Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Affectionate Moments

Ava woke in the early hours of the morning. Her lazy eyes adjusted to the black darkness that surrounded the room. Her breathing halted as the felt the strong arm that was wrapped around her waist, holding her tight. When she rose up slowly, Ava was facing across from Fernando who slept soundly. His chest rose back and forth at a steady pace. Ava awed as she watched the Spaniard sleep peacefully.

There wasn't a minute when Fernando had left her since she'd fell asleep quietly in his arms. He wanted to be her side at all times encase something happened. Ava's fever had settled down as the antibiotics kicked in. Her shivering also stopped due to her body beginning to feel the warmth. Ava's hand lingered down towards Fernando's left hand where she played with his wedding ring. Fernando twitched slightly as Ava ran one of her fingers over the silver band and traced the markings on the top. She was left stunned on how beautiful it was.

As Ava kept inspecting his ring, she didn't notice Fernando wake up and he watched her quietly. "What are you doing?" He asked rather amused. Ava jumped in fright from the sound of his thick sleepy accent. Her eyes shot up to his and saw the curious expression on his face.

"I was only inspecting it," she replied. Fernando gave a small nod and lay his head back down on his pillow; he looked at Ava curiously while stroking her cheek.

"Marriage is something to look forward to in the future. You spend half of it thinking about who you wanna spend the rest of your life with, whether you've found the rest person or not."

"What about you?" Fernando questioned. Ava stared at him and thought carefully about her answer. An unpleasant feeling shot within her gut. She knew the dangers of seeing a married man. She wasn't quite sure what they were. Lovers? no, friends? yes. They hadn't gone too far with their chemistry, just a few kisses here and there. Of course she found the Spaniard attractive but Ava got the bad idea of someone eventually finding out before it went too far. Ava was falling for the footballer each day. Just by the way he'd be around her, how he kissed her with so much affection or how he generally cared for her. There was nothing she could do unless she stopped it. Ava didn't want to be the reason for Fernando's marriage ending and she couldn't risk him losing his beloved children.

"I've found someone. He's simply charming. He's funny, caring, supportive. He's good looking...but overall he's amazing. That's just it. He already has a life of his own and I can't take that away from him. That's why I can't have him." She answered tearfully.

"But why would that stop you?" Ava took a deep breath and looked towards the Spaniard.

"Because he belongs to someone else."

There was an odd flicker of silence after their deep conversation. No one had said another word. For just a second, after Ava has answered Fernando's question, the nagging feeling on his mind knew exactly who she was talking about. He wasn't stupid. He'd figured it out since she that night where she told him about her past history with the scars on her wrist.

"How're you feeling amor?" Fernando asked suddenly, switching the subject slightly. He didn't want to cause anymore awkwardness between them than there already was.

"Tired obviously." Ava said sarcastically. Fernando rolled his eyes and let out a quiet laugh.

"In general?"

"My fever's not so bad now."

"Me alegra verte así fue dolorosa."

"I didn't mean to worry you." Ava mumbled. "Lo siento."

"No no, it's not your fault corazón." Fernando pulled her closer to him and Ava wrapped her arms around his neck in return., settling down in Fernando's embrace again. Her mind was telling her to let go, push him away but she wouldn't. The feeling felt right. She was protected. Without disturbing Fernando who'd turn quiet, Ava shut her eyes, the sleep whisking her away.


"Hmm?" Ava droned, eyes still shut.

"Can I ask you something?" Fernando's voice said quietly.

"Depends what it is."

"Your parents?" Ava lay still and her breathing hitched. "If you had the chance to be reunited with them, would you take it?"

Ava was speechless. She'd never been asked a serious question as such as that one. No one spoke a word of Ava's birth parents except when Olalla had brought them up last month. The girl felt emotional just thinking about it.

"I suppose most people would say no in some circumstances. I mean, at the time I was too young to understand why they even gave me up, I thought it was selfish as I grew older. Being around different people and knowing your own family didn't want you or they didn't love you enough, it hurts Fernando." Ava said letting out a small sob. "I hate them for it and at the same time, I desperately want to see them again. I want to know the truth, I want to know why but, I know it'll never happen." Ava broke down and Fernando sat up quickly placing Ava on his lap. He stared up at her as she looked back down into his beautiful brown eyes, the look of sorrow on his face.

"I'm gonna do what it takes to find them," he whispered, wiping Ava's tears away.

"You'd do that?" She gulped. "For me?"

"I'd do anything for you Ava." The way Fernando said her name sent chills up Ava's spine. Fernando closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers. One of his hands moved from her waist and rested on her back, just under her shirt. The kiss became heated and full of passion as Ava started to unbutton his shirt. She broke the kiss and removed the shirt off of his body, throwing it to one side. Her hands gently slid up his toned chest and wrapped themselves around his neck, playing with the end strands of his hair.

Fernando took control by laying her down slowly on the bed. He sat up undoing his belt and stepped out of his pants before settling his body on top of hers. Their eyes focused on one another for a moment and their lips gradually reconnected. Fernando's hands began working on Ava's buttoned shirt, opening a button at a time. Her breathing hitched as Fernando kissed each bit of exposed skin that appeared and slowly slid the shirt down her arms and Ava trembled from his touch. His eyes filled with lust as he gazed all over her skin.

Sudden flashbacks came back to Ava's mind. Her eyes closed and shot open, over and over again. The scenes of a young 16 year old crying, shouting, screaming for help in an alley way. The urgent pleas of a girl telling the vile man to let go. When Ava opened her eyes for the final time, she stared at Fernando, panting hard.

"Tu eres tan hermosa." Fernando mumbled leaving kisses down her neck to in between her breasts and making his way down her stomach till he was between her legs. His eyes flickered up to hers before he tugged on her lace short and began to pull them down until a strong shriek came from Ava. Fernando stopped and glanced back at the girl lying there with a look of panic on her face. The Spaniard suddenly became very alarmed.

"Stop!" The blonde let out a few tears. "Please." Fernando knelt back on his knees and scooted over to Ava's side. "Lo siento."

"Shh it's alright amor." Fernando said, kissing her side temple.

"I just...I can't, I'm not ready." Fernando nodded understanding what the girl was trying to tell him. He didn't want to make Ava feel more uncomfortable than she already was. He couldn't take her virginity without it actually meaning something. "It's not you, don't think that for a second nando because it's not and you didn't lead me on or force me. Believe me, I wanted to and I though-but I just..."

"Hey, listen, I respect your decision si? It's fine. So what if you're not ready? I'm sure when the time comes, you will be because you'll know, it'll feel right." A smile formed on Fernando's face as she looked down in embarrassment. He gave her a short sweet kiss on the lips as if to say 'everything will be just fine' before pulling her down with him. She curled into his body and he rested his head on her shoulder, both attempting to go back to sleep.
♠ ♠ ♠
Me alegra verte así fue dolorosa - I'm glad, seeing you like that was painful
Tu eres tan hermosa - You're so beautiful

Do you think Ava did the right thing by stopping herself from sleeping with Fernando? Will there be awkwardness between the two from now on or will it bring them closer than ever? Let me know what you think :)

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