Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations


Back at the house in Cobham, Fernando sat at the table next to his wife who was looking at holiday brochures and different kind of magazines with fancy vacations inside. Their two children Nora and Leo were busy coloring in their picture books. "Do you remember what I said earlier this year Fer about us going away for Christmas?" She asked smoothly. Fernando glanced at her while sipping his coffee.

"Si, I remember."

"I think we should still do it, it'll be nice to spend some quality time together as a family."

"And what about Ava?" Fernando asked. Olalla stopped flicking through one of the magazines and raised an eyebrow at her husband.

"Why does she matter? Ava won't be here anyway."

"We can't just leave her Olalla, that's unfair."

"Why are you so concerned about her? She's not your responsibility anymore since she moved out and anyway, if this is about the whole incident with what happened to her silly friend, then really it's none of your business." Olalla stated. The vein in Fernando's neck throbbed and he pursed his lips.

"She's young and I care about her, that's all." He muttered in reply. Actually that wasn't all. Fernando wanted to confess everything right there and then but he couldn't. There were many things he had wanted to say; the woman sitting next to him wasn't as nice as she seemed.

"How about Majorca?" Olalla asked, switching the subject. Fernando rolled his eyes and lay back in his chair.

"If I say yes, will you stop suggesting places?" Olalla nodded and Fernando sighed. "Fine," Olalla shot up from her seat and wrapped her arms around Fernando.

"Excelente!" She shrieked making Fernando grimace. "I cannot wait to tell the girls." Fernando sent her a fake smile before he picked his phone up only to see he had 3 missed calls. All were from Latoya. He was about to ring her back until she rang again for the fourth time and he picked up rather quickly.


"Where is she?" She yelled down the phone.


"Who do you think Torres?, Ava."

"She's up in her room." Fernando replied, finishing the last bit of his coffee before smiling down at Nora who was grinning at him and showing the picture she'd colored.

"Oh really? Then why isn't she answering her phone?" Fernando's smile altered.

"She's possibly asleep or she'll be in the shower."

"Who showers for a complete hour?"

Fernando rolled his eyes and then sighed. "Hang on, I'll go check," He told her before heading inside and up to Ava's room. He knocked twice and called out for her but he got no response. "Ava?" He called out again. When there was still no response, Fernando began to panic. He tried opening the door but it was locked. Realizing he didn't have a key on him, Fernando went with his first instinct: kicking the door open instead. Once inside, he looked all over for Ava who was nowhere in sight. Fernando checked the walk in suite and he also went out on the balcony. "Dios mio!" He groaned, rubbing his forehead.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"Latoya, she's not here." He answered, running a hand through his hair. Fernando bit his lip and his heart wrenched. He knew exactly where she had gone.


Ava slowly awoke from her slumber. Her eyes took a while to adjust as to where she was. Pain shot from the back on her skull as she sat up. One of her hands were handcuffed to a chair while the other reached for the back of her head. She felt a sticky liquid and when she brought her hand back to see what it was, a red mixture stained her fingers. Blood!

She looked to her left and she saw the exact similar faces she'd spotted earlier. They were still out cold but she could tell they were faintly breathing. Ava felt around for her phone but it was gone. A person appeared in the shadows and her lips begun to tremble.

"It's nice to finally have you with us." The mystery man spoke.

"Who are you?" Ava choked. Her eyes were glued to the ground as she didn't dare look towards the man hidden in the darkness.

"Doesn't my voice sound familiar?" He asked and Ava didn't reply. His footsteps walked closer till he was standing in the light. Ava gently peeked up and her eyes widened as she soon recognized his face.



"What do you mean she's not here?" Latoya screamed at him. As soon as he'd alerted the girl that Ava had gone missing, Latoya made Juan drive over to Fernando's house.

"I searched for Ava all over the house and she's not here, although I do have my suspicions."


"She's gone to the exact location that was written on the note from the envelope."

"What location?"

"Ava didn't tell you?"

"Well no, but never mind that, you know the location right? So lets go."

"We can't," he groaned. Fernando chewed on his lip. "I sort of got rid of it."

"You what? Please tell me you remember the address?"

"lo siento, I have trouble remembering things."

"Well thanks a lot, Ava could be dead now thanks to you," she scowled. Fernando glared down at her.

"I told her not to go but obviously she didn't listen."

Latoya scoffed and gave him a disgusted look. "If you weren't so busy being friendly with your wife, maybe none of this would have happened." Fernando was about to argue back but Juan jumped in-between them.

"Hey hey! That's enough." Juan said, pulling her away from Fernando. "We still might be able to find her."

"We best do otherwise freckles here is gonna end up with a black eye." She warned evil eyeing Fernando.


Ava took deep breaths while she glared at William who pranced around in front of her. She could feel her body getting weaker as her vision blurred and the pain in her head increased.

"That's impossible."

"Nothing's impossible," he said, crouching down to her level. William ran his hand along her cheek and under her chin, lifting her face to see his. His eyes then flicked back to the middle aged pair and Ava followed his gaze.

"Who are they?" She asked. William let out a stifled laugh.

"You know that's funny, considering how I sent you a nice parcel with photographs but the fact you can't even recognize your own mother and father, oh I am ashamed Ava."

Ava's eyes widened and her breathing hitched. She begun to sob as she stared back to her parents, lying there unresponsive on the ground.

"What did you do to them?" She growled.

"You see Ava, I've known your family for years. I watched them in their perfect glory, acting like they own everything and quite sadly, I got sick of it."

"You didn't have to hurt them."

"Oh, but I did." William yelled in anger. "Your parents were the reason by family suffered."

"You know what I still don't understand? The fact that you know who I am and you knew where to find me." She said. "You somehow got my number and you knew where I lived."

"Isn't it obvious?" William asked. "The suspicious behavior, her random whereabouts." William laughed. "I'm surprised she didn't tell you herself after all, she was the one that helped me."

"Wait-as in?"

"Yes Ava, it was Olalla."

Ava was speechless. How could she have done that to her? Did she know about her and Fernando? Was it revenge to get back at her?

"She lied to me." Ava gasped. "She used me for information."

"Yes I get it, she's manipulative." William mocked using Ava's voice. "Right, time for a back story," he said. "You remember the articles in the parcel? Back in 1989, both of your parents thought they were so fucking good by impressing everyone with their wonderful plans but did it work? No, they failed."

"That wasn't my fault."

"Two years later you came along and do you know what happened?"

Ava shook her head as tears spilled from her eyes.

"People came after your family. Not just bankers, but workers and business men." he explained. "They were greedy and they wanted your money. I suffered because my mother couldn't afford me and my brothers to go to school, we starved." William stood up and glared down at the blonde. He stood on her free hand and Ava cried out in despair. "You're family is nothing but worthless cowards and I'm gonna make them suffer just like they did to me, I'm going to give them a taste of their own medicine." William walked over to Vincent and Lucia and forced them awake from their unconsciousness by shaking them violently.

"Stop it!" She shouted, desperately trying to break free from the handcuffs. "You're hurting them."

"Tsshh shh! Stop that would you." he yelled quietly at Ava, who stopped rattling the handcuffs. Sudden silence took over. The sound of dogs barking and loud shouting were heard coming from the outside. Ava slightly smiled as she realized help had finally come.

"Stay here." He growled and made his way out of the library. "Don't even think about moving either." Ava kept herself still as William disappeared. She sighed sadly.


Meanwhile, Fernando had rang the police and informed them on what happened. The police managed to track down Ava's vehicle and they were now heading to the precise location. Fernando waited back at the house along with Latoya and Juan who were oddly quiet during the waiting. Fernando was currently consoling his two children. The pair were terribly saddened about the news, especially Nora.

"Is Ava going to be alright papa?" She asked, glancing up at her father with hope. Olalla looked to her husband who honestly looked heartbroken which only made her feel guiltier. Fernando shushed and kissed Nora's head, doing the same with Leo.

"Shh ángel, I'm sure she's just fine." Fernando surely hoped as he prayed for Ava's safety.
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I understand if its honestly boring right now but I need to get the whole Ava/parent thing out because its a part of the story-line so I apologize if you wanted something more exciting/lovey dovey but there's more to this story than just that, I wanted it to be drama packed otherwise it wouldn't be very satisfying.

Let me know what you think please :) xx