Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Ava's Birthday part 1

Since Ava had found the blood on a locket, she begun her research on her parents where it reached to the point where she crazed over the life of them. She researched everything she could find, spending hours on end at library's and at home. Books, old newspapers, video tapes all piled up in her bedroom as she planned out a large mind-map. She watched interviews of them and listened to old tapes, writing down every detail. Latoya could only look on in worry as she watched her friend turn into some detective.

"Ava this is crazy, you don't know what you're getting yourself into."

Earlier that night, Fernando had rung Ava after receiving a very distressed call from Latoya. The brunette had spoken to Ava already about the situation but she simply ignored her. If one person could get through to her, it was Fernando.

"My parents could be in danger Nando, if its one thing I'm getting, it's one step closer to finding them."

"Ava listen to me, this is serious stuff." He snapped. "What if he's using you to get to them? or he could be using them to hurt you?"

"So I'm supposed to sit back and let that happen? They could be trapped somewhere or injured, Fernando you saw the blood."

"I didn't say that and I know amor but..." Fernando paused and Ava felt his slight hesitation.

"But what?"

"I just don't want anything bad happening to you, Ava I l-wait hang on," Fernando removed the phone away from his ear and hid it under his pillow as Olalla appeared in the bedroom but soon disappeared off into the bathroom. He grabbed the phone quickly, his eyes keeping on the door. "Listen, I gotta go but Ava please get some rest, you've stayed up quite late this week, don't think I missed seeing you yawn at work the other day amor." He muttered in a quite voice so his wife wouldn't hear. "Oh...and Ava?"


"Happy Birthday!" He whispered before hanging up. A big smile formed on her face as she glanced at the clock on her bedside and noticed it read 00.02. A tiny shriek came from the corridor breaking Ava from her gaze and Latoya came bursting through the door carrying a neatly wrapped present, only for her to fall flat on her face. Ava couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Oh yeah sure, go ahead and laugh, I'm fine," Latoya said only to make Ava laugh harder. "Stop that, it wasn't funny," Ava's laughter calmed off but she still let out a few last giggles which led Latoya to break the frown on her face and joined in with the blonde. "Okay, maybe it was a little."

"What's that?" Ava said in-between her fit of giggles.

"Well seeing as it's midnight and I wanted to give you my present first," she held out the gift box for Ava and grinned. "Happy Birthday!!"

"Aw Latoya, you didn't have to." Ava took the gift, unwrapped the bow and took off the lid. She picked out the item that was wrapped in tissue paper and took that off to reveal a black tulle dress. It had an elegant vintage style to it and it had a subtle sweetheart bodice. "Wow Latoya, it's so beautiful," she said, hugging her friend. "I love it! Gracias."

"De nada." She shrugged the gesture off. "Just be ready by 7 for this evening."

"Why?" Ava asked.

"Oh shoot! I wasn't supposed to say that." The brunette said, shaking her head after realizing what she'd just told Ava. "Um, right, gotta go to bed now. See you in the morning Ava." And with that, Latoya left the bedroom in a rush, leaving a stunned Ava sitting on her bed.

"What the hell?" She muttered.


Work was fun for Ava to say at the least. Somehow the kids had managed to work out that it happened to be her birthday as they each bought gifts and had designed homemade cards. She was left stunned when they all sang 'happy birthday' to her, Ava even shed a few tears. By the time she arrived home around 4, Ava had a shower, had something to eat and watched a few episodes of her favorite shows while waiting for Latoya to get back from work. When Latoya had finally arrived, she went to refresh herself in the shower. Both girls had gotten ready and then left the house.

During the car ride, Ava was a little confused on where they were actually going, especially dressed up. The pair arrived at their location; Latoya pulled up into the drive and Ava suddenly recognized the house they were at. "Why are we at Fernando's?" Ava asked suspiciously.

"Fernando rang me earlier while I was at work. Nora and Leo want to wish you a happy birthday." Latoya replied calmly. Both girls walked up to the house and entered through the front door.

"Since when have you and Fernando been such good friends?"

"We have a lot in common."

"Yeah, anger problems." Ava mumbled sarcastically. Latoya and Ava made their way out into Fernando's large garden. It was too dark to see anything and Ava struggled to keep in contact with the brunette who had vanished.

"Jesus, what the hell? Latoya where are you? I can't see a god damn thing. Nora and Leo aren't even out here are they? Is this some kind of a trick-"

"SURPRISE!!" everyone yelled in unison stopping Ava from her whining as she looked over at all the familiar faces. Her eyes adjusted to the bright light. Firstly her eyes caught onto some of the Chelsea players that stood together in a large group. Then there were her work mates: Lily, Sarah, and Jess as well as her boss, Charlotte. Her eyes then looked to Flori standing at the back next to Jose. There was Mari with her husband, Olalla standing next to an unfamiliar man and Fernando who was behind her, gazing back at Ava with so much awe. Last but not least, someone she'd missed quite an awful lot since she moved away from Fuenlabrada, standing there with a wide grin on his face.

"Israel!" Ava shrieked before running at him and engulfing him into a large hug. Israel picked her up in his embrace and spun her around slowly without making her feel dizzy. Fernando watched on in envy seeing his big brother with Ava but he knew they had a strong friendship so he let the anger flourish.

"Dios mio, what are you doing here?" Ava asked breaking away from Israel's grip and begun hugging each person she saw.

"You didn't think we'd miss your 21st did you petalo?" Flori said approaching Ava and pulling her in for a quick hug before Jose hugged her next.

"I just can't believe you're all here."

"Well we are and I think it's time we cracked open the champagne, don't you all agree?" Jose asked, shouting loudly. A chorus of cheers and yeses filled the room. Latoya passed a champagne bottle over to Ava who gave a look as if to say 'are you kidding me?' but she took it without no objection.

"I now declare this party a go." Ava said nervously, untwisted the cork on the bottle that slid out, leaving with a massive pop and everyone cheered together.


The party was exciting for all. There was plenty of booze, different types of food on the buffet and numerous conversations filled with laughter. Ava left the group she was mingling with to grab more food off the buffet. However, she didn't notice the person following her and was now standing right beside her. When she looked round, she saw a man in his mid thirties staring back at her.

"Ava yes? It's so nice to finally meet you." The man said. Ava's throat ran dry at his dark voice that sent chills down her body. His voice sounded similar to her and she couldn't help but think back to where she'd heard it.

"Um, sorry but do I know you? I don't think we've met before."

"Oh pardon me, I'm William." He introduced, holding out his hand for Ava to shake although he was left denied as she rejected it.

"Who invited you? I mean no offence, but I don't exactly know you and neither do these people."

"I'm a friend of Olalla's," he said, taking a sip of his champagne. Ava eyed him curiously and noticed the slight smirk on his mouth that appeared after he'd said 'friend'.

"You must be really good friends with Olalla if she was that desperate to invite you." Ava's anger took William off guard as his face set hard as stone. He glared down at the girl.

"That's rich," he barked, closing the gap between them. "Coming from someone who's sneaking around with her husband."

"How'd you?...Are you threatening me?"

"If I were," he said grabbing Ava by the arm and pressing down tightly. "You'd know." William gave her one last glare before letting go. It was a wonder no one had seen as Ava watched him walk back over to where Olalla was standing. She touched the sore spot where his grip on her forearm left a sharp sting and she let out a shaky sigh.

Ava had never felt more terrified.
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If a few of you are wondering who I picture Ava as from what she looks like, I'd say Nikki Reed when she plays Rosalie in Twilight: :)

Ava's dress: