Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

The Parcel

It was a week till Ava's birthday and she still hadn't decided on how to celebrate her 21st. Considering what happened at the club last month, Ava didn't feel like going clubbing. Latoya suggested she should hold a party and invite those who are close to her but she didn't know a lot of people. Latoya then suggested the pair should go on vacation but because of their new jobs, they wouldn't be able to.

Things had changed for the better for Ava over the last few weeks. She'd got a job at a local playschool called 'Get Arty' where she'd help out and supervise small children for parents who couldn't afford to put their children in a play school or day care. At 'Get Arty', Ava would teach and show the kids how to draw simple things like an animal or an object. They'd do numerous activities together apart from just painting and the kids would all learn different kind of things including English, maths and science. Ava personally loved it because she was overjoyed seeing them every morning and leaving by the end of the day with happy faces.

Apart from her job, things were going well between her and Fernando. As soon as he'd finish training at the Cobham grounds twice a week, he'd visit the daycare center where Ava worked. The children were ecstatic the first time they saw the footballer arrive. Fernando even stuck around to play football with them during break time. There were days when he wouldn't come obviously because he didn't want to make anything suspicious but on match days, him and Juan left the Stadium then went straight to Ava and Latoya's house.

"Maybe we should go out for a meal." Latoya said, finishing her last piece of buttered sliced toast.

"Latoya, it's my 21st, this is something I want to remember."

"Well you better decide fast, you have a week." Latoya informed the blonde who let out an annoyed sigh. The pair finished their breakfasts and soon headed off to work.


Later that afternoon, Ava drove back from work feeling drained. She had taken the kids to an aquarium that morning and their excitement was almost too much for her to keep up with. During the trip, one of the little girls named Lucy had gotten lost while Ava was taking them around different areas in the building. Luckily Ava had found her near the turtle section just as they were about to see the penguins. Fernando visited her earlier that morning to drop off Ava's lunch before he left for training then leaving with a kiss. When he arrived, the kids had greeted him as Mr. Torres. He felt overwhelmed seeing their tiny smiles on their faces gleaming back at him. To Fernando, he absolutely loved seeing Ava with children and better yet, with his, Nora and Leo. Fernando thought she'd make a brilliant mother one day too. Ava brought out the best in them because she was loving, loyal, kind and supportive. He knew she had a rough childhood,. She never got chance to have a proper childhood growing up, so being around younger boys and girls, she felt like a kid herself.

As Ava pulled up into the drive and collected her things from the car, she noticed a white large box on her doorstep. A look of confusion set on her face as she locked her car and headed to the front door. She picked up the parcel and noted how light it was. Whatever was inside, Ava couldn't wait to find out. She walked straight inside the house and placed the parcel on top of the kitchen table. Her first instinct was to call Fernando and so she did. After 4 rings, he picked up.


"I need you to come over right now."

"I'll be there as soon as I can." Fernando said before hanging up. Ava took a deep sigh and sat at the table, patiently waiting for him to arrive.


Fernando arrived at the house no later than 10 minutes. As soon as Ava rang, he was in the middle of eating with Olalla and the children. He said it was an emergency meeting for the Chelsea team and left with no objections from his wife. Fernando walked through to the kitchen and saw Ava sitting there at the kitchen table in front of what looked like a large storage box. Fernando walked over to Ava and pressed a soft kiss against her lips before sitting down next to her.

"What's this?"

"I don't know." Ava replied. "I haven't opened it yet."

Fernando inspected the box all round. His eyes landed on the note that was attached to one of the sides. "There's something written on here." He took the note off and passed it over to Ava. She read it out loud.

"It's time you learnt some facts. If you really want to know why your parents gave you up, open the box and look inside but I should inform you, the clock is ticking." Ava took a deep breath and looked up at the Spaniard. "the clocks is ticking, what does this mean?"

"I don't know, but we're about to find out." Fernando's hand reached for the box lid and Ava carefully watched him as he pulled out a few things at a time. Fernando grabbed piles of papers, old photos, a teddy and jewelry out of the box, spreading them all out onto the table. Ava chose the nearest thing that was closest to her which was an old newspaper from 1989. There was a huge headline on the front in bold lettering 'GARCIA'S MAKE THE DEAL'. Fernando and Ava both eyed it with interest.

"What's it say?"

"Sir Hugh Bidwell stands with two iconic faces Mrs Lucia (left) and Mr Vincent Garcia (right) on what a day is to be known as the day they change many lives in the employment sector. "We plan to make our future for London brighter and better by providing jobs to all. On this great honor, we are pleased to announce that our company has joined forces with three other businesses which we hope to expand abroad in the next few weeks." says Mrs Garcia.

"They were pretty popular then," said Fernando. Ava bit her lip as she took another newspaper but with a smaller tabloid that clearly said 'PROMISES FLUNKED'. There was a picture beside the story which showed Lucia being harassed by paparazzi and Vincent arguing back at them desperately saving his wife from the attacks. Ava frowned as she couldn't quite believe it all.

"There's photos of them here Ava." She looked through them with Fernando and her eyes paused as he stopped on one that caught her off guard. A dark haired woman and a tall dark haired man with a mustache stood together on what looked like their wedding day. "This must be your biological parents." Fernando confirmed. He smiled and looked at Ava who looked back at him questionably. "You just look like her." Ava simply smiled. The next photo turned out to be a picture of a small girl sleeping. When Fernando turned the photo over, 'Ava Garcia' was written faintly on the back.

"Well, don't you look adorable." Fernando commented while laughing. Ava let out a small giggle herself. The pair had spent 30 minutes gazing at all the photos, reading every newspaper article, forms and an old printed birth certificate that Ava spotted in the pile. However, none of this still added up. The blonde was confused and so was the Spaniard.

"I don't get it, why would he send me this?"

"Perhaps he just wants you to know where you came from, the truth about your family," Fernando told Ava. He looked at her with a grief expression. "But...the fact he knows who you are, your parents, Ava he even knows your home address now, I don't know, this isn't right at all."

"None of this adds up though but something...Fernando something happened," she said worriedly. Fernando then grabbed Ava's hand a pressed a kiss to her knuckle. A sickly feeling swept up her stomach and into the back of her gut. "Fernando what if their dea-"

"Don't say that Ava, don't think like that." Fernando said in a severe voice. His body became tense as he watched Ava almost break down.

"I know but I don't want them to be." The Spaniard suddenly wrapped his arms around Ava, consoling her in a sincere cuddle. Ava was merely glad that she had Fernando by her side. She wouldn't have been able to do this by herself. When the girl opened her eyes, one of the kitchen lights flickered on something that was glowing behind the cardboard box.

"What's that?" Ava said intriguingly. She gently pushed away from Fernando's arms and stretched over to pick up what happened to be a gold locket. Ava inspected it carefully and smiled when she saw the L + V inscriptions on the back but when she spotted the fresh sticky red liquid that dripped off of the locket. Her smile vanished completely.

"Fernando, there's blood on this."

Fernando's grip on Ava tightened as the pair looked at one another, suddenly becoming very alarmed.
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