Sequel: Bittersweet
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Sweet Temptations

Admitting Things Isn't Easy

When Fernando finally made his way outside, he frantically looked around to see if he could find Ava. Unfortunately for him, she was nowhere to be seen. The crowd who were waiting in line to go inside soon spotted the male footballer and they all began shouting his name. Sending a small smile and waving at them generously, Fernando walked in the other direction away from the club.

The panic started to rise in Fernando's stomach as it now had been 15 minutes since he'd left the club and set off to search for Ava who was still nowhere in sight. If he didn't find her soon, he knew he'd be in so much trouble. Not only with his parents but with Latoya too. As if she'd hadn't despised him enough already. If anything had happened to the young woman, Fernando would never forgive himself.

"Ava!" He desperately cried out. Fernando stopped and rested himself against a wall to catch his breath. He ran a hand through his sweaty hair and tried to contain himself from breaking down. Fernando never cried except when it mattered. Like the time when his daughter Nora was born or when Spain had won the Euro's 2008 and the World Cup back in 2010.

As Fernando was about to call out for her again, a silent sniffling sound came from close by. Fernando regained his composure and took small steps following to where the soft crying was coming from. There in a dark comer behind a small shop, was a woman with her knees huddled up against her chest, quivering. Fernando walked closer until he could fully see her. He knelt down in front of her and took in Ava's features. He noticed her tear stained cheeks, the black smudges of eyeliner from where she'd been crying and rubbing her eyes.

"Ava." Fernando whispered quietly. She didn't look up at the Spaniard, not once. When he lifted up her chin with his delicate fingers, Ava suddenly flinched at his touch and swatted his hand away.

"Don't touch me." she snapped. Fernando winced at her outburst.

"Ava, listen to me I-"

"Why should I?" She asked. Fernando's shoulders slumped and he sighed.

"You shouldn't, but I just need you to know how sorry..I truly am." Ava glanced up at Fernando and saw the amount of sincere in his eyes. She sniffled and her eyes flickered down again. Fernando eyed her actions as she played with the end of her tutu skirt. The girl looked so broken. A small twinge of guilt shot through him because he knew he was the one that caused it. He should have known better to play with someones feelings, especially a young woman's heart. Deep down, he genuinely did care about her. He just let the jealousy and anger get the better of him. "I know I cannot make it up to you with a simple apology and I know I've let you down. Two minutes after you walked straight out of that club tonight, I regretted what I said to you instantly or when you moved out just the other day, I gave it a day to accept that you really had gone and I couldn't bare it because straight after you walked out of that house, I knew I wouldn't be able to live with it." Ava listened calmly, understanding his explanation. "You've made things a lot different than ever before. You gave me a sense of belief that's made me stronger. I can finally stand up for myself now, to prove that I am worthy of something, that I can do anything if I just believe in myself. If I'd thank anybody for that it's you Ava. Mi pétalo."

Ava's head shot up at the Spaniards last few words. "What did you just call me?" Fernando's eyebrows knitted together as he looked at her curiously and repeated the last line again. He confined it in English.

"Petal." He mumbled. In a small glimpse, a smile had formed on Ava's face. She let out a cheery sniffle and a quiet laugh. Fernando's heart melted at the sound of her laughter. It reminded him of Nora's little chuckle as Ava's just sounded so much like a child's. Her laughter was one thing that attracted him about her.

"José called me petal, all the time." Fernando gleamed as he looked down at her. His hand lingered towards hers and he stroked the back of her hand gently. "It was my nickname. Everyday in the summer, I'd go up to the field behind the back of the house. You know the one where you used to play football in your teens? I probably spent most of my time up there sitting and gazing in the fresh green grass. It was so peaceful with the birds singing happily and the bees buzzing. I'd lie for hours reading or playing with the tambourine Flori gave to me. It settled me down. Then, when it got too hot, I'd go and sit under the large apple tree. One day, as I was about to go back for dinner, I lost my balance climbing down from the tree. My foot slipped off the branch and I landed in a flowerbed. I scraped my knee." Ava showed Fernando the tiny scar that was on her thigh. He touched the scar lightly with his fingertips and Ava trembled from the contact of his skin on hers.

His eyes flickered back up to hers as he traced small strokes. "What happened?" He asked.

"I landed pretty hard obviously. The flowers saved me from breaking any bones though," she chuckled. "I looked a complete mess. Dirt from the soil on my clothes, not to mention the rip on my shorts which your mother scolded me for." Fernando snickered at this. "Not forgetting the flower petals in my hair either, Dios mío."

"Well I guess that explains the nickname my padre gave you."

"Rightly so." Ava replied. "You know, I've never told anyone as much as I've told you about myself."

"Seriously? Not even Latoya?" He asked astounded.

"Not even her. We're close, but some things I chose not to tell her. Don't tell her I said that. I want to keep special memories to myself." She said.

"So, why tell me?" It took a while for Ava to respond back to Fernando as she stared at the male.

"Because I trust you." She finally answered, a smile appeared on his face. The distance closed between them as Fernando pressed his lips on Ava's. His hands held her by the neck as she wrapped her own around Fernando's pulling him closer. Their lips moved in sync with each before Fernando's tongue trailed her lips begging for entrance which she allowed. It became hot and urgent, emotions fully revealed. They pulled away for a second to catch their breaths, eyes still closed and noses brushed against one another. Ava captured his lips once more and eventually pulled away from him. Her nose scrunched up in disgust and Fernando only looked back at her curiously.

"Why'd you break the kiss?"

Ava let out a giggle and he awed at her. "Lo siento, but you reek of beer." Fernando bursted out in laughter.

"Well, you did pour half a bottle of beer over me." He responded.

The two laughed together. The October chill sent a shiver up Ava's spine. Her body began to tremble at the coldness and Fernando noticed. He took off his long coat and wrapped it around her shoulders and she silently thanked him. Ava felt the warmth around her shoulders off of Fernando's coat and she rubbed her arms adding additional warm. She closed her eyes as a large pain throbbed in her head and she felt the sickly feeling in her stomach. Ava groaned in displease.

"Estás bien? Qué pasa?" Fernando asked worriedly placing a hand to her cheek.

"I don't feel so good." The girl whimpered, feeling even worse that ever. Fernando checked her forehead and felt how hot she was. He stood and pulled Ava up with him.

"You're burning up a fever amor. We need to go, we can't stay here." He slung his arm around her waist to help her walk; he brought her closer to him giving Ava extra closure and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Where are we going?" Ava stuttered. Fernando was silent as he guided them both away to find them both some shelter.
♠ ♠ ♠
Estás bien - Are you okay?
Qué pasa? - What's wrong?
Amor - Love
Dios mío - oh my god

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