Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Healing the Sick

When Fernando stepped through Whyndham Grand Hotel's lobby, he noticed the multiple strangers around him eyeing the Spaniard curiously. It may have looked odd as he was a known footballer carrying an unknown woman in his arms. Ava's legs struggled to keep up with Fernando's and they eventually gave in on her, leaving Fernando to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way. Her fever had gotten worse. Ava complained she was too hot and then she was too cold. Her breathing became shallow and her eyes drooped a lot. Only Fernando could offer her a simple gesture by kissing her forehead and telling her to hang on in there as they came close to a hotel nearby.

Fernando had made his way towards the reception area where a short young woman greeted him. She was a little spooked at first because she knew who he was but she managed to calm herself as she gave him a welcoming smile. “Hello sir, how can I help you?” She asked.

“Do you have a room available?” The tall Spaniard requested. The woman known as 'Sally' turned to the screen of her computer and checked her clipboard to see if there were any available rooms. She frowned and looked back at Fernando.

“I'm sorry sir, but we do not have any rooms available. Due to the carnival this weekend and it being Halloween, we're fully booked I'm afraid.”

Fernando bit his lip and glanced down. He watched the girl who stirred in his arms and spotted the tiny creases form on her forehead. Ava started to sweat and breath more heavily. Fernando sighed.

“I wouldn't ask if I was desperate.” The worry set on his features panicked the girl on the counter as she looked back and forth between him and the woman he was carrying. She nodded and tried to regain an idea.

“I'll go see what I can do.” Sally walked off leaving Fernando waiting in front of the desk.

“F-Fernando.” Ava stirred, opening her eyes slightly.

“Shh amor, everything's gonna be alright now.” Fernando hushed her, gently kissing her forehead and removed the hair from her eyes. Ava slowly relaxed herself back into his strong arms, her energy completely drained from her. Footsteps drew Fernando out his gaze as they came closer and when he looked back up, Sally was standing there with an unknown man beside her.

“Good evening Mr. Torres. I hope you are well. May it be a pleasure in welcoming you to Wyndham Grand. Now, how may we help you?” The kind man asked. According to his name badge, he was the manager.

“Gracias,” He thanked Darren. Sally swooned at Fernando's thick Spanish accent but the look Darren gave her told her to stop it immediately. “I need a room, preferably for tonight only. You see my friend,” he glanced down at Ava who shook at the sudden coldness that blew onto her skin. Darren's face became very concerned as he looked to the pale girl in Fernando's arms. “She's sick. Ava needs comfort, food and warmth right now; if we don't do something, she could get rea-”

“Say no more young man, Sally order the kitchen staff immediately, get Warren to prepare the deluxe suit-”

“But sir, that room's confidential only.” Sally unapproved.

“We have a guest Sally if you hadn't noticed. Do as I say.”

“Yes sir.” The young girl understood, before running off into the elevator.

“I'll call an ambulance, she made need a doctor.” Darren said, picking up the phone and dialling 999.

“I cannot thank you enough.” Fernando said vaguely. Darren nodded and sent him a smile.

“I'm not doing this just for you, I'm doing this on behalf of your friend. Lets hope on our sake we aren't too late.” Both men eyed down Ava who continued to whimper in discomfort.


Fernando carried Ava to the elevator with Darren walking beside him. The deluxe room was on a private floor. When they got inside the suite, Sally and Warren were finishing off prepping the room. Fernando rushed towards the bed and lay Ava down on it. She was pressed up against the pillows so she could sit up. Sally and Darren watched Fernando inquisitively as he took one of her hands in his while his other touched her forehead. His hand flinched back at the chilly touch.

“She's cold. I'm going to need to change her clothes. We need to keep her warm.”

“I'll go and see if I can find any spare clothes,” said Sally, soon leaving the room.

“The ambulance is on its way, I'll send them up when you're ready.”

“Gracias.” uttered Fernando.


Seeing as Ava was unable to undress herself, Fernando decided to help her instead. She was a little hesitant at first but he insisted because she'd be struggling after having no energy. Sally had brought Fernando a clean towel, a white buttoned blouse and some grey pajama bottoms. As she left the room, Fernando began taking off the long black coat he let Ava borrow.

"What happened to the purple jacket you were wearing?" He asked.

"Mm, lost it." Ava mumbled. Fernando simply laughed at her mumble and unattached both sides of her corset that were latched on to her skirt. He lifted the material over her head. Ava quickly removed her bra without Fernando seeing as she covered herself up with her arms in embarrassment. Her cheeks flushed and she bit her lip as she looked across from him. Fernando grabbed the blouse and lifted each arm at a time. Ava buttoned her shirt with a little help from Fernando who's hands shook a bit. This was the first time he'd come in to contact with Ava who was showing a shed load of skin. He coughed in awkwardness and straightened out Ava's shirt. Next, Fernando's hands made their way down to her waist to remove her tutu skirt. He slowly pulled it down and Ava watched him closely as he gently stroked her calf. She closed her eyes at the bliss feeling but when she no longer felt the sensuality, her eyes snapped back open.

"Don't stop," she said quickly. Just as she was about register at what she'd said, Fernando's head shot up to look at the blonde and then kissed her. It was a simple short peck and when he pulled away, Ava, looked deep into his brown eyes.

"I'm gonna need you to stand up Ava." Fernando ordered. She silently nodded and with his help, he pulled her up, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"Don't let me fall."

"I won't, prometo."

Fernando held each one of Ava's legs, placed them into the grey pajama bottoms and settled her back down on the bed. Ava rested back up against the pillows. When Fernando went to the door and looked out into the corridor, there were two ambulance men. A young man stood carrying a tray of food and Sally standing across from Darren.

"We're ready," said Fernando.


Within the last few minutes, Fernando waited patiently outside the deluxe room. He wished he could have been in there with Ava as she was crying out for him. Fernando didn't want to leave Ava on her own but the ambulance crew told him to leave and he left with no objection. A constant buzzing sound came from one of Fernando's pockets and when he took out his phone, he had three messages all from his wife.

'Where are you?'
'Are you coming home amor?'
'This is ridiculous, ring me por favor'

Fernando rolled his eyes. He began to text Olalla back until a sharp cry shrieked from inside the room. Fernando suddenly felt restless as the fright shuck him. Ava's scream took him off guard. He didn't like the sound of it one bit. The door immediately opened by one of the crew while the other still hovered by Ava's bedside. The man by the door suggested Fernando to come in.

"What's wrong with her?" Fernando asked suddenly. The man beside the bed looked to the Spaniard with a soothed expression.

"She has Hypothermia." Fernando felt like he had been kicked in the gut. His throat went dry as he swallowed nervously. "Will she be alright?"

"We checked her pulse and we also checked her body temperature which turned out to be 28°C. It's dropped below the expected body temperature. We gave her a shot of insulin and some antibiotics which should stop her from shivering and calm her body down. She'll be in discomfort for quite some time. The only advice we can only offer you now, is that you keep her warm, extra blankets, clothes, anything to stop her temperature from falling back down. Hot drinks but no alcohol. No hot baths because it will send her body into shock." Fernando nodded and registered all the information he was given. "If anything changes, you must call us straight away." Fernando nodded and thanked the emergency men as they both left and he closed the door. Locking the suite, Fernando returned to Ava's beside and lay down. He pulled her body against his own and then wrapped his arm around her. His chin rested on the top of her head as she curled up into him.

"How're you feeling amor?" He whispered. Ava shuddered at his breath near to her ear; she grabbed hold of him tight and relaxed herself in his embrace feeling his body warmth.

"Safe." Fernando smiled down at her when she said this. "Better than earlier," she said, a small smile appearing on her face. Fernando kissed her head and swept away the hair that stuck to her face.

"Glad to hear it." He replied as he watched the girl settle in his arms and sighed as she slowly went to sleep.
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Things are back to normal for the pair now and Ava got sick sadly but will everything turn out okay? or will it all come crashing down again? Let me know what you think :)

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