Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

The Mystery Man

The next morning, Ava awoke to an empty bed. She sat up and frantically searched the room to spot the Spaniard who was nowhere in sight but the faint sound of water running came from the en suite bathroom. Getting out of bed and checking the time, Ava began putting on her clothes. As she began buttoning up her white blouse, Fernando walked out from the shower. The pair stared at one another intently before he broke away from her gaze and Ava looked down in shame. When Ava was ready, she sat down waiting for Fernando who was silently finishing off dressing himself. Not once did he look or speak to her. To her, it felt like she didn't even exist at the moment in the room until she caught his attention.

"Ready?" He asked. She nodded and soon, the two headed their way downstairs.


When the pair arrived at the hotels lounge, Fernando was in front with Ava lagging behind him. A middle aged woman greeted them as they made their way to one of the tables to have breakfast. Food was already served on plates by the time they'd sat down. There was various types of cereal, drinks, fruit and savories for spreading on toast, waffles, tea cakes or pancakes.

Fernando and Ava both ate in silence until a sheer delight of giggles came from the entrance of the lounge and a stern voice told them off. Ava spun around in her seat as she recognized the girls voice. Heading her away was Latoya with Juan Mata beside her. Both had their hands interlocked and once the girl noticed Ava, she let go and legged it down to the table where Ava and Fernando sat.

"Ava!" The two best friends engulfed into a massive hug. "Oh my god." Latoya squeezed Ava tight who was barely breathing at the point. Ava pulled back and the brunette gave her a sharp look. "Don't you ever answer your bloody phone? I was so worried about you, dios mio."

"I'm sorry, I don't have my phone on me. I guess I lost it."

"You didn't lose it Ava, I have it right here." Fernando interrupted. He showed the phone to the pair to which Ava then snatched it out of his hand.

"Why did you steal my phone?" She asked, slightly pissed off. She checked her phone and saw she had 6 missed calls, 3 of them were from Israel. "Shit." Ava thought.

"Yeah, why Fernando?" Latoya intervened. Ava held up her hand at the girl as if to say 'stop it'.

"I didn't steal it," he replied glaring at Latoya before looking to Ava. "I took it because you dropped it last night remember? When your legs gave out on you and I had to carry you here?" Ava shook her head, traces of last night were vanished except what happened in the early hours of the morning.
"You don't remember? No, because you were sick." He snapped. His anger shocked Ava. Why was he suddenly all angry again?

"What? and that's my fault?" Ava asked.

"Excuse me, sick? What as in hangover sick or just a cold sick?"

"As in Hypothermia sick." Latoya's eyes widened as she looked from Ava to Fernando and she felt the fury running through her.

"If Ava got sick because of you Torres," she spat "you'll be waking up tomorrow without both of your legs-" Fernando slammed both of his hands on the table as he glared down at the brunette who returned the expression back. Ava was more than fed up now.

"Enough!" She yelled. Everyone was taken aback by her outburst and Juan awkwardly stood to the side. Fernando and Latoya eyed the blonde. "I came down here to eat breakfast, not to have an argument," she said hinting at Latoya. "And you," she looked at Fernando who stiffened at her voice. "Why the anger again all of a sudden? I appreciate everything you did for me last night even if I can't remember half of the things that happened but there's no need for you to shout at me or my best friend." Ava then returned to her seat to continue eating and huffed a massive sigh. Latoya and Juan soon joined Ava and Fernando's table shortly after.


Since the outburst, Fernando had apologized to both Ava and Latoya who somewhat started to forgive him after what he did for her friend and then he commenced conversations with Juan. Every so often, Ava would spot Fernando checking his phone. Something was nagging him because he'd either roll his eyes or he let out an aggravated sigh. Ava was about to ask him if he was okay until her mobile started ringing loudly. She silently apologized to those in the lounge who were staring at the girl with slight irritated expressions.

"Hello." She answered, eating small chunks of fruit with a fork from her cereal bowl.

"You look so much like your mother." came a dark voice. Ava froze in her seat and swallowed her food in fright.

"Who is this?" Fernando's eyes watched her curiously.

"Ava isn't it? I've heard a lot about you."

"How do you know my name?" She demanded nervously. There was complete silence on the end but there was a flicker of movement in the background. Ava took a deep breath as she looked around the room, looking for some sort of sign for the unknown voice. "How did you get this number?" She asked. Panic set in her voice.

"Let's say, I know your parents quite well. Enough to be enemies in fact." The creepy voice ran chills through Ava, making her blood turn cold. "Is that Fernando Torres you're sitting with? My my, quite the person aren't you?"

"Where are you? How do you know where I am?" Before he could answer, the line hung up leaving Ava staring at her phone in horror.

"Who was that?" Latoya asked. When Ava didn't answer, the brunette touched her friends hand who still hadn't moved but when the contact was made, it snapped Ava out her gaze. She faintly jumped in her chair.

"Ava? What's wrong?" Fernando asked.

"She looks like she's seen a ghost." Juan said.

"He knows my name," she told them. "He knew my parents and he saw me with you." She looked to Fernando who inspected the room to find the mysterious phone caller.

"I think we should leave." Fernando said. Everyone else agreed and therefore, they left the lounge. Once Ava, Fernando, Juan and Latoya walked out of the hotel, the warm sun hit them and a chilly breeze swept by making them all shudder.

"I think we should be more cautious about this guy, he sounds serious."

"Way to make it sound so bad Fernando." Latoya muttered, crossing her arms.

"All I'm saying is that I don't think we've heard the last of him." He reassured. Latoya rolled her eyes at the Spaniard.

"That's even worse," she groaned. Ava laughed at her friend. The four decided it was time to go separate ways even though Ava didn't want to. Juan and Latoya walked away first seeing the hint Fernando gave them, giving him a moment with Ava alone.

"Be careful corazón. As soon as you hear from this guy again, you call me straight away si?" Ava nodded and bit her lip, looking up at Fernando. "I'll call you, prometo." Fernando kissed her cheek before jogging off to catch up with Juan. The last thing she heard was from Latoya behind her.

"Boy, you both are in deep now." Boy was Latoya right!
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