juan who watched his best friend slump his shoulder and shake his head before heading out chasing after Ava.
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Well that was dramatic.

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